Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East

Questions and Answers by the Royal Order of Tibet

George Adamski


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The purpose of this book is to enlighten the student or seeker of truth along the many questions of times asked by one. These questions are answered on the basis of Principle which is the foundation back of everything and can be elaborated upon according to the student's understanding, from which he may benefit or get his own answer.

The use of the word "Universal", used in many of the questions represents the totality of Intelligence, which the world calls God. Also Universal Consciousness represents the Universal Intelligence without circumference.

God, as we have been taught, is the holiness of all and outside of Him there is nothing; meaning all wisdom, all intelligence, and all power and all creative. Universal Consciousness means the same.

Universe means not just our solar system but space without circumference in which dwell billions of our solar systems.

The Royal Order of Tibet is interested only in revealing what is thought to be mysteries so that they may be used practically in the present field of life where man may understand his fellowman by understanding the laws which rule all creatures, thereby awakening from the dream-life to the reality which leads to Mastery.

It is an Order based on the highest and the simplest teachings in the field of Mastery and anyone applying the teachings by living them will prove to themselves the statement made by the Order, "that Mastery is obtainable without denying themselves anything, but learning to balance up oneself. This means going back to normalcy, for that is Mastery."

by Professor George Adamski

The Truth Statements:

In the beginning was Consciousness and Consciousness was with God and Consciousness is God.

In the beginning was the Spirit and the Spirit was one with God. and the Spirit is God.

In the beginning was the Soul and the Soul was with God and the Soul is God.

In the beginning was Thought and Thought was with God and Thought is God.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word is God.

In the beginning was Mind and the Mind was with God and Mind is God.

In the beginning was Man and Man was with God and Man is God.

Questions and Answers by Royal Order of Tibet:

Does man have direct access to God?

What is the relationship of God to creation?

Explain God intelligence.

Explain the threefold of man.

What is the difference between the mortal and spiritual consciousness?

Have you lived before?

What is Science?

Where is the Garden of God?

What is the Tree of Iife?

What is the prornise of God to man?

What is the law of Heaven?

What law do the Masters use?

What is Law?

What is Christ?

What is fear?

What is a soul?

What is fulfillment?

What is growth?

What is realization?

What is the law of attraction?

Should the intellect be killed?

To whom does Spiritual understanding come?

How does man become conscious of the indwelling Fatherí?

Does man find satisfaction in outer things?

Who are the chosen?

Why do some not receive when they ask?

What is God?

What is Love?

What is the Universe?

What is Understanding?

What is Earth?

What is Consciousness?

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a state of consciousness. When one has mastered the petty self, and lives in the entirety of the universe as a God; when one is no longer disturbed by outward appearances, has no divisions, likes or dislikes, but lives a tranquil, undisturbed, balanced life of service as God lives, that is heaven.

How do we know the result of certain mental states?

What is thought transference?

What is intuition?

What is blind faith?

Out of what come the visible forms?

What is faith?

Is God responsible for keeping our thoughts right?

Is there a short road to spiritual attainment?

Is it important to think about ourselves and our neighbor?

How may one overcome jealousy?

How do we formulate true thoughts?

Where do the seeming oppositions come from?

How may we overcome the belief of evil?

Does the body control the thought?

How did man fall?

Is the real self ever sick?

What is affirmation?

What is the meaning of "The voice within"?

What is meant by the single eye?

Is there any difference between prayer and inspiration?

What is the truth about denials?

Should one make time for meditation?

What is the Inner Chamber of Light?

What is the mission of the body?

What is life eternal?

Of what use is knowledge?

How does one attain the deathless body?

What is Clairvoyance?

What are the Biblical Mysteries?

What is the power of thought?

What is the law of growth?

Can one receive the full light of God?

What effect has fear upon man?

What is revelation?

How did Mary recognize Jesus?

Why did Jesus not give the understanding to his disciples at once?

How shall one center his mind on the Eternal?

Shall one expect satisfaction?

Do the gifts of God meet the needs of men?

What is the difference between manís word and God's word

Where does space begin?

What is a body?

How many stages of consciousness are there?

How many faculties are there?

What is a sacrifice?

What is a chambers?

Who came first - man or woman?

Who was first in the Universe - God or man?

What is the dark kingdom?

What is the law of Polarity?

What is to be resurrected?

Do you lose the individuality in Oneness with God?

What is the missing word?

What is man's greatest enemy?

Why do people grow old?

How can God be everywhere and yet nowhere?

If man is perfect how can he sin?

Must there be a balance between giving and receiving?

How does a principle become individual?

When is one divinely inspired?

Can you escape adversity by ruxining away from it?

What attitude leads to complete deliverance?

What is the difference in the marnner in which the intellect and the soul handle ideas?

How are thoughts formulated?

What does God seek to express through man?

Where does man find real joy?

Does arguing bring a realization of the Truth?

What is the most important point in the teachings of Jesus Christ?

Why did you come back this time?

Are there any qualities of God inherent in man?

What is the relation of God to you?

How many Gods are there?

What are the differences between God, man and other manifestations?

Can we desire anything that is not within our reach?

How would you describe the most secret place to another?

How can you know if a statement is True or not?

What is the Real of every manifestation?

What is the first step in readjusting oneself?

Can we judge by appearances?

Where is the Garden of Eden?

What is your conception of life?

Is God a judge of the so-called wicked?

What is substance?

What is an Illumination?

What law does God live?

What is meant by "Let the dead bury the dead"?

Where do we go from here?

What is self-control?

What takes place at the time of birth?

What takes place at the time of death?

How many incarnations must there be to attain mastery?

What is the greatest thing in the universe?

What was the mission of Confucius?

What was the mission of Buddha?

What are the deep things of God?

Are you a master of your own destiny?

What is the law of consciousness?

What is liberation?

What is imagination?

What is the law of cosmic brotherhood?

What are visions?

What is space?

What laws govern the universe?

Who are the Brahmans?

Who are the untouchables?

Is there any spirituality to the body?

What is the law of levitation?

How does a Master feel?

What is the truth about God and the Devil

What is the law of forgiveness?

What is a Prophet?

What is conscious consciousness?

What is initiation?

Must spiritual students abstain from certain foods?

What is meant by "If I be lifted up I lift all men with me"?

Who are holy ones?

What part does faith play in life?

Must man work out his own salvation?

ls healing spiritual?

What is succees?

What is the result of suffering?

What must the pupil do to be one with the All?

I give the book:

Greencandle Greencandle Greencandle Greencandle
Greencandle Greencandle Greencandle Greencandle

of ten candles, because of the lack of a biography of George Adamski and the lack of photos of UFO's and the Extraterristials, but it is worth reading, because you will gain much knowledge!

The book was only printed in 500 copies and if you are interested in obtaining a photocopy, please contact G.A.F. International/Adamski Foundation [gafintl@aol.com]

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