Amulets, Medallions, Talismans, Charms and the like..

"The will to be served turns the life current against self. The will to serve keeps the life current flowing through self and keeps the self an radiation.

To serve gives purpose to vision; it releases love in life. How can love be expressed unless it flows through the one expressing life? If it flows through the consciousness, the whole organism responds; it thrills every cell with the love it expresses. Then the body becomes harmonized; the soul becomes radiant; the mind becomes enlightened; the thought becomes keen, brilliant, alive, definite; the word becomes positive, true, constructive; the flesh is renewed, purified and quickened; affairs are adjusted and all things assume their true position.

The I AM is expressed through the me and the me is no longer allowed to suppress the I AM. If the body is not obedient to Spint, how can it express the Spirit? The conscious mind must seek and want the Spirit in order to learn the power of the Spirit. In this way the individual learns to know that Spirit is the fulfillment of the need. In no way can it be given higher expression than when it is allowed to fill the need of others. It is the flowing forth to others that opens the storehouse of Spirit. It is the 'I will to serve' that opens the unlimited storehouse of God to all and brings its realization to the soul."

-Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East volume 1, page 139.

I have recently tested the 1830 Virgin Mary Medallion also known as the The Miraculous Medal, because the many miracles associated with it.

For three days it made me almost depressive and I had a lot easier to cry. I have finally begun to use it again, with a "goldmetal" like chain and another "goldmetal like Medallion. It seems that I am sensitive for different kind of metals. The medal I bought at the Catolic Bookstore was light as Aluminum. A metal that is known to collect DOR (Dead Orgone Energy) discovered by Willheim Reich.

Aluminum is a bad Metal to use for Amulets, Medallions, Talismans, Charms and the like.. Best is gold, silver and copper.

One should also be aware of the occult power an Amulet, Medallion, Talisman, Charm and the like can transmit. I have felt the occult power once when I first touched a Silvermedallion I bought from Selfrealization Fellowship. The 1830 Virgin Mary Medallion could have been "modified" through prayers before it reached my hands.

I actually don't know. I have to check out three other humans experience with the Medallion before I can say anything more. I will also check out for another supplier for the Medallion.

In the meantime read above and understand that the thing we are looking for exist inside of ourselves and is realeased when we live the go(o)d life.

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