The Inner Light

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

For me there is more to religion than reading a book or visiting the church. Religion for me is to be a source of Love, Happiness and Peace when you meet other humans. When there is a need of something. I will do my best to fill that need. My greatest goal in life is to express, the father in me so I can Love other humans and be a generator of Happiness. I also want to learn the greater works of the father inside of me so the father in me can heal the sick and liberate the captive and ultimatly create, reshape and destroy matter.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

"All the different isms, cults, and creeds, all the different angles of all beliefs, are all good for they will eventually lead their followers to the realization that underneath all there is a deep factor of actuality that has been missed, a deep something that has not been contacted or they have failed to contact that which rightly belongs to them, which they can and should rightfully possess. We see it is this very thing that will eventually drive man to possess all. The very fact that man knows there is something to possess, which can be possessed and which he has not, will goad him on until he has it. It is in this way every step in advance is made in all things.

The idea is first pressed out from God's into man's consciousness and he sees there is something ahead if he will but go on. Here man usually blunders and fails to recognize the source from which the idea came; but thinks that it came wholly from within himself. He gets away from God and, instead of letting God express through him the perfection God sees for him, he goes on and expresses in his own way and brings forth imperfectly the thing which should be perfectly wrought or manifest.

"If he should but realize that every idea is a direct, perfect expression from God and, as soon as this idea comes to him, he would immediately make it his ideal to be expressed from God, then take his mortal hands off and let God express through him the perfect way, this ideal would come forth perfect. Here we must realize that God is above the mortal and the mortal cannot help in any way. In this way man would learn in a short time to express perfection. The one great thing man must learn is to get forever through and out of the psychic or mind forces and express directly from God, for all psychic forces are created wholly by man and they are likely to mislead."

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 89-90

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