The meaning of life

Angelica Bengtsson

The meaning of life is not to be unhappy and live until you become 120 years. That is no hotshot. The meaning of life is to feel happiness and make other people feel happiness and to die as most people at 80-90 years of age.

Then you gain two things: 1. The world will be happy and 2. the world will not be overpopulated. That the world does not become overpopulated is important, because otherwise it breaks out war over natural resources. War can also break out if there is not enough food because of natural disasters. Our World leaders have four things to arrange. 1. Reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. 2. Agriculture up all arable land. 3. Clean drinking water to all. 4. Give all excess food to the world's hungry people.


- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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