Impossible theory - Possible reality

Then Jast took up the thought and said, "You are perfectly right, it is all in man's consciousness. He is limited or unlimited, bound or free, just as he thinks."

"...The things you have seen accomplished while you have been with us, you , yourselves, can accomplish just as fully and freely. The things you have seen are accomplished in accord with definite law and every human being can use the law if he will."

- Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 55.

The Secret of Bringing People back to Life.

"The eight-year old doughter of a British colonel in the Indian Service became very ill during the hot Season. Despite the frantic care bestowed by her parents and attending physicians the child died.

Agonized with grief the mother kneeled beside the little form that lay so still. Then an unknown Hindu presented himself at the door. He said that he had heard of the little girl's death and wanted to bring her back to life.

"At first the mother would not hear of letting anyone come near the body of her little daughter. But her husband prevailed upon her to let the Sanyasi try his power. From the doorway they watched him astop near the still form and draw away the sheet with which it was already covered.

For a long time the Hindu stood above the dead child, not saying a word, not making any gesture, merely looking at her eyes with great intensity. Nothing happened.

He drew the sheet gently ower her face and turned toward the parents: 'Do not bury her for eight hours', he said and walked out of the house. They never saw him again.

"The mother resumed her tragic watch, near the body of the child, while tho father, obeying tho priest, although he did not believe him, held up the obsequies for a few hours. Who can say what they felt, related Sir James, when seven and one--half hours after the Sanyasi had left the house the sheet moved and the little girl called for "Mamma".

This particular child is a grow-up woman today, living with her husband in England.

The San Francisco Examiner carried this story as told by Miss Forbes in 1926.

But the greatest miracle is not to bring physical dead people back to life, but to rise people from the egoistic death to spiritual life.

"But Yeshua said to him,
"Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead."

(Matthew 8:22 Hebrew version)

The Secret of Eternal Youth

What your eyes behold of an individual over 18-22 is not important. The Life-field that support and cover the body is much more important. The invisible life-field is the real life and the only thing, through God's Mercy that can bring an old body back to youth apperance. This can only be done by living a spiriual life (with spiritual ideas and love). Of course it is possible, but seldom thought that you can prolong youth by scientific means. It should be possible to double the youth span. So women will look like 40 and get pregnent, even if their years count to 80.

The Secret of Eternal Life.

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Priyanka Chopra
Reborn Master

The Secret of Eternal Progress through Reincarnation

...- "But what did your mother call you, dear Master, when you were a child?"

- "That was a long, long time ago. Many mothers have born me and all have given me names. I do not remember them all."

- "Then your real name is not Yogi Bhagavan Puruji?"

- "They gave me that name more than a hundred years ago," was the answer.

....- "May I ask your age, oh, Master Puruji?"

- "Why should I bothered you with computing my age - I am ageless."

Great Masters of The Himalayas - Their Lives and Temple Teaching by Rishi Singh Gherwal.

This is the way of nature as long as the autoregenerating field of the planet has not been mastered. The universe is partly ruled by belief and partly by cause and effect. If one believe in reincarnation. One will live life after life. But if one doubts in the religious idea of reincarnation. The mind is begins to work out a solution for how to live eternal life in the same body (the true and original idea). The solution is in dimension (heaven) traveling.

The Secret of Travel any Distance at an Instance through the Invisible.

Babaji of Haidakhan

Babaji of Haidakhan claimed that this secret had nothing to do with religion. It was something that everyone could learn. The only thing you have to be careful of is, not to appear at the right place, but at the wrong time (When someone else is occupying the space). Sometimes God (who has perfect knowledge) is performing this miracle. It happened to a christian in Africa, who was needed ca: 7 km from his home. He made the distance in seconds, knowing not how it was done.

"To my delighted surprise Master Bhagavanji appeared that evening right out of the air!"

-"...I have heard and read of transporting the body through air but I never before have seen a man perform the miracle," I exictedly exclaimed.

-"Pooh, miracle?" he restored, "it is nothing, Anyone can do it."

-"How?"I cried.

-"By practice" was the answer. "Even in twelve years or sooner than that."

Great Masters of The Himalayas - Their Lives and Temple Teaching by Rishi Singh Gherwal.

The Secret of Levetation

Master Bhagavan Puruji Master Bhagavan Puruji said: "My brothers and sisters who are myself. I am glad to see you....It is nothing - just knowledge of ancient Yoga. It was generally used in the past - a science those who practice it may master, and transport himself wherever he desires to go. A great many people have used it in the past. Gautama Buddha visited many distant points by levetation of his physical body. Goukhnath, Guru Nanik - thousands of names I can give you. Do not marvel; if you wish to learn it, know that it is not accomplished in a day or a year."

He continued, "one among us has asked me how to levitate the body. It is explained in Raja Yoga. Read carefully and if that does not seem sufficient a Yogi will help you."

Great Masters of The Himalayas - Their Lives and Temple Teaching by Rishi Singh Gherwal.

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