Hermes Guide to Spiritual Life

Signs of Spiritual Confusion:

*Hear God's or other voices (Silence is the Master).
*Obey those voices (Giving power to other then yourself).
*See God as a person who is accessable only for the follower of your religion. (In reality God is accessable to all people at all time. Independed of what belief they may hold).
*Worship holy persons (Idolworshipping, you cannot worship others and live a divine life at the same time - Matthew 6:24).
*Read books instead of doing good. (James 1:22)
*Wants to be served, instead of serve. (Matthew 23:11)
*Takes a fee for what has been freely recieved (Matthew 10:8), A common error in the New Age movement!
*When in trouble, dismiss "material" solutions that comes in your way, accepts only "spiritual" solutions. This is a sign of non-awakening and dual-sight. You don't understand that there is no "material" in the real world. because God created a "spiritual" universe. "Material" is a deciving word, invented by mankind, after they had fallen away from the truth.

Signs of Spiritual Enlightment:

Lahiri Mahasaya - I am Spirit
"The light of the body is the eye, if therefore your eye is single, your whole body shall be full of light" - Matthew 6:22

Lahiri Mahasaya

- the familyfather and Saint who worked in the day, was a teacher in the evening and meditated at night. He lived a most exemplary life.

*The mind recieves direct (flashlight) illumation or gradual understanding from GOD (the univeral mind) - "Be still, and know I AM GOD." Psalm 46:11
*See visions of future events, that will take place only if you follow a certain path. (Galatians 6:7- )
*Knows that "material" work is as important as "spiritual" as both is a kind of serving. (2 Corinthians 9:6)
*When in trouble, you accept both "material" and "spiritual" solutions, because you know that there exist no "material". Man just names this world "material" because man has hypnotized himself away from the truth. Just as man hypnotize himself when he claims that he is not divine. God created the "spiritual" world with divine life. There is no "material" or "ungodly" being on this planet, has never been and will never be.
*Doesn't "collect" money above enough for living or special works for God. (Luke 6:38)
*Is positive in talking, because the eternal truth is always better than confusing temporary lies. Don't keep adding lies to this world. You only help to add more confusing to your own and others consciousness. (Matthew 7:1-2).
*Remember that you are a perfect divine living being and you live upon this perfect divine world, sharing it with other perfect divine living beings and that the divine creative mind (God) you are living in, is always superior to what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Because all perfect conditions and all beauty you see around you is caused by God.

'I see the Christ in every face and in every form. When the first child was born, the Christ was born.' - Christ (Galatians 6:7- ff, Matthew 7:1-2, Genesis 1:31)

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