Madhu Shalini

Madhu Shalini

Means that you realize what you really are. Every person consists of two parts. The life spirit that is the same and the body that changes. At fertilization a new life is created by connecting the spirit with a changeable one body. From life we can learn the truth about ourselves. At death, the spirit of life is separated from the body.

Children teaches us that we are born empathetic, has heaven within us, learn us always to be direct and say what we think.

Youth teach us the sweet life and what beauty is.

Adult teach us to take responsibility and being active.

Parents learn us caring and teaching.

Elder learn us wisdom and that spirit never ages, although the body is aging.

Sleep teaches us that we do not remember what death is and dreams teach us reincarnation and that the self has no age.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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