The Singing Tablets from Shambhala

"That there is an all-wise, intelligent Spirit, that this intelligence is Divine and infinitie and permeates all things, cannot be contradicted. Because this intelligence does permeate all things it is infinite and is the source of all.
It is Divine, and its Divinity brought into thinkable or visible form, the fact or truth of all things.

You can name this all-wise, intelligent Spirit God or Good, or what you will, as man must have a name for everything. Once he has named a thing, he has the power to bring it into existence. If man names anything through true reverence, worship and praise, he can and does become which he names.

Thus you can see that man by choice can become God or animal. He becomes the ideal which he presents for himself to follow. With this line of thinking, it is simple to see that man is the only-begotten Son of God, or the only-begotten son of the animal. Thus, by choice, man can become evil or devil if his eye behold evil; or he becomes God; if his eyes beholds God....

In the formless state, the all-wise, intelligent Spirit was silent and contemplative; yet the intelligence was there and saw itself as the producer as well the spectator of all inanimate things.
In this silent state, the all-wise, intelligent Spirit saw there was no modification; and resolving to emanate or bring forth the universe, this intelligence formed a picture of what the universe should be. Having naught but the perfect picture or Divine plan to follow, the universe willingly took the form directed by the intelligence.

The Divine Ideal picture was expanded until it came into perfect visibility. This is the Universe that we see today, that is going on with the perfect plan held forth for it to assume. This Intelligence is and always has been the perceiver and director of its perfect, Divine Ideal plan.

This Intelligence knew that it was neccessary to bring forth animate form and endow it with all potentialities, through which it could expresss fully. This is what is known as immortal man. This Divine Ideal which differentiates itself in all phases and directions, is the immortal of each man today.

As this man was created in the Divine Ideal of all-wise Intelligence, Spirit, he was set forth as the Son of the Principle, with dominion over every attribute and evey condition. Son means union with, not a servant of. It was necessary that this Son be wholly free to choose, and in no way become a slave or a puppet.

This immortal ideal must always include a portion or spark of the central fire of that which brought or projected it into existence. This projection was the first cell that finally became man's body and is the spark of life that always endures and never dies. This cell is, in name the Christ.
This cell although divided and repeated many millions of times, retains the image of the Divine Spirit projected and implanted in it, and cannot be perverted by man's thinking. Thus man is always divine.

This cell projects its divinty into every cell created by the multplication of itself, unless perverted by man's thinking. The collection of these cells finally assume unto itself a container or cover, which is called the human body. The spirit or essence, still in unmodified form,
has the intelligence to see all changes going on around it. By always standing in his high dominion, man is Spirit and Spirit is God.

This higher self must be thought of, pondered over, worshipped and blessed as being right within man.

First it must be faith that it is there. This brings forth the knowing that it does exist in man; then blessing and thanks bring it into visibility. Man is that very thing itself. This is the way to the attainment of all knowledge.

The brain at first seems to be the perceiver, because it is the aggregation of the more delicate cells; and these cells first accept the vibrations and amplify them so they can be percived by man. Then they are selected and sent to all the organs; and each, if held in divine order, goes to the very organ to which it belongs.

"Each organ and nerve center is the seat or special amplifying center for centralizing the real man. When they are harmonized and co-ordinated, man stands forth in all dominion and power. He has brought forth the Holy Ghost, the whole of the allwise intelligent Spirit in creative action. This is soul and body brought to one focal center. No man ever accomplish unless he consciously or unconsciously brings every faculty to this one center. This is the place of power where man stands supreme.

"Then how can man suffer discord, inharmony, sin or sickness unless he idealizes them and brings them into existence? If he stands forth always and at all times, as the all-wise, intelligent Spirit and knows no other, he cannot be conscious of anything less. With the highest ideal always in the clear waters of man's thinking, he becomes God. He is certain to answered by this inner voice at all times.

"Back of will, stands desire. Will, in its true estate is a pure colorless force and is moved by desire. If there is no color or direction given to will, it is inactive. Place the desire in hamony with the force and it will spring into action immediatly and call legions to carry out its command-the only requirement being that the commands are in Divine order.

"There are myriads of worlds. There is but one thought out of which they grew. Its law is order which cannot swerve. Its creatures are free to choose. Only they can create disorder, which in itself is pain and woe, hate and fear. These, they alone can bring forth.

"The Great Principle stands forth as a Golden Light. It is not remote, it is right witin yourself. Hold yourself within its glow, and you will behold all things clearly.

"First, with all your being, know one thing: that your own thought when you stand, is one with that thought which brought forth the worlds.

"Out of the blackness of disorder and its outpouring of human misery, there must arise the order which is peace. When man learns that he is one with the thought which is of itself all beauty, all power, and all repose, he will know that his brother cannot rob him of his heart's desire. He will stand in the Light and draw unto himself his own.

"Let pass through your mind, my son, only the image you desire, which is Truth. Meditate only upon the true desire of your heart, knowing that it does not wrong any man and is most noble. Now it takes earthly form and is yours. This is the through which bring forth your heart's desire.

"Let him who puts forth his hand to draw the lightning to his brother, recall that trough his own soul and body will pass the bolt."

-Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 3, page 99-103.

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