Real Mysticism vs White Magic.

(Appearing vs Visualization)

If you have read Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East you might have notice that Spalding doesn't describe one singular teaching. In fact he discribes many different kinds teachings, especially when he visit the Masters, Yogis, Rishis, volume 3.

I have notice that holy persons like Saint Francis doesn't need to visualize to get things done, they just happens by the mercy of God. Real Saints, Mystics and Yogis, live close to God and when something is needed "The needed thing just appear". It is like living with a wishingwell all the time. It is so because of their way of living - Loving, Serving, Praying, Silence, Realizing.

Some people believe that visualization techniques is the same as selfrealization or true spirituality. The fact is, it can be an obstacle for selfrealization (knowing who you are and the highest way of living). There is another way, to get the needed thing and it isn't an obstacle for selfrealization. In fact it increase the speed for selfrealization. This way was told by Jesus Christ - 'Your will be done O God, not mine.' It is the wellknown way of the mystic and the yogi.

You co-operates with God, instead of trying to be God.

Trying to be God will never be successful, it is the teaching of the liar. Because of the simple fact told in the Hindu parable of Atma-Brahman. Atman (you) is very small (like sunlight) and Brahman (God) is very big (like the sun).

Every scientist you will ask, will declear that sunlight is caused by the sun and that sunligt itself never can become the Sun. It is the same with man and God. But man can co-operates with God and be God incarnated in "flesh" (in reality a sunbody as seen by God). This is yogaism and mysticism, the life of the Christ: "I and my father are one". Jesus was a personized version of God on earth, but he was also human. Jesus was 100% God and 100% Human.
(In God's eyes every human is 100% God and 100% Human.)

But it is to man to believe if he is 100% Divine or less.. God needs man to take creation always to a higher step in a never ending life. The idea of "Perfect" as an static endstation is wrong. When mankind is about to reach "perfection". Then God has already thought of the next "perfection". In this way life will never be boring and never static, even in heaven.

...She had only stamped her foot to attract our attention.. Then the mother turned to us and said, "Every child born is good and perfect. There are no bad children. It does not matter whether they are conceived in the perfect or immaculate or through the sense or material way. The one conceived in the perfect way will soon recognize his Sonship with the Father, that he is the Christ or Son of God; then he will develop and unfold quickly and he will see only perfection. The one conceived through the sense way may also immediately recognize his Sonship, perceive that the Christ is in him, and may realize his perfection by idealizing the Christ. He gazes upon that ideal, loves and cherishes it until he manifests or brings forth that which he gazes upon, the Christ. He is re-born and is perfect. He has brought forth perfection from within himself, that perfection which was always there. The one held to the ideal and was perfect; the other perceived the ideal and unfolded that ideal, and regained perfection. Thus no child is bad; all are good and from God."
Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volume 1, page 105.

The reason why Visualization cannot bring Selfrealization, is because you "block" out the thoughts of God every time you "Visualize" and even worse. According to Spalding you put on a "selfhypnotic spell" on the mind every time you "Visualize" and this might bring you out of order and away even further away from God. (In most cases this will happens very slowly, but with "so called" spiritual exercises, it can happen faster.)

Spalding wrote "The one seeing perfection, is the Master" and I tried this through "Visualization" but it didn't work and it was hard to accomplish, so I tried to serve God without "Visualization" and then "perfect" thought just happened to show up in my mind. Seemingly from nowhere. In other words they were from God! This is extremly interesting from the point of selfrealization, because now it will become possible (for me and those who read this) to accomplish the same as Chander Sen in Baird T. Spalding's Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volume 2, page 66-77.

We must all get away from all kind of known and unknown Magic and get back to the original teaching:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and all your strength and Love and Serve your neighbourgh.

"When the disciple is ready the Master appear." It will be interesting to see if Chander Sen appear, who knows ;-)

"The idea is first pressed out from God's into man's consciousness and he sees there is something ahead if he will but go on. Here man usually blunders and fails to recognize the source from which the idea came; but thinks that it came wholly from within himself. He gets away from God and, instead of letting God express through him the perfection God sees for him, he goes on and expresses in his own way and brings forth imperfectly the thing which should be perfectly wrought or manifest.

"If he should but realize that every idea is a direct perfect expression from God and, as soon as this idea comes to him, he would immediately make it his ideal to be expressed from God, then take his mortal hands off and let God express through him the perfect way, this ideal would come forth perfect. Here we must realize that God is above the mortal and the mortal cannot help in any way. In this way man would learn in a short time to express perfection.
The one great thing man must learn is to get forever through and out of the psychic or mind forces and express directly from God, for all psychic forces are created wholly by man and they are likely to mislead."

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volume 1, page 90.

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