Is Love and Light the truth about Man?

Aishwarya Devan

Aishwarya Devan

Can near-death experiences provide insight about what man really is? A near-death experiences often starts with the individual leaving his body travelling in a dark tunnel toward a loving light. In the loving light you get to see your whole life pass before you. Then you decide whether they wish to return to earth or stay with the loving light.

A near-death experience using LSD is described in Oliver Sacks's book Hallucinations. The experiencer was questioned to decide whether he wanted to return to Earth and his life or if he wanted to be in the loving light. The last thing he heard was that man is love and light.

Can it be that simple? That man really is Love and Light, but has he forgot it? One who answer "yes" to that question is James Gilliland. When he was about his near-death experience he learned that the loving light called all those who died for his children and we all know that children inherit their parents' properties. God's characteristics is thus Love and Light, and our properties are really Love and Light. Although we do not currently see it in ourselves.

This new knowledge has taken root in me, that I have started to train me to be Love and Light in daily life. Everybody wants to experience love and joy, so I rename my religion to "Love, Joy and Good Deeds". I think that love and joy is some kind of light. This new knowledge raises the question: "How can I be a loving Light for my fellow man?" I only know one thing and that is:

Lao Zi, the great Chinese theosophist and author of the Tao Te Ching, said over twenty-five houndred years ago, "The only way to do is to be." Therefore, I believe that the only way to create love is to consciously be love."

- Secrets of the Light (Lessons from Heaven) page 105 by Dannion Brinkley and Kathryn Brinkley

The most important thing is to be honest with your feelings and live out your entire emotional register. God who is Love and Light is inside man and is man's true nature. I am overweight and have difficulty sitting in meditation posture. I tend therefore to lie down in my bed with my eyes open and concentrate on a dot on the ceiling. After a while, I usually experience Love and Happiness. Another way that is good for the emotional life is to see an emotional movie on TV. Yet another way to become God-centered is to be in silence typing on the Computer.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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