"For we see God's wrath unfolding from the sky upon all impiety and injustice of people who are unjustly suppressing the truth, when in fact God's knowledge is evident to them,
God Himself having revealed it to them. After all, since the creation of the world, the invisible in Him, including His timeless power and divinty, has been observable to those who examine His creations, which leaves those people with no excuse:
knowing God, they did not glorify Him and praise Him as God, but lost themselves in speculation and let the spark go out in their foolish hearts." -Paul in Romans 1:18-21

Those so called Holy Scriptures are written by ordinary humans. They might give insight, at least the insight of the writer. They may also give a certain amount of confusing, at least from the untrue ideas of the writer. It is best to use your own mind and not to depend on any revealer.
Holy Scriptures can always be changed or certain ideas be promoted to fit the opinion of the revealer.

However, there is one Holy Script, that never can be changed - It is the Creation who is the only book that God has written and the only one who he will write.
The only error that can be made, is when man tries to explain what he reads.

Traces of the living God in the living Creation

Children: can learn us very much about God, because they are less affected by their surrounding than grown people. They have an natural inner connection with the living creator, even if they are unaware of the fact.
The younger they are, the more they can tell us of the foundations of heaven, learning us universal love and friendship. (Dalai Lama has correctly pointed out, that children makes no borders or cares about any difference in races, religions, politics or what kind of sex their playmate has -all are humans).

Like the Masters use to say- "All borders and limitations is made up in mans thinking and has no reality."

As they grow, they might also display spontanity in a more finer way. Childhood is also the usually period when a person develops his ego (-Me). However, this ego might be destroyed later in life by using the combination of Altruistic Love and Wisdom in everyday life. I and messengers before me, has identified the Ego and the lack of Altruistic Love as the root of all evil in the world. The lack of knowledge, inspiration and justice is only the top of the heap of evil.

Youth: is the form that Lord God loves to use for expression. In this age the love of the opposite sex awakes. It shows us the greatness of Love, the inner beauty of Love and the result of the wisely use of Love can we only dream of.
A person in his teenages feels that he is immortal, thus displaying the immortal principle of God.

Parents: this period of life teach us the divine quality of caretaking and the possibility to learn from children, it also teach us the importance of knowledge.

Older people: is more than anything associated with wisdom, gained by errors/success and insight.

Divine people: is the age reserved only for people who has lived their life rightly, because they have constantly been investigating God and incoperated and used his love and laws in their everyday life. These kinds of people have succeded in their life, gained true knowledge, wisdom, power and experience the love of God.
Even if they are not many on earth, they are the true light of the world. They can be put into two categories- visible and invisible. In the former we have Saints like Sathya Sai Baba, Bala Sai Baba, Yogananda, Babaji of Haidakhan and so on, not forgetting many christians, jews, muslims, buddhists and hindus. In the later we find Holy Men and Women like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Babaji and other persons.
One day the reality of I AM will shine more and more brightly in the society of mankind.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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