The Science of Life


George Adamski



The first lesson dealt with the analysis of life and the awareness of cause and the importance of being aware of cause and effects at the same time. So continue to increase your awareness whether by mental observation or conscious impressions.

In lesson two we explained the mind and its component parts. So see to it that your mind is not purely occupied with outside perceptions. And demand that your mind takes equal interest in being aware of the component parts of your body and its purpose. Ever aware of the marvel of its working and that of all other forms.

The third lesson was on the application of Cosmic Law. Be sure that you apply this law in your daily life at least to some degree until it becomes the master of your life. See this law in operation in every form, for it motivates all forms.

In lesson four the relationship of all creation was explained from the smallest to the greatest manifestation that one can conceive. See it all interrelated with no divisions, each dependent upon the other.

In lesson five we explained that the intelligence and power of all life comes through consciousness. And also how the Creator is manifesting Himseif through all form life.

Lesson six was on newness. In order to rejuvenate the body one must rejuvenate the mind first. And this is done when the mind is interested in all new things which is progress.

Lesson seven was on Cosmic memory and the importance of memory in order to benefit from past experiences. The mind is not a good retainer of memory unless it blends with the consciousness where memory is eternal.

Lesson eight is on Cosmic Oneness and how when one may feel separate from another or other forms the feeling comes through lack of knowiedge. As Jesus has said, "if you hurt any one of these you have hurt Me." There is no division or separation in the Allness. And if we let the consciousness wbich is the creator of all forms replace the dom- ination of the mind the feeling of loneliness and separation will vanish. And these feelings will be replaced by the closeness of the Creator or our own Cosmic counterpart.

Lesson nine is on Cosmic and carnal cell activity. This is like any thing that we construct by using natureís materials to make things suitable for manís use. Through hab- its of the mind we create carnal cells. For the mind like the Son has the potentials of the Father. When the mind does not give credit to the Father it assumes that it operates on its own. And this brings a separation between the Cosmic Creator and the mental ereator through the mis-use of the Cosmic Law. This is why the Father and the Son must work as one. As Jesus said, "I and the Father are One. I the mind and consciousness are one. Or I of myself do nothing but the Father that worketh through me does all of the work." Meaning, I the mind do nothing but the consciousness through the mind does it all. For a mind without consciousness is dead.

Lesson ten is on Cosmic Traveling. Jesus said that wherever a manís heart is there he is also. It means that man is wherever he is consciously aware of being.

Lesson eleven on the exploration of Cosmic Space explains space as consciousness. And how when the mind blends with it it can explore any phase of space. Returning to the statement, where a manís heart is, there he is also., let us analyze the meaning of this. i.e. A person walking into a building can be attracted to one single thing and fail to see the other things in the building. I will use this as an illustration of alertness. Two men enter a tavern for a glass of beer. One is very observant and many things register on his mind such as a large beautiful picture and an attractive lady seated alone at a table. When they have finished their refreshment the two men leave. The observant one com- mented on the unusual picture and the attractive lady there alone. The other man who had been interested only in the drink had not seen any of these things but his interest was aroused and he suggested that they go back so that he could view them. I use this only to show how two people may travel consciously yet one will see much more than the other.

The twelfth lesson is of course the summation of all of the lessons and I hope that all who have taken this course have made it a part of themselves through their sincere effort to understand life. This is but a beginning for each time you restudy the many points given, you will enlarge the development of your Cosmic self. You do not need anything else for you have all of the tools necessary for your continued development.

Some of the teaching:

Notice that consciousness is the conceiver and creator of ideas. The Holy Ghost or Spirit is the power and intelligence. And the Son is the manifestation in the Likeness and the Image which the consciousness had and this makes the Trinity. It reads like this in all life - first the consciousness - second the holy ghost or spirit as the religious world has it, and then the manifestation which is the son.

I give the twelve lessons

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of ten candles, because of the lack of a biography of George Adamski and the lack of photos of UFO's and the Extraterristials, but it is worth reading, because you will gain much knowledge!

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