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Chamtrul Rinpoche Lobsang Gyatso

Chamtrul Rinpoche

Relax. You already have everything that you need. Your nature is already whole. Your nature is already pure.

There is nothing to obtain. You just have to give up and let go what is covering it.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

When we no longer react to what has been, we become free to express what remains - our divinity. When we forgive all those who have hurt us and prevented us from expressing our divinity, we have begun our walk on the road home to God. When we are no longer hindered by our past, we are free to express our divinity.

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Venusian (Adamski) philosophy and knowledge.

The bread of life: - " you have noticed, we do not grow old, neither in appearance nor in emotional life. This is because every new day we take advantage of our well-learned lessons and get rid of everything useless and sterile. Because we are always seeking open to all positive impulses, we remain ever young and vital."

Love: - "We know you talk so much about the love that binds you together family. But what is this love often, other than an expression of a sense of ownership and selfishness. Nothing could be more alien to the innermost essence of love. True love must include respect, mutual trust, understanding. In other worlds love expresses nothing of the false ownership which is so palpable with you.

We perceive love as a radiation from the divine to all created things, especially through man and then on to all forms without separation."

Human concerns: - "We from other worlds, who live unknown among you, have easier to see how this divine program has been lost. The people of the earth have become separated beings, which no longer give expression to the truly human, which they initially did. Now they are just slaves to their habits. But trapped in these habits still lives the original soul and constantly yearns to give expression to its inherent divinity.

This repressed drive worries man, who treads about in his old ruts, created by the power of habit. Therefore, people often feel disturbed and worried in their inside of something they cannot define, a "something" that constantly seeks a finer and purer expression of its existence. And yet habit has become such a powerful factor, that Man, on the one hand, longs to listen to this inner, wise voice while he lives the other side fears it, because she does not know where it will lead her."

Help others: - "As you know, no one can help another person, as long as she does not himself wish to change his life. The few people on earth who seriously want to live following the universal laws, must try to lead the others. And we from others worlds are more than willing to help them…”

Used with Permission of the Copyright holders (2024-05-30) -
G.A.F. International/Adamski Foundation [] P.O.1722 Vista, CA 92085 U.S.A.

I contracted split personality (demons?) in 1996 but was able to continue living as normal until 2000. When the voices (demons?) became too troublesome. Also had breathing problems in my apartment, so I was on sick leave and was diagnosed with "Paranoid Schizophrenia" in 2001 because of the voice, the breathing problems and smell hallucinations I was given Zeldox 20 mg morning and night.

But I cheated with the morning dose because I had to sleep for 3 hours. Because I cheated, I instead received an injection Cisordinol Depot 0.75ml/150mg, every two weeks. Then the smell hallucinations and breathing problems disappeared and I heard fewer voices.

Since then, I have become accustomed to the medicine, so that I had to increase the dosage with 20mg Olanzapine in the evening and Cisordinol tablets 4mg in the evening and 2mg in the morning. Because I need to sleep off the morning medication and I am tired in the afternoon, I cannot work, but am on sick leave for life.

But I still enjoy life and have found my life's mission: To help people as a free thinker to a positive spiritual life without dogma and scriptural slavery. I have founded my own New Age religion. Where people can mix and follow wisdom from all sorts of religions and philosophies, without being caught by the opinion police. But my religion differs from scriptural slavery in that the followers of my religion refuse to follow evil doctrines in religion, philosophy, politics and science:

Love, Joy, Faith and Good Deeds

- Hermes Atar (Buddha?) Trismegistus

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