Divine Life

Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow

"Let us reduce this to the simple physics of the world about us. The moment men become fully acquainted with the truth of anything in the physical world about them, that moment they become free of their ignorant concept of that particular thing. The moment men became acquainted with the fact that the world was round and that it revolved around the sun, they became free from the antiquated idea of a flat earth and the rising and setting sun. The moment men become free from the belief that they are mere human beings, subject to human laws of life and death and the limitations which human beings have imposed, that moment they will see that they are free from all human limitations and may become Sons of God if they will. The moment they realize they are Divine, they are free from all limitations and possessed of the strength of divinity; and man knows that this divinity is the place where being comes most directly in contact with God. Man is beginning to see and know that this divinity is not something to be injected into each from without. He is beginning to know that it is the very life of each and every man.

"We know that the ideals we see in the lives of others take root in our lives and, in compliance with the Divine Law, bring forth after their kind. As long as we believe in the power of sin and see the effect of sin as a reality, the punishment of that sin will be vital in our own lives. But, as we give to ourselves and others truly righteous thoughts for all inharmonious ones, we are making ready the harvest of a great spiritual feast which is certain to follow the seedtime. Thus forgiveness has a two-fold mission. It frees both the erring and the loving one, for back of the application of forgiveness is a deep and radiant love, a love founded on principie, a love that desires to give for the joy of giving with no thought of reward save that of the Father’s approval in the words, ‘This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.’

"These words are just as true for us as they are true of Jesus. Your sins, sickness, or discord are no more a part of God, or your true self, than fungi are a part of the plants to which they attach themselves. They are the false excrescences which have gathered upon your bodies as the result of wrong thinking. The thought of the disease and the disease are merely the cause and the effect. Erase, forgive the cause and the effect disappears. Erase the false belief and sickness vanishes.

"This was the only method of cure that Jesus ever resorted to. He erased the false image in the consciousness of the one to whom he ministered. He first raised the vibrations of his body by connecting his own thoughts with those of Divine Mind and holding his own thoughts steadfastly in accord with those of the perfection of the Divine Mind for man. Then the vibrations of his body became equal to the vibrations in Divine Mind. Having thus raised the vibrations of his own body by his steadfast thought of the Divine Perfection, he was able to raise the vibrations of the body of the applicant with the withered arm to the point where he could erase the image of the withered arm from his own consciousness. Then Jesus could say to him, ‘Stretch forth your hand.’ He stretched it forth and it became whole. Thus Jesus raised the vibrations of his own body by seeing the Divine Perfection for all and this enabled him to raise the vibrations of the one he healed until the image of imperfection was entirely erased; then perfection was instantaneous and the forgiveness was complete.

"You will soon find that, by fixing your thoughts and attention steadfastly on God and His divine perfection, you can raise the vibrations of your body so that they will blend so harmoniousiy with those of the divine perfection that you are absolutely one with the divine perfection and thus one with God. You are then able so to influence the vibrations of the bodies of others with whom you come in contact that they see the perfection that you see. Thus you may fulfill the divine mission and your part is complete. Or you may see imperfection and thus lower the vibrations until imperfection is the result but if you do this, you cannot escape reaping the harvest of the seed you have sown.

"God works through all to carry out His perfect plan and the perfect, loving thoughts continually going forth from the hearts of all are God’s own message to His children. It is these thoughts that keep the vibrations of our bodies in direct touch with the divine and perfect vibrations; and this seed is the Word of God that finds lodgment in every receptive heart, whether man be consciously aware of his divine nature or not. We are approaching more fully to our divine inheritance when we can keep our thoughts so fully upon our divine perfection and the divine perfection of all, as held in the Mind of God, that the vibrations of our body are in direct harmonious accord and one with the divine vibrations sent out from the Mind of God. But, in order to bring forth the abundant harvest of spiritual understanding, our thoughts must continuously vibrate with, and lay hold of, the perfect harmonious thoughts from Divine Mind, or Mind of God, to man, His beloved son. We soon find we have the power to enslave or to free ourselves, as well as to forgive every sin of the whole human family through our attitude of thought, word, or deed and, through the vibrations thus released, to the whole world. Once having chosen to shape our thoughts along definite lines, we soon find that we are sustained by Omnipotence itself and find, as we go through the discipline necessary to assure ourselves of mastery, that it is a glorious privilege - this power which we have to free ourselves and our fellow-men from bondage through the process of divine thinking.

"All of Jesus’ healings were on the basis of removing the mental cause. So we find that it is necessary to reduce the idealism of Jesus to practical demonstration and, by so doing, we find we are only doing that which he enjoined us to do. Many sins vanish at the first few rays of light shed into the dark concept, while others more firmly rooted in consciousness require patience and perseverance to overcome. The forgiving love of Christ must prevail if we do not obstruct but give it full sway. True forgiveness purifies and blesses all and begins in the heart of the individual. This is, at first, a thought reformation and thus, a resurrection. Realizing that God is the only Mind and this mind is pure and holy will do much to keep one holding steadfastly and worshippingly the Truth that the Mind of Christ is having its perfect way in you and establishes you in these harmonious constructive thought currents. You become aware that you are always in the ever-flowing stream of the loving thoughts which God is pouring out to His children.

"You will soon know that you are fast approaching a period in which you will be living in a world of thinkers. You will know that thought is the most potent agency in the universe. You will soon recognize that thought is the mediator between Divine Mind and every bodily ailment or discord in the world. If you practice looking immediately to the Divine Mind, the Kingdom within, when discord or inharmony arise, you are immediately united with Divine Ideas and you will find that Divine Love is ever ready to give its healing balm of pure love to those who seek.

"Jesus lives today to wipe out of human consciousness the power and reality of sin and its effects. Fresh from the heart of Love, he came understanding the relation between God and man; and in his fearless, free recognition of Spirit as the only power, he proclaimed the supremacy of Divine Law which, when understood and applied to every act of living, will transform suffering men into radiant beings and usher in the only real kingdom of perfect citizenship, the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth." Here Jast ceased talking.

-Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 2, page 109-113.

The God Habit - Your Divine Life

Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies

"The first step is fully and completely to control all outer activities of thought, mind, and body, with the thought always uppermost that you are cultivating the habit of perfection, the God habit, the Christ-of-God habit. Do this wherever you are, every time it comes to you during your working or resting hours. See this perfect presence within you. Get into the habit of seeing this perfect presence as your real self, this Christ-of-God presence. Then go a little further. See a Divine White Light, dazzling in purity and brilliance emanating forth from the very center of your being. See it shining forth with such brilliance and glory that it emanates from every cell, fibre, tissue, muscle, and organ of your whole body. Now see the true Christ of God standing forth, triumphant, pure, perfect, and eternal. Not the Christ of me, but your own true Christ of God, the only begotten of your Father God, the only true son of God, the triumphant and all conquering Godhead. Step forth and claim this as your divine right and it is yours.

"Every time you say, 'God,' know fully that you are presenting God; and you will do the world a greater service by so doing than by presenting me as the Christ of God. It is far greater and nobler to see yourself as the Christ of God, you yourself presenting God to the world and beholding God as yourself.

"You sit back and pray to me to intercede for you. It is wonderful that you do present me to the world as the Christ of God and recognize the God qualities presented through me, just so long as you do not make an idol or image of me and then pray to that idol. The moment you make a graven image of me and pray to that image, you debauch me and yourselves. It is well to see the ideal that I or anyone else presents, then make that ideal your very own. Then we are not apart or separate from God; as such, man conquers the world. Do you not see the greater thing to be accomplished by standing forth ONE with us in God?

"If you cultivate this with love, reverence, devotion, and worship, it becomes a habit and soon it is all of you, your daily life and existence. In a short time you have brought forth Divinity. You are once more the Divine Christ, the first-born of God. You are One with Primal Spirit, Energy. Actually feel, see, and take hold of this Great Light; accept, declare, and know positively that it is yours; and in a short time, your body will actually send forth this light.

"In every age and every condition, all through the great immensity, this supreme light has existed; it is everywhere. This light is life.

"When anything is made plain, we are enlightened regarding it. The light shines forth into our conscious concept. Soon the LIGHT of LIFE will shine forth to your watching eye, as it has to all great ones. Many of these great ones are portrayed standing forth in a great blaze of light. Although you may not see it, this light is real and is life, radiating from your body."

-Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 3, page 134-136.

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