Questions and Answers

Fred Steckling & Steve Whiting

by the George Adamski Foundation


Q - Is the information given to us about the planet Venus correct?

A - I would say that much information concerning Venus is still being withheld, possibly for defense reasons. There also exists the Possibility that we do not wish to admit that there might be a more highly developed race of people so close to Earth, who have outstripped us in every conceivable field of endeavor. The public has received many contradictory statements regarding Venus over the years, as the U.S. and the USSR spacecraft landed there. Although Venus is Supposed to be the Earthís sister planet, since it is very much the same size, its atmospheric density was reported to be over one hundred times as dense as that of Earth. It was also reported the atmosphere of Venus was saturated with sulphuric acid.

The Russian lunar exploration craft, Venera 11, recorded a powerful storm ninety miles wide with lightening discharges at the rate of over twentyfive per second. This, of course, upset the United States scientists because no one expected to find life on Venus. Obviously, if the atmosphere is one hundred times as dense as that of Earth and is filled with sulfuric acid, the atmosphere would be self-grounding, making lightning highly impossible.

Many other things have baffled the scientists regarding Venus, such as its cloud formations which behave very much like those of Earth, floating clockwise and counter clockwise toward the poles. Studying the formation of clouds and their behavior, it seems highly improbable that they would behave like that on a planet rotating only 280 days. Therefore, the rotation of Venus must be higher. Even though it is true that we have taken radar analysis of the Venusian surface, it certainly would be difficult to obtain a correct reading through an atmosphere that is supposed to be over one hundred times as dense as Earth, and comparable to pressures and density of more than 2000 feet below the ocean.

The Soviets also managed to land a soft landing device on Venus photographing its surface. The photos released also puzzled the scientific community, because they depicted a country side and rocky, hilly area comparable to our desert areas on Earth. Not at all as we expected these photographs to come out--completely blurred, through the immense pressures and heat waves that are supposed to exist on the surface of Venus. An atmospheric pressure one hundred times as dense as that of Earth and comparable to a 2000 foot depth of our ocean, would not permit the taking of any photographs whatsoever because of its total darkness. It is very doubtful, that a parachute could even land on Venus because of the density of the atmosphere and the 800 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

Q - There are many religious groups in existence. Each one says you are not right or are not going to be saved because you donít belong to their group. Can you explain this matter of being "saved?"

A - This question reminds me of an experience I once had. A minister traveled all the way up Palomar Mountain where I lived, to tell me he was going to pray for me so that I might be saved. I listened attentively to all he had to say and then asked, "How can you save that which has never been lost?" His first reaction to my question was that I was being blasphemous, and his facial expresslon showed clearly the turmoil and anger in his mind.

I waited until his composure had returned and continued: "Do you preach on Sundays?" "I do," he said. "And do you tell your people that God is all ln all? "That outside of God there is nothing?" "That is correct," he confirmed. "When you thought of me as being lost, I had to be something to be lost, right?" "Certainly," he nodded vigorously. "Thus," I concluded, "If I am something, and outside of God there is absolutely nothing, then tell me, where am I?" He had no answer to this. Many of the religious leaders have strayed far away from the original teachings of their perspective faiths. For inherently all rellgions teach the same basic principles. Why then is there so much animosity and bitterness between them?

The book has 54 additional questions on 60 pages. George Adamski answers most of the questions, but some of the questions is answered by Fred Steckling and Steve Whiting.

I give the booklet

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of ten candles, because of the lack of a biography of George Adamski and the lack of photos of UFO's and the Extraterristials, but it is worth reading, because you will gain much knowledge!

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