Sundar Singh - Christian Saint

Sundar Singh - Christian Saint

On a hot and sunny day on his way to Meerut in the Punjab district, Sundar Singh took a rest on a heap of macadam.
From the heap he saw a shepherd with a lamb coming toward him. The shepherd sat down on the opposite side of the heap and begun to cherish his lamb. Sundar Singh asked him, why he showed his lamb so much love.
The shepherd answered: "The Sheep is a wonderful animal, because it learns us humility, meekness and loyalty. It always follow its leader, knows his voice and loves him."
With those words, the shepherd rised and left with the lamb.
Sundar Singh followed them with his eyes and suddenly he was on his feet trying to catch up on the shepherd an the lamb.
But no matter how fast Sundar Singh tried to walk, he never came close to them and near the brambles, the shepherd and the lamb suddenly disappered out of sight.

Sundar Singh believed it was a messenger from God. The love the shepherd showed the lamb, closely resamles the love, Masters shows to the living creation.
Science and Philosophers has shown us, that there is no death anywere, because there is always movement in the creation and therefore life.
The only death that exist, is in mankinds ignorant thinking.
That's why selfrealized Masters can live longer than the "normal" span of life.
Take Emil's mother as an example, a radiant beauty, looking like 30-40 but is more than 800
But the greatest is her radiant love and light, that make her like a lovemagnet.
Attracting everyone who thinks of her and harmonize everyone who she think of.

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