I and God are One



After we were comfortably seated, Jesus proceeded with the conversation.

"When we stand one with the sum of all Intelligence, and recognize ourselves as an actual part of that Intelligence, and know conclusively that this is the Great Principle, God, we shall soon find ourselves conscious of the fact that all intelligence throughout the whole cosmic Universe is working with us. We also realize quickly that the intelligence of all great genius, as well as the little mentality of the single cell of the body, is working with us in perfect harmony and accord. This is the One Great Intelligent Cosmic Mind that we are positively allied with. Indeed, we are that very Mind; we are the selfconsciousness of the Universe. The instant we feel this very thing, nothing can keep us from the Godhead.

"From this Universal Consciousness we can draw all knowledge; we know that we can know all, without studying and without process of reasoning, not going from one lesson to another nor from one point to another. The lessons are necessary only in order to bring us to the attitude in which we can step forth into this thought. Then we become comprehensive and include all thought. There is a complete stream of motivating thought that is irresistible and we know that nothing can divert us from true accomplishment. We are with the whole; thus we move on irresistibly with the whole. It is impossible for any condition to keep us from our accomplishment. The drop of water is only weak when it is removed from the ocean; replace it and it is as powerful as the whole ocean. It matters not whether we like it or whether we believe it. It is Intelligent Law and we are that very thing.

"The sum of all Truth is the Great Principle, God. Everything from Eternity to Eternity, whether we think it is a great truth or a little truth; every true word, thought or spoken; is a part of The Great Truth, One Great All, One Universal Truth, and we are that very thing. When we realize this oneness and stand absolutely with Truth, we have the whole of Truth back of us and our irresistibility is increased. It is the force of the ocean back of the wave that gives the wave its power; that, too, is but a portion of God-force which man also is.

"The sum of all Love is the Great Principle, God. It is the sum of every affection, every fervent emotion, every loving thought, look, word, or deed. Every attracted love, great or small, sublime or low, makes the one infinite love stand forth and nothing is too great for us. As we love unseifishly, we have the complete ocean of Cosmic Love with us. That which is thought least is greatest as it sweeps on to absolute perfection; thus the whole Universe of Love is consciously with us. There is no greater power on earth or in heaven than pure love. Earth becomes heaven; heaven is Humanity’s true home.

"Finally, the sum of every condition, every form, every being is the One Infinite Cosmic Principle, God, whether it be individuals, worlds, planets, stars, atoms, electrons, or the most minute particles. All together make One Infinite Whole, the body of which is the Universe, the Mind, Cosmic Intelligence; the soul, Cosmic Love. Woven together as a whole, their bodies, minds, and souls are held together with the cohesive force of love; yet each one functions in eternal individual identity, moving freely in its individual orbit and octave of harmony, attracted, drawn, and held together by the love of that universe of harmony. We constitute that Great Being that nothing can thwart. It is made up of every unit of humanity as well as every unit of the Universe. If a portion of one unit excludes itself from the whole, it makes no difference to Principle Being but it makes a vast difference to the unit. The ocean is not conscious of the removal of the drop of water but the drop is very conscious of the ocean when it is returned or reunited with it.

"It is not enough for us to say that we are close to the Great Cosmic Principle, God. We must know definitely that we are one with, in, and of, and amalgamated entirely with, Principle; and that we can not be separated or apart from God, Principle. Thus we work with the principle of power which is all power. It is the Law that in Principle we live, move, and have our being. Thus, when we wish to come in contact with God, we do not think of something away from us and difficuit to attain. All we need know is that God is within as well as all about us and that we are completely included in God; that we are consciously within the presence of God and are present in God and in command with full power. Thus we need not pause, we need not ponder; we take the path directly to God within. Here the Christ stands steadfast and supreme and with God we endure forever.

"Thus we arouse our dead selves into the realization of the life within and that life resurrects us from the dead; we return to life immortal, unchanging. We are convinced of life and of our right to live that life fully and perfectly. The Christ within stands forth and says, '1 come that you may have complete life and live that more abundantly.' This must be a true resurrection in our consciousness - an uplifting of our dead senses into a higher vibration of life, truth, and love. As all nature is awakening about us, let us arouse ourselves and see the dawn of this approaching day. Thus, we get up and out of our grave clothes, up and out of all sense of limitation in which we have bound our bodies. We roll the stone of materiality completely from our consciousness, that heavy weight of thought that has separated the life within from the life without; and which has held the life form in death and denied it life because we have not recognized its right to life. Let us get up and out of death - that is what the resurrection means. It is an awakening to the full realization of life here and now - and that life omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient; nowhere absent, nowhere powerless, nowhere unconscious; but everywhere present, everywhere powerful, everywhere conscious, in fullness, in freedom, in gloriously radiant expressive, expanding action. When our hearts flame to this thought and our whole being glows with this life within, we can readily extend our hand and say ‘Lazarus, come forth! Get out of your grave, you do not belong in death! Come to life! Awake from your delusion! Awake now and here.’ Thus we are awakened to the Master consciousness and we shall weep because of the density of thought of those that watch the awakening. Thousands of years of this awakening have been presented to humanity, yet many sleep. But their sleeping does not justify us in doing so. It is because of what we do that humanity is awakened to that rightful heritage.

"As we awaken to our rightful heritage, we shall awaken to the beauty and purity of the age-old message that our bodies are eternally beautiful, pure and perfect. They are always beautiful, pure, spiritual bodies, most magnificent and divine, the true temples of God. This awakening also convinces us that our bodies have never descended from that high We see that it was only a human concept wherein we thought they had descended. As soon as this thought is released, our body is released to its true inheritance of divinity. Then the fragrance of a warm summer evening suffuses all nature and our bodies begin to take on this effulgence. Soon pure rays of white light appear within our bodies; they become aglow with this light; and this soft, yet brilliant, living light invades the clear atmosphere around us like a white-gold vapor. This light increases steadily until it covers and permeates everything about us. Bathed in this radiance, there appears a pure crystal white light, dazzling and scintillating with a radiance greater than that of the purest diamond, yet it is emanating from our bodies and they stand forth ablaze with pure light, radiant and beautiful. Here we stand together on the Holy Mount of Transfiguration, with bodies luminous and glowing, radiant and beautiful, immersed wholly in Divine Life. The Son of man has become the Christ of God and the Kingdom of God is once more among mankind and more vital because others have accepted and brought forth the Kingdom in full dominion. The light of the God Kingdom grows stronger because of the acceptance.

"This is the true body which Humanity has always had and which all have today. Such a body always has existed and always will exist. It is a body so luminous that no germ of old age or decay can find lodgement therein. It is a body so alive that it can not die. Such a body can be crucified a thousand times and, because of such a crucifixion, come forth more triumphant. Such a body stands forth as the Divine Master of every situation. Such a body is eternally resurrected.

"This is a new-age message to you, the same as it seemed to be a new-age message two thousand years ago. It is the same today as it was then; it is but the resurrection of the age-old message. This message was told thousands of centuries ago in language so simple that babes could read. The message is that man of his own free will shall leave the man-made kingdom and evolve to the God Kingdom. The son of man is to realize his divinity, reveal this divinity in his body and affairs, and become the Christ of God in the Kingdom of God. 'Know ye not that ye are gods?'

"Within you, know that this Kingdorn of God is the most natural thing in the world. You have but overlooked the fact that if man be in Christ he is a new creature. 'It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and every man passeth into it.' The question is asked When?’ the answer always is, 'When the without is as the within.'

"The great oak tree that sleeps within the acorn became aroused throughout the whole acorn before the tree could develop. 'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive of the things that God hath prepared for them that love him.'

"God knows that in the great structure of the universe there is a splendid place for every human being and that each has his individual place. The structure can stand only because each is in his right place. Does not this message lighten the burden of everyone and adorn each countenance with a smile, even those of the weary ones who think they labor like dumb, driven cattle? Thus I say to you, you are an especially designed creation, you have a particular mission, you have a light to give, a work to do that no other can give or accomplish; and if you will open your heart, mind, and soul wide to spirit, you will learn of it in your own heart. There you find that your very own Father speaks to you. No matter how wayward or thoughtless you have thought yourself, you will find that your Father loves you devotedly and tenderly the instant you tum to God within. The anointing which you have of God abides in you and you need not the teaching of any man. Is this not a resurrection from the old thought? 'Ye need not that any man teach you.' It is only necessary to receive the anointing from God that has always been yours. You may accept others as brother helpers but you are always instructed and led from within; the truth is there for you and you will find it.

"That truth always teaches that humanity is a complete unit; not a unity, but a great unit; combined with God they are the Great One. Humanity is more than a brotherhood. It is One Man, just as a vine and its branches are one vine. No one part or one unit can be separated from the whole. The Christ’s prayer is 'That they all may be One.'

'He that hath done it unto the least of these my brethren, hath done it unto me.' Now you know the Christ for whom the whole family in heaven and on earth is named.

"The Truth is, 'All is One'; One Spirit, One Body, the Great Lord Body of all humanity. The Great Love, Light, Life of God completely amalgamates that body into One Complete Whole."

- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 2, page 43-49

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