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Origin of humans on earth


C.A. Honey

Probably one of the most controversial aspects of the "flying Saucer" story was just recently released by two major news groups here in the United States. They were probably totally unaware that thousands of years ago the story that was promulgated by the Sumerians, and written as if experienced by living witnesses, was essentially the same as the conclusions reached by studies conducted recently by the Washington University in St. Louis.

The information coming from the Sumerians should prove once and for all that the scientists of their time period were just as smart and educated as the best of our scientists today. Too often we tend to think that those preceding us in the history of this planet were not as smart or as educated as we are today. Actually, in many areas, they far exceeded the knowledge we have in the world today.

The New York Times News Service, in an article entitled Study Sheds Light on Humanity's Origins, by writer John Noble Wilford, carried a long article on the subject. The second was from the Knight Ridder Newspapers in a similar article written by Robert S. Boyd and entitled Piecing Together Earth's Story, with a sub-title of Scientists Connect Dots, Postulate Answers to Planet's Oldest Questions.

Both of these articles were apparently stimulated by research conducted by Alan R. Templeton of the Washington University in St. Louis. The results of his studies into the origins of the earth's earliest humans were reported in a recent issue of the journal Nature. What amazes me is that some of the conclusions, based on interviews with the scientists doing the investigation, is the same as the information found in the ancient documents that have been translated and published by Zecharia Sitchin in his recent books that give information as to the origin of human life here upon the earth.

As an example, according to the articles, Neanderthals apparently lived along side early Cro-Magnons before gradually dying out as a species. That idea fits in with Sitchin's story as related in his early book THE 12th PLANET that was released in 1976. My own research into the subject had led me to the conclusion that the Neanderthals were a sterile race, unable to reproduce themselves and died out as a race because of no longer being produced in the creation laboratory of the Nefilim.

Because the method used to create the slave labor to do the hard work of the Nefilim was too slow, the Nefilim went back into their Creation Laboratory and genetically modified the then existing Neanderthal into a self-reproducing Cro-Magnon - the forerunner of the modern human. That particular action was given in Genesis as mankind acquiring "knowing."

Modern science seems to indicate that at least 90% of the human genes found so far indicate a root back to Africa. This is in agreement with Sitchin also. I quote Sitchin quite often because he is one of the most knowledgeable scientists who can translate the ancient documents from the Sumerian and related cultures and present it a very authoritative manner. Recent discoveries since his first book was published bear out his statements and verify his translations.

In addition to discoveries and conclusions as to the origin of modern humanity, the second article by Boyd dealt mainly with the latest theories about the origin of the earth itself. Once again it is almost as if they reached a lot of their conclusions after reading Sitchin's book and deciding the Sumerian answer was very close to the real truth.

Scientists disagree on the timeline they have established as to the date of the origin of the earth and our universe in general. Present estimates vary from 4.5 to 15 billion years ago with the majority a dhering to the 4.5 billion year age as they present their various theories.

Then we have the religious groups who believe that the entire creation was about 6,000 years ago, with some pinning it down to 4004 BC at about 3:30 in the afternoon on October 27th. To add to the confusion some of the Creationist religious groups bend a little and simply say that they do not believe that the earth and the other systems are over 10,000 years old. They present no valid argument for this assumption but merely state that the way the earth's age is calculated is not valid. All dating methods are questioned as to their validity. This is the viewpoint of Pierre Willems who was quoted as the spokesman for the Institute of Creation Science in Berkeley, California.

Boyd's article had the conclusion that sometime in the ancient past, probably between 4.5 and 4.55 billion years ago an object crashed into the Earth and created our moon from the vast amount of material that was knocked off the earth by the collision. The craters on the moon were caused by millions of other small asteroids that continued to crash into moon after the initial collision.

Those of you who are familiar with the Sumerian version of the earth's beginning are aware that a very similar story was given by them thousands of years ago. The main difference was that the entire earth and our moon was the result of a similar collision, except it was described as the collision of a rogue planet, now called Nibiru, that collided with a then existing planet named as Tiamat by the ancients. Tiamat was transformed into the present Earth and Moon from material knocked off of Tiamat by the collision.

The present earth also captured most of the water in our oceans has a result of the collision since Nibiru was a planet abundant with water. The water captured from Nibiru during the collision filled up the huge hole caused by the absence of the material that was knocked away and formed our moon. This was the source of the huge hole that is full of water and called Pacific Ocean today.

In addition, the Sumerian version accounts for the "seeding" of Earth will the spores that grew into our present vegetation and formed the genetic material responsible for our present life forms. Since all life on the Earth came from Nibiru, the plant, animal, and intelligent life forms, were compatible with that on Nibiru. Without that genetic compatibility, the Nefilim could never have successfully mated with women and in some cases, men from Earth, and sterility would be the result.

So what is the answer as to the origin of humans here on our planet? The only answer that scientifically makes any sense at all is that supplied by the Sumerians. Their answer is also the basis for the creation story found in Genesis in the Old Testament. While this doesn't supply a provable answer, it is the only one that makes sense as possible and is the best answer to date from a scientific viewpoint. I will summarize their explanation as briefly as possible and refer you to the Sumerian documents as translated by Zecharia Sitchin in his authoritative book THE 12TH PLANET:

About 450,000 years ago the Nefilim arrived in the Earth-Moon-Mars area of our solar system and established bases, on Mars, our Moon, and finally on the Earth itself. They established the first cities on earth before the first human was created. Their main purpose was to mine the Earth's seas, and later the land in Africa in a search for gold that was needed by their scientists to stabilize Nibiru's atmosphere. Those working underground in the gold mines finally objected because of "eating dust" and because of the hard work involved, and rebelled and set up a mutiny against their leader. Their supreme leader was called in to punish the ones involved in the mutiny, but instead sympathized with their plight and called on the other leaders for a solution to the problem. A solution was proposed and adopted.

A worker was to be created to do the "dirty work" that the rank and file Nefilim objected to. The worker was named "man" or mankind if you will. The genes and DNA of Homo Erectus, who already had developed on the Earth, were combined with those of the Nefilim, to create an entirely new species that we today call Neanderthal man. The big problem was that Neanderthal was sterile and couldn't reproduce on his own. Instead he had to be created in the laboratory of the Nefilim, the date approximately 300,000 years ago.

As a result the time consumed was excessive and because it was so slow another way had to be created. The answer is found in Genesis 1:26 where the Nefilim leader is quoted as saying, "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness" The Nefilim created mankind as stated in the paragraph above to do the "dirty work" objected to by the rank & file Nefilim who were tired of being in underground mines looking for gold. A lot of recent discoveries validate this version of man's creation.

These discoveries have been discussed in prior publications and some of the information will be repeated here. Bear with me as some of the following will be somewhat similar to previous statements in this article and repeated for emphasis. We should remember that the ancients believed that the Nefilim were gods since they came down to earth from the sky. They set up the first cities on Earth long before the first humans were created. To supply manpower for the mining operations, plus manpower to grow and tend the crops raised for food, humans were created in their laboratories, as well as the animals necessary to supply additional food, and clothing.

This human creation was done by genetic manipulation in which the first human hybrid was created by using the egg of the most highly advanced "ape woman" already existing on earth, and fertilizing it with a mixture of semen and a blood serum made from one of the young Nefilim males. These first human hybrids were sterile and like all hybrids could not reproduce.

Evidence exists that the most human-like of the early hybrids was what today is referred to as Neanderthal Man. Other attempts at creation of human-like workers might possibly have been "Pithecanthropus Erectus," sometimes referred to as "Java Man." The ancient records hint at several attempts before the final successful creation.

Another important point should be made, the life that existed on earth when the Nefilim first came, was the result of the "seeding of earth" from the same source as the planet Nibiru of the Nefilim. This means that the earth's life, both plant and animal, was from the same source and as a result the genetic modifications required to create human workers was not as great as might be first surmised. This made changes easier to accomplish in both plants and animals.

Later improvements in the "Creation Laboratory" of the Nefilim (Anunnaki) resulted in the creation of Cro-Magnon man or the forerunner of modern man. The major improvement at that time was giving man the ability to procreate and as a result humans began to multiply so fast that they eventually spread out over the earth and displaced the Nefilim who left the Earth en mass in 2024 BC.

Because the verse in Genesis says, "Let US make man in OUR own image and after OUR likeness," and was spoken by the Nefilim leaders to their own people, the modern Church today condemns the entire concept as irreligious and false. Even though it has been fully established that the entire story of creation in Genesis was condensed from Sumerian and Anunnaki literature, the Church refuses to believe that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man was created by the Nefilim in their laboratories.

A few years ago this was easy to believe since our scientists had not yet started their advanced research into DNA, RNA, and genetic manipulation in our own laboratories. Recent discoveries have established that it is not only possible but evidence exists that it was more than likely that that was exactly what happened.

Here is some of the new information recently discovered in recent months by our recognized scientists. Of course, the wacko groups will not consider it, as they will think it is just another instance of deception by Satan:

Now, getting back to the original subject, this claim that visitors from another planet created humans caused a tremendous uproar around the world. New discoveries have given scientific weight to the claim, and provide extremely strong proof that modern man was created, and did not evolve through evolutionary processes.

Recent discoveries, through modern research in genetics, tend to back up the Sumerian assertion that Man is the result of a special creation. The skeptics as usual have a different viewpoint. In most cases they refuse to even investigate new findings to see if it is legitimate.

Scientists were amazed to find that approximately 99% of the human genes were identical to those of a chimpanzee and about 70% were identical to those of a mouse. As if that wasn't bad enough, the human genome contained about double the amount of genes of a fruit fly and approximately the amount of the lowly roundworm. How does that discovery make you feel? But an even greater surprise awaited them. Consider this amazing discovery!

They discovered that 223 genes did not have the required predecessors that ordinarily would have allowed them to trace the evolutionary origin of man. This was entirely unprecedented and cannot be found in any other species, either plant or animal.

Let me end this article with a quote from Zecharia Sitchin, as found in his publication entitled, "THE CASE OF ADAM'S ALIEN GENES. We pick up the quote where Enki, the Chief Scientist of the Anunnaki suggested they use their generic knowledge to create the Primitive Workers needed to do the work objected to by the rank and file Anunnaki. The others of his group asked him as to how he would go about creating such a worker. He answered that the being already existed and all they had to do was "put their mark upon it." Now quoting Sitchin:

"What he had in mind was to upgrade genetically the existing hominids, who were already on Earth through Evolution, by adding some of the genes of the more advanced Anunnaki. That the Anunnaki, who could already travel in space 450,000 years ago, possessed the genomic science (whose threshold we have now reached) is clear not only from the actual texts but also from numerous depictions in which the double-helix of the DNA is rendered as Entwined Serpents (a symbol still used for medicine and healing.)

When the leaders of the Anunnaki approved the project (as echoed in the biblical "Let us fashion the Adam"), Enki with the help of Ninharsag, the Chief Medical Officer of the Anunnaki, embarked on a process of genetic engineering, by adding and combining genes of the Anunnaki with those of the already-existing hominids.

When, after much trial and error breathtakingly described and recorded in antiquity, a "perfect model" was attained, Ninharsag held him up and shouted: "My hands have made it!" An ancient artist depicted the scene on a cylinder seal.

And that, I suggest, is how we had come to possess the unique extra genes. It was in the image of the Anunnaki not of bacteria, that Adam and Eve were fashioned.

This is another instance where newly discovered scientific information backs up the Sumerian version that humanity was created by those called "Gods" by the ancients. It definitely shows that mankind is the result of "special creation," not evolving through evolution as the average scientist tries to prove. No other answer can explain the "extra genes" that we all carry in our bodily make-up.

Over and over again each new discovery of science backs up the Sumerian story of the creation of modern mankind. Now the Genesis version in the Old Testament starts to make sense when the original documents are investigated by modern day scientists.

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