Oneness with God



"But when man does realize the true nature of God and brings Him forth into active expression, he will use this power at all times. He will know that he consciously contacts His power at all times - when he eats, when he runs, when he breathes, or when he does the great work before him. Man has not learned to do the greater works of God because he has not realized the greatness of God's power and has not known that God's power is for man's use.

"God does not hear us through our loud and vain repetitions nor our much speaking. We must seek God through the Christ within, the invisible connection which we have within ourselves. When the Father within is worshiped in Spirit and Truth, He hears the calls of that soul which sincerely opens to Him. The one who makes the connection with the Father in secret will feel the power flowing through him as the fulfillment of every desire. For he that sees the Father in the secret place of his own soul and there abides, him the father will reward openly. How often Jesus disclosed his individual contact with the Father. See how He constantly held Himself in conscious communication with God within. See how He talked with Him as though He were personally present. See how powerful this secret inner relation made Him. He recognized that God does not speak in the fire, the earthquake, or the great wind, but in the still, small voice - the still, small voice deep in our own souls.

- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 35-36.

This is the secret of a life with God: God is a ideagiver of only positive ideas. God wants you to fill every need that you encounter. God wants you to give Love, Happiness, Health, Freedom and Peace of Mind to other living beings. If God sees you as a being of white light accept and live as a being of white light. Better up, see others as a being of white light. If you encounter negative ideas in your mind like hate, sadness, disease, bondage and unrest. Give them no attention, because they originate from minds of unloving beings. If you encounter negative people, give them what they need to become positive again. God is Love, Love is God

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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