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Telepathy - Part 1 by George Adamski


George Adamski



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It has been said, "A natural man knows the way of the Spirit, while unnatural man knows not the way of the Spirit." This means that once recognizes his oneness with Cosmic Cause and begins to use its laws, he have no further need of a teacher; for the Law gave him life...and the Law will be his teacher. The great universal language which we use daily and know speaks to us in the deep reverberations of the thunder, and communes with the silence of Creation’s deepest repose.

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In the second chapter of Genesis (or the second creation), we are told how the mists went up from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground, causing the seeds to grow. How, out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air, and how the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. So the Creator, following the pattems that had been formed and pronounced "good", from formless void, brought into manifestation, heaven and earth and all life thereon.

This story of creation is not confined to our small planet as we have been led to believe, but encompasses the entire Cosmos. All creation, from the firmament or sky (ether), through the varying stages of density to minerals, was first a thought followed by the forming of matter (atoms), to produce the effect. Matter in this sense is not restricted to tangible manifestation, but refers to the Mother principle in creation. From the father principle, or Creator, and the Mother principle composed of force, or matter, comes the Son, or all manifestation.

From this I now understood that Man is a thought in action! The original prototype was projected from Cosmic intelligence; hence, Man is but an avenue through which Divine Thought expresses.

This may seem startling to some at first, but remember all creation is Divine Thought in action Therefore, man, with his reasoning mind, "given dominion over all the earth," possesses unlimited potential. Owing his very existence to this Cosmic Intelligence (or God), man instinctively feels a kinship with all life. The evolution or refinement of his thinking is the path by which the Prodigal Son eventually returns to the house of the Father.

To digress for a moment, the space people, understanding that rman is Divine Thought motivated by the Divine Breath (for ether is Divine Creation feel a reverence for all humanity. This is the explanation of the statemen INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS , which has proved so puzzling to people. Practical Earthlings have questioned the philosophy of accepting death for themselves rather than the taking of human life; the visitors know that when another stands before them, they are in the presence of the Living God.

They do not condemn us for our shortcomings, for they know we are behaving according to our understanding. Where we now are, in Cosmic growth they once were. Where they now are, through the natural evolution and refinement of our thought patterns, we will be. So it behooves us to remember Divinity at all times, and try to guide our minds carefully.

Since each thought registers a certain pitch, or frequency relative to itself, we will naturally find different levels of thought. The level of thought frequency into which we tune daily depends entirely on our understanding. For remember, like attracts like. While at times we may contact either higher or lower level, our minds normally move in the ruts in which our understanding has placed them.

Most of the time the only thoughts we are aware of are those familiar ones amassed through our senses and experience. Yet, gems of universal wisidom are interspersed in our habitual thinking.

Let us say we are going about our daily routine, our minds quietly following their customary pattern of thought. From out of the "blue" will come a thought totally foreign to our normal thinking - something of a univeral nature. The majority of people, not comprehending the magnitude of what is happening, will often break the flow with the startled inquiry, "Where did that come from?"

Whereas, if they had quieted their carnal mind and listened to the small still voice within, vast vistas of understanding might have been unfolded.

By this I do not mean we should accept every unusual thought which enters the mind as being of a universal nature; for as we progress in this study, we will learn that thought comes from many different sources. We have been accustomed to thinking of thoughts as coming only from other human beings, when in fact, they emanate from Cosmic Cause, from the very atoms of our bodies, and from all phases of nature. It is obvious therefore that man should be extremely selective about the thoughts he entertains in his mind.

Here is one more example of how help may be received unconsciously, which we all have experience at some time: Let us say our minds are struggling with a problem. We have studied it from every angle, and still the solution evades us. We may even be ready to give up...when, suddenly the answer is laid before us.

This is no mysterious extrasensory perception, but an unconscious tuning in to universal knowledge. The student, understanding the law he is employing, will control his carnal mind and allow the solution to come to him. This information has been verified by the space Brothers.

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I give the booklet

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of ten candles, because of the lack of a biography of George Adamski and the lack of photos of UFO's and the Extraterristials, but it is worth reading, because you will gain much knowledge!

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