Lessons from the Light


Kenneth Ring and Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino

The lessons from Near Death Experience (NDE) is the Golden Rule "all things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them." (Matthew 7:12), and to Jesus admonition that "inasmuch as ye have done it unto to least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:40).

The Near Death Experincers (NDErs) tends to bring about lasting changes in personal values and beliefs: NDErs appreciate life more fully, experience increased feelings of self-worth, have a more compassionate regard for others and, indeed, for all life, develop a heightened ecological values. Their religious orientation tends to change, too, and becomes more universalistic, inclusive, and spiritual in its expression. In most instances, moreover, the fear of death is completely extinguished and a deep-rooted conviction, based on direct experience, that some form of life after death awaits us, becomes unshakeable and a source of enormous comfort. In addition many NDErs say they come to develop powers of higher sense perception, increased psychic ability and intuitive awareness, and even the gift of healing. In short, the NDE say seems to unleash normally dormant aspects of the human potential for higher consciousness and to increase one's capacity to relate more sensitively to other persons and the world at large.

Lessons fom the Light

Craig: "I felt all-knowing for a few minutes. Suddenly, everything seemed to make perfect sense. The whole seemed to be in total harmony. I remember thinking, "Ahhh, so that's it. Everything is so crystal clear and simple in so many ways." I had never been able to see it from this point of view. It was as if I were bathing in total love and understanding, and basking in its radiance....

I felt like I was an energy form that could never be destroyed. I thought of all the handicapped people in the world who could not see, could not hear, and those who had lost limbs or were paralyzed. I realized that when they die, these physical limitations would be cast aside, and they would feel whole again....It was such a reassuring feeling to know that all of these people would be set free from their handicapped conditions someday.

1. There is nothing whatever to fear about death.
2. Dying is peaceful and beautiful.
3. Life does not begin with birth nor end with death.
4. Life is precious - live it to the fullest.
5. The body and its senses are tremendous gifts - appreciate them.
6. What matter most in life is love.
7. Living a life oriented toward materialistic acquisition is missing the point.
8. Cooperation rather than competition makes for a better world.
9. Being a big sucess in life is not all it is cracked up to be.
10. Seeking knowledge is important - you take that with you.

1. There is a reason for everything that happens.
2. Find your own purpose in life.
3. Do not be a slave to time.
4. Appreciate things for what they are - not for what they can give you.
5. Do not allow yourself to be dominated by the thoughts or expections of others.
6. Do not be concerned with what others think of you, either.
7. Remember, you are not your body.
8. Fear not - even pain and certainly not death.
9. Be open to life, and live it to its fullest.
10. Money and material things are not particularly important in the scheme of things.
11. Helping others is what counts in life.
12. Do not truble yourself with competion - just enjoy the show.

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Dynamic NDE (Near Death Experience)

Information on this phenomenon has been well documented over time, from data accumulated on thousands of cases world wide. This huge body of research and data share many common themes and similar correlations. One of the most notable contributors in this research is Dr. Raymond Moody whom currently holds the prestigious 'Bigelow Chair of Consciousness Studies'at the University of Nevada. A study of this data would reveal that James' experience was rare and quite unique in terms of NDE cases.

An N.D.E. (Near Death Experience)

Occurs typically when an individual will become inflicted from a sudden disaster plunging them into a Near Death Experience. Most cases exist where they are considered legally dead with no heart rate or breath. Many times such an experience will reveal the ability to see what is going on, from outside there body. This is substantiated from their testimony upon recovery. Typically many describe traveling through a 'tunnel' drawn toward a beckoning light far off into the distance. Then typically they encounter a 'crossing or border', where a 'being of light' reckons with them to reveal this as the point of no return. A return to life is usually opted for here, especially since the alternative seems to represent a full death of the physical body.

James was body surfing off the coast with several other people, when 3 monstrous 17- 25í sneaker waves came out of nowhere and caught everyone off guard. All were slammed into a test of survival. With a dislocated shoulder and collapsed diaphragm he dove into the first wave, which held him under forever. He finally fought his way up to the top for the precious air he so desperately needed, however he knew he was in trouble when he found himself unable to breeth due to his collapsed diaphragm. James finally realized he had to give in to death, and surrendered.

Rare Encounter With Source

Instead of leaving his body and making a slow journey through a tunnel, he shot straight into the light over the "crossing point" in a literal flash. Of course he didn't really know the difference anyhow, as he was not educated the NDE experience. In the peacefull bliss of the all encompassing light he was in total awe and wonder, over his experience and where he was at. He describes it as: A dimension less, timeless, place of light - representing the essence of an aware, intelligent, loving, all knowing being, he would referr to as "The Source".

His perception was one of the Creator, Absolute, life force from which ALL originates, and also referenced to by many other names to mean one of the same,'GOD'. In his mysterious awe, he felt surrounded by a nurturing atmosphere of peace, love, and bliss. James went through a process of dumping old religious programming, which could easily deny such a dream. Suddenly he began to fully comprehend the fantastic super-reality, he was blessed with and surrounded by. It felt complete, like he never wanted to leave, as if he was finally home. Having just come out of such a traumatic experience and being so moved by this ecstatic grace, he telepathically asked the source how he could stay.

James states the source replied, "never told one of my children when to come or go -- thatís free will." After James processed this he asked, "how can I earn the right to stay?" The source replied, "you can not earn what is given freely and unconditionally." James realized this was a compassionate, unconditional, and all loving GOD which was in complete contrast to the GOD that our religious faiths have portrayed, instead as conditional, judgmental, and demanding of sacrifice.

He goes on to explain how 'The Source' was totally opposite from this programming. Being instead unconditional, with full love, joy, and bliss, far beyond any type of ego, power, or constraint that ever could create the instillment of fear. Floating around peacefully in the timeless light James processed all of this. He felt so blessed and grateful he asked The Source "how can I be of service?" Eventually a timeless reply came back of, "what do you want to do - what gives you joy?" With this answer he realized there was no grand plan, or pre destiny laid out by The Source. He simply wanted us to be happy and follow our bliss.

James became flooded with the concept of GOD as represented to humanity on Earth. James felt a strong realization of how clearly wrong this was, causing our own creation of negative conditions and rules that would forever keep us separated from the creator's true indentity. And in that process we would loose our ability to manifest fully within life as one of the same, as GOD.

James exclaimed to The Source, "nothing would bring me more joy then to come back into life with what I have learned here, to dispel the old images of an existing wrathful GOD, and share truth of what The Source truly is."

Back Into Life

Jamesís life was turned inside out from his experience. His perception and feeling of the world around him was completely different, unlike anything he had ever experienced. He likens it to "being blown wide open, like being thrown back to being a child again. His new found psychic sensitivity created a crippling effect in his life, as he grasped at dealing with the realities of the everyday business world around him. Instead he saw the inner motives, intents, and hopes of everyone he came into contact with, telepathically knowing their very thoughts and aspirations.

Normal levels of his former existence became unmanageable as he lost all interest and motivation in personal material gains. He was basically alone in his struggle with no support or understanding as to what he was going through. Within weeks he traded in his old life for a new, giving away, selling, and assigning temporary control over all his property, real estate, and assets.

He moved to the pristine wilderness of the Santa Cruz mountains. There he found peace and serenity, as he still struggled to understand his experience, and to still let go of more remaining religious programming he has been conditioned with.

James embarked on a 10-year path of study, training, and guidance in a variety of various esoteric schools such as Eastern, TIC (Teachings of Inner Christ), Native American lodges, and the Tibetan Foundation where he was initiated and certified as a channel for the Highest Consciousness and Energy. I have experienced his knowledge and viewed several initiation cirtificates related to this background. James Gilliland certificates.

Having honed his psychic awareness and abilities, he became an able practitioner with his gifts in clairvoyance, divination, and healing. This also involved the ability to have telepathic communication with various enlightened ethereal entities from all our faiths. Strange synchronisic occurrences would indicate he was on the right path as he learned to follow this inner guidance.


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