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Jesus Messiah, Isha Masih, Issa Mashiha, Hazrat Issa, Yuzu Asaph, Yesu, Esus.

"And for their saying: we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, Messenger of Allah, and they killed him not, nor did they cause his death upon the cross, but he was made to appear to them as such.
And certainly those who differ therein are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge about it but only follow a conjecture; and they did not kill him for certain: Nay, Allah exhalted him in his presence.
And Allah is ever mighty and wise."

- Quran, Al Nisa 4, 157-158 For a translation see Ali, Maulana Muhammad, translation and commentary,
The Holy Quran - Arabic Text, Lahore, 1951 pp230-232.

All? Christians claim that Jesus died on the cross and was risen by God back to life...
Muslims however aren't sure...Some believe Jesus died a natural death, other that Jesus was alive and the Ahmadiyya Community believes that Jesus continued his mission to the lost tribes of Israel...

What ever you believe, remember that the lost tribes of Israel was shattered over the earth since the fall of Israel in 722 B.C. The Jews were shattered with the end of the Kingdom of Juda in 586 B.C
It is interesting to note that Muslims, have identified at least one prophet of the tribes of Israel, who is not described in other Is-rael texts:

' the year 54 (78 A.D). Sulaiman also had engraved the following inscriptions on the stones leading to the stairs of the temple:

"During this period Yuzu Asaph declared his Ministry. He was Yusu, the Prophet of the Children of Israel."

In a work by a Hindu it is said that this Prophet was in reality Hazrat Issa, the Soul of God - on whom be peace and salutations. He had assumed the name of Yuzu Asaph during his life in the valley. The real knowledge is with Allah. After his demise, Hazrat Issa, on whom be peace and salutations, was laid to rest in the tomb in the locality of Anzimar. It is also said that the rays of prophethood used to emanate from the tomb of this Prophet.'
Tarikh-iKashmir (The History of Kashmir) - Mulla Nadiri 1420.

The sarcophage of Yuzu Asaph at Rozabal

In 1194 (1766 AD) Grand Mufti of Kashmir wrote a decree, authenticating the tomb of Yuzu Asaph:

".....It has been established that during the reign of Raja Gopadatta, who had built and repaired many temples, including the Throne of Solomon on the Solomon Hill, Yuzu Asaph came to the valley of Kashmir. Prince by descent, he was piou and saintly and had given up earthly pursuits. He spent all his time in prayers and meditation.

The people of Kashmir, having become idolators after the great flood of Noah, sent Yuzu Asaph as prophet for the people. This great prophet proclaimed the oneness of God.. When he breathed his last, he was buried in this tomb, which is known as Rozabal....."

The Teaching of Yuzu Asaph in Kashmir:

"Listen! I say unto thee words of wisdom and thruth, so that ye may be able to make a distinction between right and wrong. Indeed this is the duty of of those to whom the word of God come! I say unto thee that whoesoever discards righteousness shall not enter heaven.

Seek ye the kingdom of heaven, rather than that of the world. Woe unto the seekers of the world, for they shall perish. Verily, I say unto thee: death keeps no calendar. When the hour comes even the birds have no power over their enemies, save ye with faith.

I say unto thee: so long there is light ye may travel, yet keep your good deeds secret, lest these be for show only. Blessed are they (that do so) for they shall be treated in the same way."
Shaikh al-Said-us-Saddiq, Kamal-ud-Din (ca 912) p359

An ancient manuscript from 115 A.D mentions King Shalivahana meeting with "Issa Mashiha, the Son of God, born of a virgin" in Kashmir...

"....I appeared as Isha Masih or Jesus Messiah. I received the Messiahood or Christhood.
I said unto them, 'Remove all mental and bodily impurities. Recite the revealed prayer. Pray truthfully in the right manner. Obey the law. Remember the name of our Lord God. Meditate upon him whose abode is in the centre of the sun.'
When I appeared in the Amlekite country, I thought love, truth and purity of heart. I asked human beings to serve the Lord. But I suffered at the hands of the wicked and the guilty.
In truth, O King, all power rests with the Lord, who is in the centre of the sun. And the elements, and the cosmos, and the sun, and the God, are forever. Perfect, pure and blissful, God is always in my heart. Thus my name has been established as Isha Masih.."

One should note that the Bahvisha Maha Purana is a book of events, information and prophecies started by devotees of the solar cult which existed in the third century BC.
A student of "hidden" knowledge also note that there is known to be two types of Suns in cosmos
- the planetary and the spiritual.

The History of Religion and Doctrines - The Glass Mirror was translated from Chinese to Tibetan by Le-zan Chhes-kyi Nima in 1802:

"Yesu, the techer and founder of the religion, who was born miraculously, proclaimed himself the Saviour of the World. He commanded his disciples to observe the ten vows, among which includes prohibition of manslaughter and attainment of eternal joy through good deeds....His doctrines did not spread extensively, but survived only in Asia, for a long period....

Gildas, the first British historian (516-570) states that Jesus "afforded his light to this island during the height (25-27 A.D) of the reign of Tiberius (14-37 A.D)

Jesus is said to have stayed at Glastonbury, for quiet a study, prayer and meditation, in a small house of mud and wattles, near the Chalice Well. St Agustine wrote to Pope Gregory the great, that Jesus had even built a church at Glastonbury! (Epitolae ad Gregorium Papam)

The Druid Culture who florished in Britain at that time believed in a trinity and they also had a messianic tradition, the Celtic Messiah was known as Esus.

The followers of Jesus Messiah were Jews and their sect was known as The Way in the west and in the second century they became "Christians" because of the Greek name Jesus Christ! The followers of Issa in the East might be known as Nasara, because Issa was son of Mariam of Nasara, the Kashmiri. Nasaras later became Muslims.

A good suggestion is that you take a second look on the photo and meekly bow before the sarcophage...You might recieve a blessing / (:-D

I am a free thinker - Do you believe in Mantra? try this over and over again:
GOD, Jesus Christ Messiah på svenska - Gud, Jesus Kristus Messias

"Hazrat Issa, who cured many leapers, came to be known as Asaph. He was known as Yuzu, and as he had cured lepers, he came to be known as Yuzu Asaph, for he not only cured them but gathered them under his merciful protection."
- Farang-i-Asafiyah, Persian dictionary, Vol 1 p91. ed Syed Ahmad Dehlvi, Hyperbad 1908.

"Jesus (peace be with him) has said, "The world is like a bridge. Pass over it, but do not settle down on it! He who hopes for an hour may hope for eternity! The world is but an hour: spend it in devotion, for the rest is of no worth." - The mosque of Fatehpur Sikri (ca 1569).

More Jesus said:

'One day, Jesus sat amidst people who listened to his words with amazement. He said: "Seek not the Law in your scriptures, for the Law is life, whereas the scripture is dead. The Law is the living word of the living God to living prophets for living men. In everything that is life, is the Law written. You find it in the grass, in the trees, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea, but seek it chiefly in yourselves. God did not write the Law in books, but in your heart and in your spirit." - The Gospel of Essenes.

"You see yourself, and what you see you shall become. Whoever achieves gnosis becomes 'no longer a Christian, but a Christ"-- Gospel of Phillip, 67.26-27 (Gnostic interpretation)

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