The Final Teaching of Christ

"When the individual starts for the Promised Land, the darkness must be forsaken, forgotten. He must leave the darkness and start toward the light. It is impossible to go and stay at the same time. The old must be forsaken, the new adhered to. He must forget the things he does not wish to remember, and remember only the things he wishes to retain.

One is essential as the other. The vision only must be remembered if he wishes it fulfilled. He must disremember or refuse to remember the things he does not wish to reproduce. Every idea, thought, word or act must be true to the vision in order to bring it forth. This is true concentration, the concentration of devotion, the centering of forces upon the essential.

This is loving the ideal. It is only through love that an ideal can be given expression. Love makes the ideal become real. "If first he fails, he must be determined and press on. This is the exercice of the will, the cry of self-confidence, the expression of faith directing the power toward the ideal. This ideal could never be attained without this conscious direction of power, this exercise of will; and yet it would be fatal to the ideal if the will, too, were not ideal.

The will must possess the same quality as the ideal to serve. If the will does not possess the desire to serve, the power the will wishes to direct cannot be released from the soul.
To will to be served turns the life current against self. The will to serve keeps the life current flowing trough self, and keeps the self in radaition. To serve gives purpose to vision; it releases love in life. How can love be expressed unless it flows through the one expressing life? If it flows through the consciousness; the whole organism responds; it thrills every cell with the love it expresses.

Then the body becomes harmonized; the soul becomes radiant; the mind becomes enlighted; the thought become keen; brilliant; alive; definite; the word becomes positive, true, constructive; the flesh is renewed, purified and quickened; affairs are adjusted; and all things assume their true position.
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 138-139

" ideal that is lifted up before the world, of a perfect realization of a life of love and service. That ideal is the divine accomplishment of all, here and now."

"Then will they know the vision I saw when I said, 'Many shall seek to enter and shall not, for strait is the gate and narrow is the way to eternal life.' For without the true appreciation of the Christ Ideal, and of the divine and perfect plan of the co-operation of man and God right here on this earth, the realization of this ideal is impossible and it becomes only a dream, a myth - nothing."

"They will know that the Holy Spirit, the whole of the Divine Spirit in them, says today just as it did long ago, that if they hear its voice and harden not their hearts, they will find they are the light of the world; and they that follow that light shall not walk in darkness.
They will now that they are the door by which all enter into the light of life, and those who will go in and out by the door will find eternal peace and great joy and discover that now is the accepted time.
- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 2, page 158-159

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