Star Wisdom - Gene Andrade

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Star Wisdom - Gene Andrade

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Wrong Thinking:

That religions tend to foster wrong thinking pattems is eloquently shown in Feeling Good, a book by David D. Bums, M.D. Although the book does not in any way deal with religions, the pathological types of thinking he describes are very prevalent in the religiously minded person. Here are some examples, in my own words, of what he terms cognitive distortions of reality:

1. All-or-nothing thinking and perfectionism: Black-and-white categorizing such as "If I donít get married by the time Iím 30, 1 never will get married." or "If I ljust believe in Jesus, then everything in my life will be taken care of and I wonít need to take resp onsibility for myself."This category includes impossible and unrealistic standards leading to self-condemnation and guilt. I must be as perfect as Jesus or I wonít be acceptable in Godís eyes.

2. Mental filter and the magnifying or minimizing of the importance of things: Selectively focusing on one small aspect of something and then exaggerating your judgment all out of proportion and believing that that tiny detail determines the reality of the whole. For example, "Because I hate my high school English teacher, I am a terrible sinner and I am doomed to go to Hell."

3. Emotional reasoning: "Because I feel this so intensely, it must be true." Or, "Because I felt so much more elated when I prayed to God in a Catholic church than in a Protestant church, the God of the Catholics must be the real God."

4. "Should" reasoning: The Bible says I should love everyone or I wonít go to Heaven after I die." Or, "I should go to confession regularly or else Iíll be barred from Paradise."

5. Overgeneralizing, labeling, and mislabeling: "My latest business deal failed. Therefore Iím a total failure in life - I was bom to lose." Or, "Only Christians can go to Heaven and all others are worthless sinners who are doomed, because Jesus is the only true prophet of God."

6. Jumping to conclusions, magical thinking, and fortune telling: Arbitrarily deciding that something is true without scientifically and rationally determining beforehand whether your conclusion is valid or factually correct. Irrational beliefs in omens and signs and the immature response to such. Believing that you can know what the future will be because of some preacherís prophecy. "When a black cat walked across my path, I knew that I shouldnít move to that neighborhood." " Iím going to sell all my property and give everything to my church because my evangelist told me the world is going to end next week and we will all be going to Heaven via the Rapture."

7. Personalization: You see yourself as the center of the universe and the cause of all external events. "My house burned down because I stopped going to church."

- Star Wisdom, Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality - Gene Andrade, page 110-111.,

The Teaching of Semjase:- Ninth Contact March 21, 1975.
The realm of the spirit is realm of perfection, harmony, peace, understanding, knowledge, wisdom ,truth , beauty, love, recognition of one's real being, and all the things that last forever. Together, these form the spiritual kingdom. All this exist in Creation. All this is present as existence itself, as ability of all abilities, as the melody of all melodies, as wonder of all wonders, as the highest creational principle.

- Star Wisdom, Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality - Gene Andrade, page 53-54.,

I give the book

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of ten candles, because the teaching is great but I lack of photos of the Plejarens Flying Saucers and Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier biography.

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