"Look here, it's the lamb of God who takes upon himself the wrongdoing of the world." - John 1:29
"You see, God loved the world so much He Gave His only son, so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost, but instead have everlasting life." - John 3:16

If we believe God's only son was sent to take our sins upon himself so we could have everlasting life with God, then every gospels is too long!
All teachings and doings of Jesus could be excluded, they are uneccessary to reach everlasting life.
Every gospel does not need to be longer than 12 verses forming a single chapter. But they are longer!

Are they not longer, because Jesus needed to teach the people how to live with God so they could bring forth the Kingdom of God in their own life?

"The speculative dogma of vicarious atonement, which has based Christian thought for centuries can not be charged to the author of the Sermon on the Mount, or the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

"The leaders of Christian thought have diverted the followers of Jesus and his teaching from the practical application and study of God power. They have taught them to look upon his teaching as the experiences of the Apostles after his time, instead of teaching them the law which those teachings were based was an exact science which could be understood and experienced in the lives of all.

"The Orientals have made the scientific phase of their religion to the supreme object of their study and attainment. In this they have gone on the the other extreme. In this way both has consigned their religion to the realm of miracules and supernatural. The one has become absorbed in the wholly ethical, while the other has become absorbed in the scientific side only. Thus both has shut out true spirituality.

"The monastic life of retirement, asceticism and seclusion from the world, wherether in Buddhistic or Christian monasteries, is neither a neccessity nor is it the true method of attaining spiritual enlightenment nor the realization of the perfect life of wisdom and power brought forth by Jesus.

"These monastic systems have been in existence for many thousands of years, yet they have in no wise accomplished as much for the uplift of the common people as did the teaching of Jesus in the few short years of his time here on earth.
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 2, page 7-8

Christians get tears in their eyes, when they think of Jesus as the lamb. -That he died for them. But the will get tears of joy in their eyes when they understand what Jesus teaching really means for people. They could bring forth the Kingdom of God from within, in their own lives with the right understanding and practice of the teaching of Jesus.

The Statue of Jesus at Rio de Janeiro

"Right here comes the suggestion that has lead to the idolatry of the past. Men sought to grave in wood or stone, gold, silver or brass the image of that they idealizad, but any idol can only imperfectly picture the ideal. The image, the idol, is no sooner formed than men become conscious that the ideal surpasses the idol, and they are shown that they must gaze upon love, and idealize for themselves that they wish to bring forth from the within, instead of graving any idol in outer form of the ideal they would express. A later form of idolatry is to idealize the personality of the one who expresses our ideal. We should idealize the ideal which he expresses and not the personality which expresses it. This is true even of one so great person as Jesus. Thus Jesus chose to go away, when He saw that the people were idealing His personality instead of the ideal He represented. They sought to make Him their King...
Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 59-60

In statechristianity Jesus is Idolworshipped, in some countries Mother Mary is Idolworshipped and in some countries Saints are also Idolworshipped.
Free Christianity, like the Pentecoastal Movement also have Idolworshipping of Jesus as the Saviour and the Lamb. But Idolworshipping of Mother Mary and Saints are abscent, however a recent kind of "Idolworshipping" is the look upon historical Christians (John Calvin,..) and the "worship" of modern Christian leaders (Ulf Ekman, The Pope..)
The last type of "worship" comes to being when Christians looks upon their own failures and begin to think -"God doesn't answer my prayer- but Ulf Ekman's prayers is answered" or "Ulf Ekman is such a caresmatic person, he must be sent by God, let him be my Shepherd."

Buddhastatue "If you look back to your ancestors, you will, before you realize it, be worshipping them; for with your creative ability, you will have brought forth that which you have gazed upon. You will be living by their standards of your own. You will begin to look like your ancestors, but you will not accomplished what they have accomplished. You will begin to drop back; for if you live by another's ideal, you can not accomplish that which the one who conceived the ideal accomplished. You must either go on or return. There are no half-way measures. This ancestor worship is one of the direct causes of nations' (Church, Assamble, Organization) degenerating." - Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 2, page 31

The "Worship" of Christian Leaders is an effect of Christian wrongthinking or rather - lack of thinking.

When the Masters made a bread miracle for Spalding's research team one of the members said this: "We came here, as we supposed, to find the remains of a people, long since dead and gone. Instead, we find a people living a far more wonderful and active life than can be comprehended. If this thing that we have seen could be herald abroad, you would have the whole world bowing at your feet." The three ladies said they did not wish the world to bow at their feet, but they longed to see all mankind bowing at God's feet. They went on to say that mankind already had too many idols.
The ideal was the thing really needed.
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 2, page 102-103

"It is in this way the Christ was born. Mary, the Great Mother, perceived the ideal; the ideal was held in mind, then conceived in the soil of her soul, held for a time there, then brought forth or born as the perfect Christ Child, the First Born, the Only Begotten, the Son of God. He was nourished and protected; given the very best of the mother; watched over and cherished until He grew from childhood into manhood. It is thus the Christ comes to all of us; first as an ideal planted in the soil of our soul - the central part where God is - held in mind as the perfect ideal, then brought forth or born as the perfect Child, the Christ Consciousness.
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 23-24

"God is holding the ideal perfect world in mind in every detail and it is bound to come forth as a heaven or perfect home where all His children, all His creatures, and all His creations may dwell in peace and harmony. This is the perfect world that God saw in the beginning and the one He is thinking into existence right now, and the time of its manifestation lies in our acceptance of it. When we can come to the one place and know that we are all one, one man, and know that we are all members of Godís body as much as one member of our body is a part of the whole body, then we are in, and of, Godís kingdom, heaven here on earth, now.

"To make this manifest, realize that there is nothing material in heaven. All is spiritual. Realize that heaven is a perfect state of consciousness, a perfect world here on earth now, and all we need to do is to accept it. It is here all about us, waiting for us to open the inner eye. Through that eye our bodies shall be made light, the light which is neither of the sun nor moon but of the Father; and the Father is right here in the very innermost part of our being. We must sufficiently realize that there is nothing material, that all is spiritual. Then we must think of that wonderful God-given spiritual world which is right here now if we can realize it.
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 47

"All the different isms, cults, and creeds, all the different angles of all beliefs, are all good for they will eventually lead their followers to the realization that underneath all there is a deep factor of actuality that has been missed, a deep something that has not been contacted or they have failed to contact that which rightly belongs to them, which they can and should rightfufly possess. We see it is this very thing that will eventually drive man to possess all. The very fact that man knows there is something to possess, which can be possessed and which he has not, will goad him on until he has it. It is in this way every step in advance is made in all things.

The idea is first pressed out from Godís into manís consciousness and he sees there is something ahead if he will but go on. Here man usually blunders and fails to recognize the source from which the idea came; but thinks that it came wholly from within himself. He gets away from God and, instead of letting God express through him the perfection God sees for him, he goes on and expresses in his own way and brings forth imperfectly the thing which should be perfectly wrought or manifest.

"If he should but realize that every idea is a direct, perfect expression from God and, as soon as this idea comes to him, he would immediately make it his ideal to be expressed from God, then take his mortal hands off and let God express through him the perfect way, this ideal would come forth perfect. Here we must realize that God is above the mortal and the mortal cannot help in any way. In this way man would learn in a short time to express perfection. The one great thing man must learn is to get forever through and out of the psychic or mind forces and express directly from God, for all psychic forces are created wholly by man and they are likely to mislead."
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 89-90

"Every child born is good and perfect. There are no bad children. It does not matter whether they are conceived in the perfect or immaculate or through the sense or material way. The one conceived in the perfect way will soon recognize his Sonship with the Father, that he is the Christ or Son of God; then he will develop and unfold quickly and he will see only perfection. The one conceived through the sense way may also immediately recognize his Sonship, perceive that the Christ is in him, and may realize his perfection by idealizing the Christ. He gazes upon that ideal, loves and cherishes it until he manifests or brings forth that which he gazes upon, the Christ. He is re-born and is perfect. He has brought forth perfection from within himself, that perfection which was always there. The one held to the ideal and was perfect; the other perceived the ideal and unfolded that ideal, and regained perfection. Thus no child is bad; all are good and from God."
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 105

New "Godís love is like a pure spring that gushes from a mountain. At its source it is pure but as it flows on its course it becomes clouded and polluted until it enters the ocean so impure it does not even resemble that which emerged from the source. As it enters the ocean it begins to drop the mud and slime to the bottom and again rises to the surface as a part of the glad, free ocean, from which it again can be taken up to refresh the spring.

"You can see and talk with God at any time, just as you can with father, mother, brother, or friend. Indeed, He is far closer than any mortal can be. God is far dearer and truer than any friend. God is never wrought up, nor angry, nor cast down. God never destroys, nor hurts, nor hinders one of His children or creatures or creations. If God did these things, He would not be God. The god that judges, destroys, or withholds any good thing from his children or creatures or creations is but a god that is conjured up by manís ignorant thinking; and you need not fear that god unless you wish to do so. For the true God stretches forth His hand and says, 'All that I have is yours.' When one of your poets said that God is closer than breathing and nearer than hands or feet, he was inspired by God. All are inspired by God when that inspiration is for the good or the right and all can be inspired by God at all times if they only will.

"When I said, ĎI am the Christ, the only begotten of Godí, I did not declare this for myself alone, for had I done this I could not have become the Christ. I say definitely that, in order to bring forth the Christ, I, as well as all others, must declare it; then must live the life, and the Christ must appear. You may declare the Christ all you will and, if you do not live the life, the Christ will never appear. Just think, dear friends, if all would decleare the Christ then live the life for one years or five years, what an awakening there would be. The possibibilities cannot be imagined. That was the vision that I saw.
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 2, page 53-54

The Final Teaching of Christ

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