My dream girl

Iswarya Menon

Iswarya Menon

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I want my dream girl to have the following characteristics:

*Loving, she will love people, animals and nature.

*Have a happy mood and smile often and much.

*Kind, she will be helpful.

*Positive, should see opportunities among problems.

*Freethinker, should think freely in terms of philosophy, religion, politics and science.

*Spiritual instead of religious, shall love to hear, read, say and do good in life.

*Do not be a slave to the scripts, but refuse to follow evil teachings within philosophy, religion, politics and science.

*Do not talk always, but have interesting conversation or be silent.

*Be beautiful on the inside.

*Look to be between 15 and 40. Do not be younger than 15, but may be older than 40.

*It is an advantage if she lives in Boden, because I do not believe in distance relationship.
But if she is an extraterrestrial or indian she can live with me
I have vacant rooms, but unfortunately no one with a double bed ;-)
Though we can make love in my dux bed. It is wide enough ;-)

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