How do you paint the world?

Meenakshi Dixit

Meenakshi Dixit

Every man can be seen as an artist who paints the world through ideas, thoughts, words and actions. If we love all living beings, we paint the world with bright colors. When we are depressed and trapped and constantly thinking of our problems, we paint the world with dark colors.

We paint the world by how we look at it. Are we loving, so is our mind blind to inharmony and we see the beauty in this world. When we are depressed we see a hopelessness world. It is through prolonged depression we can develop a mentalNew illnes. It is by spending time with people who are optimistic about life you can recovery from depression. If you are very lonely, I recommend getting you a dog you can cuddle with and meet other dog owners for a chat.

The world will be what you make it. Together we create the future. Through unconditional love man transforms the world to heaven and heaven is man's true home. Deep love transforms both the who loves and the one who is loved. What I still do not have understanding of. Is how man could have the same power over matter like that Jesus Christ had. My best guess is that it is done by a combination of deep love, silence and faith.

Unconditional love that creates idealized thoughts. Silence creates a direct connection between you and God, so that one can understand what you want God wants to do today. Belief that there are no limits to what a human being can do and what you can do yourself.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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