"The person seeing perfection is the Master." - Baird T. Spalding



Focus your mind on Eternal Youth

"Practice acquiring the consciousness of childhood. Visualize the Divine Child within. Before falling asleep suggest to your consciousness, 'I now realize that there is within me a spiritual joy-body ever young, ever beautiful. I have beautiful, spiritual mind, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin - the body of the Divine Youth, which now, tonight, is perfect'. Repeat this affirmation and meditate upon it quietly while falling asleep.

Upon rising in the morning suggest to yourself aloud, 'Well, dear (addressing yourself by name), there is a divine alchemist' within By the spiritual power of these affirmations during the night a transmutation takes place and the unfolding from within, the Spirit, has saturated this spiritual body and spiritual temple. The inner alchemist has caused dead and worn-out cells to fall and the gold of new skin to appear with perpetual health and loveliness.

Truly divine Love in demonstration is eternal youth. The divine alchemist is within my temple, constantly coining new and beautiful baby cells. The spirit of youth is within my temple - this human form divine, and all is well. Om Santi! Santi! Santi! (Peace! Peace! Peace!)

"Learn to smile in the sweet way of a child. A smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation. A real smile is a thing of true beauty, the artistic work of the ‘Inner Ruler Immortal.’ It is well to affirm 'I think a kind thought for all the world. May all the world be happy and blest.’ Affirm before taking up the work for the day - ‘Within me there is a perfect form - the form Divine. I am now all that I desire to be! I visualize daily my beautifui being until I breathe it into expression! I am a Divine Child, all my needs are being now and forever supplied!"

"Learn to thrill yourself. Affirm, 'Infinite Love fills my mind and thrills my body with its perfect life.' Make everything bright and beautifui about you. Cultivate a spirit of humor. Enjoy the sunshine.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 30-31.

Holy Spirit

"Consider the faith represented by the mustard seed. It comes to us from the Universal through the Christ within, which has already been born within us all. As a minute speck it enters through the Christ, or superconscious mind, the place of receptivity within ourselves. Then it must be carried to the mount or highest within ourselves, the very top of the head.

It is held there. We must then allow the Holy Spirit to descend. Now comes the admonition, `Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.' Think! Does the meaning come? Heart, Soul, Strength, Mind. Is there anything to do at this point but to turn it all over to God, the Holy Spirit, the Whole-I-Spirit in action?

This Holy Spirit comes in many ways, perhaps as tiny entities tapping and seeking admittance. We must accept and allow this Holy Spirit to come in and unite with the minute point of light or seed of knowing and revolve around it and adhere to it just as you saw the particles of ice adhere to the central particle,

and it will grow in form particle by particle, circle by circle, just as the ice, multiply and express that seed of knowing until you are able to say to the mountain of difficulties, `Be thou removed and cast into the sea,' and it will be done. Call this fourth dimension or what you wish, we call it God in expression, through the Christ in us.

"It is in this way the Christ was born. Mary, the Great Mother, perceived the ideal; the ideal was held in mind, then conceived in the soil of her soul, held for a time there, then brought forth or born as the perfect Christ Child, the First Born, the Only Begotten, the Son of God.

He was nourished and protected; given the very best of the mother; watched over and cherished until He grew from childhood into manhood. It is thus the Christ comes to all of us; first as an ideal planted in the soil of our soul - the central part where God is - held in mind as the perfect ideal, then brought forth or born as the perfect child, the Christ Consciousness.

-Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 23-24.


Holy Spirit in Action

We all sat down at the table and Jesus resumed the conversation. "It takes a true motivating thought, focused on a central absorbing point or ideal to bring forth or accomplish and you, as well as all mankind, can become that motivating center. Not one thing comes forth unless man first expresses the ideal.

"At one time man was fully conscious that he was this motivating center and lived fully conscious of his inheritance and dominion. He lived consciously in a condition that you term heaven. All but a few have let go of this divine gift and today the great majority are absolutely unconscious of this divine quality which is mankind’s true inheritance.

"What man has done once, he can accomplish again. This is the principle back of the endless array of life and manifestation that you see all around you and includes your own life, together with that of every existing thing, as every existing thing has life. Ere long science will give you ample grounds for saying that things are not material, as science will soon see that all things can be reduced to one primal element containing innumerable particies universally distributed, responding to vibratory influences, and all in perfect and absolute equilibrium or balance.

"Hence, it follows on mathematical grounds alone that it took some definite movement, some initial action, to draw together the infinite particies of this all-pervading universal natural substance, in order to bring them into form as selective objects.

"This power did not originate wholly within a particle, but is a power greater, yet at one with the particle and you, through your thought and definite action, co-operating with the vibration, give selectivity to these particles. Thus will physical science be compelled to understand through necessary deductions, so that scientists will recognize the presence of a power, which, at this time, is not understood because it is inactive; and which is inactive only because it is not recognized.

"But, when recognized and communed with by man and brought into actual expression, it is fully capable of separating certain specific areas for the specific display of this universal cosmic energy.

"Then there is built up what you look upon as a material universe, with all its different manifestations, by an orderly process of evolution. If orderly, then each stage must lay the foundation perfectly for the greater development of the stage that is to follow. If you can accomplish progress in perfect order and harmony of thought and action, you are in actual accord with power and this power brings forth, on an unlimited scale, the faculty of selecting the means to an end. You distribute life and energy under a recognized order of cosmic progression.

"This, then, is not a material universe as you have thought. That is only your definition of it. It came forth from spirit and it is spiritual, if you will define it as such. This is orderly, true, basic. If orderly, it is scientific; if scientific, it is intelligent, it is life united with intelligent life.

"Life coupled to and guided by intelligence, becomes volition and, through volition, it becomes vocation.

"Spirit is the primary, vibrating, originating power; and you may enter into spirit and use its power by the simple acceptance or knowing that it does exist; then let it come forth, and the whole of spirit is at your command. To you it becomes an ever-potent spring of perpetual and original life right within yourself.

"This does not take long years of study, nor need you go through training or hardships or deprivation. Know and accept that this vibration does exist. Then let it flow through you.

"You are one with Great Creative Mind Substance; thus, you know that all things do exist. If you will but see that Divine Principle, Great Principle, Good Principle, God Principle is all there is, - that it fills all space, is all - then you are that principle; and, as you stand forth in your Christ Dominion and give out this principle, you, by your very thought, word, and act give this principle greater activity. Thus, one more has found his dominion and is using God power and sending it out. As you give out this power, it flows to you. As you give, more is pressed upon you to give and you will find you cannot deplete the supply.

"This does not mean going into a closet and hiding yourself. This is getting quiet right where you are, even in the busy so-called turmoil of life, under the most trying circumstances. Then life is not turmoil; it is quiet, contemplative, and compulsive.

"The outer activity is as nothing compared with the greater activity that you now realize and are one with. This is getting quiet right where you are, seeing God standing forth from you, - closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, - with your whole thought action centered on God. "Who is God? Where is the God that your whole thought action is centered or focused upon?

"God is not a great being outside of you, that you are going to bring within and then present to the world. God is that power which is generated and exhilarated by your own thought action. It is true that this power is within and all about you, but it is inactive until you think of it and know that it does exist. Then you see it flowing forth from you in limitless measure. You present it to the world and the world is benefited by your presentation. You, yourself, must present the accomplishment by putting forth the driving force of all Good, God your Father, the power to accomplish, behind every thought and act. Now you are God fulfilling or filling full the accomplishment. This is God, the true and only God, standing forth from you.

"You are then God the Father, the husbandman, the amplifier and the projector, the definite and positive accomplisher. It is then that legions fly to do your bidding.

"The moment you say wholeheartedly, with reverence and deep meaning, that God is in his Holy Temple and know that this temple is your pure body, just as you present it and as you truly stand today, that you, the true Christ, live one with God right within this temple, and that your exalted body is a holy abiding place, a whole and all-inclusive abode, you are an energizer, an all-including and outpouring vessel for this true and divine principle to flow through. Then you pour out more and more of the God which you are and which you love.

"You worship, you praise, and with your ever expanding love, you pour out to all mankind that they may see the Christ, the God-man standing forth triumphant.

"Now you say with the keenest joy, ‘Whosoever will, let him come and drink deeply of the waters of pure life.’ Those who do this will never thirst again. This power you are using and sending forth is God. The Son accomplishes readily what the Father accomplishes. This is also being humble to and bowing before this great power. This is true humility stepping forth in humble mien, one with your own driving force and power.

"By constantly contemplating, praising, blessing and giving thanks to this power you increase its flow and, as you do this, it becomes potent and more readily accessible to you.

"Thus, I say, pray without ceasing. Your daily life is true prayer.

"By first KNOWING that this power does exist, then using it with absolute confidence, you soon become wholly conscious of it. You soon KNOW that it is all-inclusive in and through you. If you will but let it flow, it will rush to you in every instance. It flows to you as you let it flow from you. Stand forth as God and give it out. This is God your Father in you and you and your Father are one. Not servants but SONS, Sons of First Primal Cause. All that I AM has, is yours; for you are I AM.

"It is not I who do the work, it is I AM in the Father and the Father in me brings forth the great accomp!ishment. As you know that you work, one with the Father, there are no limitations, no boundaries; you know it is your divine right to accomplish all things.

"Then follow me only as I follow the Christ, the true Son, the only-begotten of the Father; and, as I bring forth and present God, I do bring forth God from within. Then will it be said all are God.

"The greatest sermon ever given is ‘BEHOLD GOD.’ This means seeing God standing forth in all glory right within and from you and from all others also. When you behold God and nothing else but God, you love and worship God and God alone; you truly behold God. You are the Lord, the Lawgiver, the dispenser of the Law.

"When you pray, enter your closet, the secret chamber of your own soul. There, pray to your Father within; and your Father, who hears, does reward you openly. Pray and give thanks that you are able to give forth more of God to the whole world.

"Does this not give you a higher and more lofty outlook, a broader perspective, a nobler ideal?"

-Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 3, page 16-21.

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