Hermes Inverse Clemente Figuera Generator

Hermes Free Energy Transformer



Measurement on a three coil winding radio frequency transformer. Parts are 1 ferrite rod 101mm long*10mm diameter ferrite core for radio frequencies.

3 pieces DR-2109E 30mm long*10 mm inside diameter coil with 2 litzwire wound coils in series with 3 connections.

The transformer is made with 1 input coils in the middle of the ferrite rod and 1 output coil at each ends. The coils are like the Clemente Figuera´s motionless generator, but inverted. The input/output voltage has been measured with a 30 Mhz 2-channel oscilloscope with a built in 1 Mhz frequency generator with a frequency counter at the output.


Hermes Free Energy Transformer Left Electromagnet Primary Electromagnet Right Electromagnet
Inductance 0mH683 0mH940 0mH683
Resonance Voltage Unloaded 1nf2 Capacitor Parallel 197 khz 0,4 Volt 0,1 Volt 0,4 Volt
Resonance Resistance 0,2 Volt 1nf2 Capacitor Parallel 197 khz 6k8 270 ohm 6k8
Resonance Voltage Unloaded 1nf2 Capacitor Series 630 khz 0,4 Volt 0,1 Volt 0,4 Volt
Resonance Resistance 0,2 Volt 1nf2 Capacitor Series 630 khz 12k 3k3 ohm 12k

Conclusion: Hermes Inverse Clemente Figuera Generator seems to work on resonance and the series capacitor is an improvement over parallel capacitor.

This circuit is superior to Clemente Figuera´s motionless generator because in the Clemente Figuera´s motionless generator, half of the input is wasted at the ends. Hermes Inverse Clemente Figuera Generator on the other hand can be seen as a permanent magnet which is rotating between two coils and are alternating facing north and south pole to the coils, while the coils on the ends somehow are open to space energy.

Another way to see it is by seening the primary is facing the same magnetic unit both to the left and right secondary. I do not claim overunity but is an improvement of the Clemente Figuera´s motionless generator.

I have been thinking of four ways to improve this circuit and two ways is to have different lengths of the primary and secondary coils. Either 1* for the primary and 1.618* for each of the secondary coils. Or 1.618* for the primary and 1* for the secondary coils. The third is to use capacitor in series or parallel with the secondary coils for resonance and a capacitor either in parallel or series with the primary coil for resonance. The fourth is to learn from Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat SK. Use a sparkgap on either primary or secondary coils or both.

This page is copyleft and I urge you to build Hermes Inverse Clemente Figuera Generator, which is open scourced. Either by using ferrite core, laminated steel core or soft iron core. I have only tried a ferrite core.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus 2019-07-11

Copy of my e-mail to

Thanks for writing and keeping this website up! I have made a more effective version of Figuera generator patent. I my version the input coil is in the middle and is energising the output coils to left and right. While the Figuera patent the input coils are at the end and is energising the central coil, but half of the magnetic energy are lost to air, because the outer ends of the generator coils faces air.

Best Wishes, Hermes

Hi Hermes

I yhink i get it... for an example point your two thumbs at one another in front of you. This indicates bucking fields N against N MAGNETIC fields.. Now look at the way your fingers curl in each hand, to represent the flow dirrection of the ELECTRICAL field.....they are the same ditection so they should lock up together and electrical flow syrength doubles....

My only idea tmaybe to make better is at the bucking magnetic fields, you could ring around that gap betweem fields, (small airgap?) With mamy small size ferrite cores, pointed at 90 degrees syraight into that bucking airgap ..and wrap each core with magnet wire, put a diode on end of each coil and fill a cap pickup the normally wasted compressed then bent 90 degrees magnetic energy shooting out sideways into space from tbe opposing corkscrewing bucking magnetic forces...(aka splatter pickup coils)


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