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Kavya Suresh

Kavya Suresh

Every person who is born into the world. Is contributing during the childhood, with heartfelt joy that captures the attention of adults. To spend time with children is pure medicine for those who want to be forever young at heart. When the child grows up to youth, the sexual love of life awakens and you may get together with the one you love the most. Youth is the beautiful life and you think you will live forever.

But when aging begins you are thinking of having children with your partner. When children are born you become a parent, and can follow the children all the joy-filled time during their formative years. When the children are adults, the interaction with the parents at the same level and it lasts until the parents get old and need help. Then the children look after their parents until they die.

So it has always been, but it will not remain. Thanks to recent medical advances. Being retired is no longer the same as getting sick, We will be able to stay healthy until the day cells can no longer divide and you dies. I am primarily thinking of the C-60, which together with Fatty Acid makes it possible to age, while you are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases , disorders of the brain and New cancer. An agent that generally prevents aging is Niagen. An agent that gives more energy is Midogen.

To live a long life while being unhappy is not good. Then it is better to live happy and have a short life. The first thing you should do as a human being is to ask yourself - What makes me happy and how can I make others happy? Then you try to do what makes you happy and what makes others happy as often as you can.

My awakening

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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