Part 2

Telepathy - Part 2 by George Adamski


George Adamski



Chapter 1 Cell to Cell Impressions 5
Chapter II Impressions From the Body Cells 9
Chapter III Effect of Emotions on the Body Cells 14
Chapter IV Other World Impressions and Thought - Habits of Earth 18
Summary - Part II 21
Suggested Exercises 24

Summary of Part Two

There are six channels of impressions, three of effect, and three of Cosmic value. As we have shown you, the three of effect carry discriminations, divisions, and hatreds, so well-known in the world today.

The first channel of effect that you should guard against comes from the average human mind. Since there are over two-and-a-half-billion people on our planet, most of whom live under the daily influence of thought-patterns of avarice, personal judgment, and a thousand and one petty worries, you must try constantly to protect yourself against attracting these impressions to your mind. Remember, like attracts like. So endeavor to keep your thoughts on a level where they will not attract these emanations. If one is to develop to the state of Cosmic understanding, although these impressions will come to him, he will recognize their character and not lend himself to them. This is a major thing to watch for.

The second channel of effect that we should avoid comes to us through the inter-blending of the Cosmos, bringing thoughts from other planets, or systems, where the inhabitants have not yet evolved to our level. These, too, will carry divisions, judgments, discriminations, etc. Such thoughts are of no help to us. They will only add to the confusion already prevalent in the world today.

The third channel to be shunned is that of the memories of discarnate entities who have lived in this world. These thoughts are often mistaken for "spirit communion". Remember the illustration we used about tuning into a thought frequency Plato had set in motion while he lived? This same principle applies to thought frequencies from others who have lived on earth. Unless they have evolved above the personal pettiness of most Earthlings, these thoughts are of no value to us. We are growing and unfolding daily, so except for a few outstanding minds that have sojourned here, we have advanced past the place in development these people had reached. The Law of Progression is a fundamental law of the Cosmos.

For the most part, impressions coming from all three channels of effect are steeped in discrimations and judgments, but occasionally a message may come which contains certain gems of Cosmic Truth. The average person will recognize these gems and because of their presence, will then accept the entire message, divisions, personal promises, etc., as being of Cosmic origin. Whereas the very presence of discriminations proves it to be from a confused source.

The first channel of Cosmic impression comes from Cosmic Cause, or true Life Force, to the pure cause, or life force within us. We have shown that this Force in Intelligence permeates all manifestation, carrying no judgments or divisions This is the Law of Relativity wherein, through interrelationship, pure knowledge is accessible to those who seek in humility. For the Cosmos can become an open book when we overcome our personality.

While not of Cosmic value, when you receive a thought from a relative or a friend who is now living, you can accept it. This communication is natural, and will often carry an important message from a loved one. But guard against thought of discrimination or dissension - even from those we know best. For a discordant thought is just as harmful when received from someone dear to us, as it is from a total stranger.

The second channel of Cosmic impression comes from the same interblending of the Cosmos which bring the thought frequencies from the lower planets but in this case the thought frequencies are coming from people of higher development than those on earth. Impressions from them can be of great value to us, since they can heip us better conditions in the world.

For instance, those of you who have read INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, will notice that the space people mentioned in the book compared their way of life to ours quite impartially. They did not criticize or pass judgment upon us; they merely analyzed the two phases of life. They pointed out the path of brotherhood we should follow, but they did not condemn us for our selfish shortcomings. Rather, theirs was an attitude of compassionate understanding for a wayward, younger brother. These more highly evolved people are the only ones we should look to for enlightenment and help. Their thought frequencies are as accessible to us as the impressions from lower planets. Here again, because they do not conform to our normal thought pattems, we allow them to pass through our minds unnoticed.

The third channel of Cosmic impression is the cell-to-cell communication. Remember, that every atom in the universe speaks the cosmic language, and is capable of communicating with every other atom. We have shown that the Mother principle in creation forms matter by gathering together atoms vibrating at different rates to bring forth manifestation. This Mother principle is equal to the Divine, or Father principle of creation. Therefore, you will find in it no judgment or discrimination, for this would be discriminating against itself. Nature respects man equally; so does Cosmic, or Natural law. As the sun shines alike on the just and the unjust, judging no form-life, so does Cosmic Matter tend itself impartially to all manifestation. When we can look upon all form-life and see it in its true light, Nature unlocks her secrets, and gladly shares them with us.

There is one thing you must keep firmly in mind when practicing telepathic communication. Let no thought go out from you bearing discrimination, judgment or harm to another form. At all times guard vigilantly against allowing similar thoughts to enter your mind. Cosmic impressions, with their all-encompassing understanding of the whole, are the only three avenues, which can be of any help to us in climbing the Ladder of Life.

Since we are part of this world, we must differentiate between the acts in our lives. We are allowed to analyze for the purpose of understanding, but must not divide or condemn. We have not the right to sit in judgment on our brother. He has come this way to learn his own lessons. Just as we cannot attend school for our children and expect them to receive an education, so we cannot attend the School of Life for another. We can offer a helping hand or a guiding word, but at no time should we try to force our will upon him. Remember, he may be struggling to learn the lessons we have already mastered, but he must master them himself.

Let us use the example of a wayward child. The parents wi!l correct the child for a breach of discipline, but they do not condemn it. They understand that as the child grows, it will gradually learn right form wrong. All human beings throughout the Cosmos are children leaming lessons...and should be recognized as such. Jesus exemplified this when He said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." If this law is obeyed, we shall have no trouble in employing the Cosmic Language.

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