The Christ Consciousness - The Messiah Consciousness



"There he studied the Buddhistic teachings which had been preserved with a reasonable degree of purity. He saw that, in spite of the ritualistic forms and dogmas that had been imposed by man, religion had but one source and that was the God within, Whom he designated as his Father and the Father of all. Then he threw all forms to the winds, as it were, and went directly to God, went straight to the heart of this loving attainment. He soon found that this did not take long years of weary plodding through dogmas, rituals, creeds, formulas, and initiations which the priesthood were foisting upon the people in order to hold them in ignorance and, therefore, in subjection. He realized that that for which he was seeking was right within himself. He knew that in order to be the Christ he must declare that he was the Christ. Then with pure motive of life, thought, word, and deed he must live the life he sought, in order to incorporate it within his physical body. Then, after perceiving this, he had the courage to go out and declare it to all the world.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volume 2, page 13

"God's love is like a pure spring that gushes from a mountain. At its source it is pure but as it flows on its course it becomes clouded and polluted until it enters the ocean so impure it does not even resemble that which emerged from the source. As it enters the ocean it begins to drop the mud and slime to the bottom and again rises to the surface as a part of the glad, free ocean. from which it again can be taken up to refresh the spring.

"You can see and talk with God at any time, just as you can with father, mother, brother, or friend. Indeed, He is far closer than any mortal can be. God is far dearer and truer than any friend. God is never wrought up, nor angry, nor cast down. God never destroys, nor hurts, nor hinders one of His children or creatures or creations. If God did these things, He would not be God. The god that judges, destroys, or withholds any good thing from his children or creatures or creations is but a god that is conjured up by man's ignorant thinking; and you need not fear that god unless you wish to do so. For the true God stretches forth His hand and says, 'All that I have is yours.' When one of your poets said that God is closer than breathing and nearer than hands or feet, he was inspired by God. All are inspired by God when that inspiration is for the good or the right and all can be inspired by God at all times if they only will.

"When I said, 'I am the Christ, the only begotten of God', I did not declare this for myself alone, for had I done this I could not have become the Christ. I say definitely that, in order to bring forth the Christ, I, as well as all others, must declare it; then must live the life, and the Christ must appear. You may declare the Christ all you will and, if you do not live the life, the Christ will never appear. Just think, dear friends, if all would declare the Christ then live the life for one year or five years, what an awakening there would be.

The possibilities cannot be imagined. That was the vision that I saw. Dear ones, can you not place yourselves where I stood and see as I saw? Why do you surround me with the murk and mire of superstition! Why do you not lift your eyes and minds and thoughts above these and see with a clear vision! Then you would see that there are no miracles, no mysteries, no pain, no imperfection, no inharmony, and no death, except that which man has made. When I said 'I have overcome death,' I knew wherof I spoke; but it took the crucifixion to show these dear ones.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volume 2, page 53-54

One of the party then turned and asked Jesus, "Can all bring forth the Christ?" He answered, "Yes, there is but one end of accomplishment. Man came forth from God and he must return to God. That which from the heavens descended must again ascend unto heaven. The history of the Christ did not begin with my birth; neither did it end with the crucifixion. The Christ was when God created the first man in His own image and likeness. The Christ and that man are one; all men and that man are one.

As God was his Father, so is He the father of all men and all are God's children. As the child has the quality of the parents, so the Christ is in every child. For many years the child lived and realized his Christhood, his oneness with God, through the Christ in himself. Then began the history of the Christ and you can trace this history back to man's beginning. That the Christ means more than the man Jesus goes without contradiction. Had I not perceived this, I could not have brought forth the Christ. To me this is the pearl without price, the old Vine in new bottles, the truth which many others have brought forth and thus have fulfilled the ideals that I have fulfilled and proved.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volume 2, page 55

The people ruled themselves: there were no wars and no vassals or slaves. They unquestionably named their ruler "Directive Principle" and they loved and obeyed that Directive Principle.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volume 2, page 79

"Here temples were built; not as places of worship, for the people worshipped every moment by the life they lived. Living was always dedicated to the Great Cause of life; and while they lived cooperating with the Great Cause, life never failed them. During this time it was quite common to find men and women thousands of years old. In fact, they did not know death. They passed from one accomplishment to a higher attainment of life and its reality. They accepted life's true source and it released its boundless treasures to them in an unending stream of abundance.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volume 2, page 115

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