The Heathen Messiah!

Some of the Christian teachings doesn't originate from Judaism, but from heathen religions!

The Old Testament was written by the Jewish winners, not all Jewish scriptures were allow in the Old Testament. The were probably a committee of censorship who discussed which books to be allowed in synagogues and which books that should be allowed to read in secret.

"Is it not written in the book of Jasher"? (Joshua 10:13), The book of Enoch (Genesis 6:24), and of course the apocrypical books of the Old Testament.

The Old Testament contains the views of the Jewish winners. According to the best non-biblical sources from the period 1095-586 B.C The annals of Assyria claims that King Sankerib army wasn't punished by God in the battle of Jerusalem 701 B.C. Instead the Jews paid an enormous ransom to King Sankerib so his army went home with a fortune instead of being killed in a battle with the Jewish army.

In the New Testament there are some similarties between heathen religions and that of
THE WAY or Christianty:

The virgin birth (Matthew 1:18) : January 6th people were celebrating the holy virgin who had born the child EON.

The wine miracle (John 2:9) : The same day they also celebrated the God Dionysians winemiracle. The legend tells you that water taken from the Nile on that day turns into wine.

The resurrection (Matthew 16:21, 17:23, 20:19) : The God Osiris was risen from the dead on the third day. His wife the Goddess Isis gave birth to a son of God.

About one century B.C an underground religion from Greece was alive in the Roman Empire - Orfism named after the Greek God - Orfus.

Personal Saviour (John 10:11): Orfism was the only religion in the Roman Empire with a personal saviour the good shepherd - Orfus.

Divine Nature (2nd Peter 1:2-4): According to Orfism, man had a divine nature - Dionysus (John 10:35) and an evil natur - Titan (John 3:6). The meaning of life was to clean yourself from your evil nature - Titan.

Eternal Life (John 3:16): Orfism promised eternal life, had a teaching about punishment for the ungodly after death.

Saved Souls in hell (1st Peter 3:19): Just like Jesus, Orfus descended to hell to save souls.

Teached unity with God (John 10:30): Unlike Judaism, Orfism teached you could be one with a God.

Buddhism (Luke 6:29):
Just like Buddhism, Jesus teached nonviolence - 'If someone hit your cheek, turn the other toward him and if someone wants your cloak offer him your coat also.' The Jewish teaching was - an eye for an eye.

Yogaism - part of Hinduism: "I and the father are one and the same" (John 10:30)
According to hindu philosophy, you (Atma) are a part of God (Brahman). This means that if you are a male, then you are a son of God and if you are a female, you are a daughter of God. (Children are the likeness of their parents and God is neither male or female or both male and female.)

Althought "the book of (H)enoch" wasn't included in the Old Testament. It is well known that the book was high regarded in some Jewish circles and is it written in "the book of Enoch" that the leader of the angels was to send mankind "The Son of Man".

A person who will help mankind to overcome "their evil nature". He was also called "The Son of Man, King of the Kings". If Rome (Ceasar) paid attention to Jesus miracles, understood the text in "the book of Enoch" and heard Jesus claim that he was "The Son of Man". Then they were certainly very afraid and wanted to kill him when they had a chance to do so.

The invented story (beginning with Peri-Pascha by Melito of Sardis) that the Jews were guilty to the death of Jesus, because he claimed himself to be "The Son of God" might not be true. The Messiah was supposed to be a future leader of Israel. The romans didn't like that thought, but they had to deal with many "messiahs". But "the Son of Man" was fortold to be "The King of the World" and put Ceasar into second place. Rome could never accept that.

The Jews are awaiting a personal or an impersonal Messiah

The Messiah is either a person who will bring peace and prosper to Is-ra-el and he will not take sidesteps away from Jewish beliefs. Jesus did that when he claimed that he was the son of God. According to Moses, God is one and cannot be divided into a trinity or a son of God. He is the one and only supreme God - The most High -The Lord God.

Or the Messiah is a common rise of the human consciousness and will also bring peace and prospere to Is-ra-el and the rest of the world. The rise of the human consciousnes will begin in Is-ra-el.

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