The good news according to Hermes

Majandra Delfino

Majandra Delfino

Chapter one - The beginning:

1. In the beginning the cosmic consciousness was still in the mind.

2. The cosmic consciousness called God, had a desire to create the cosmos.

3. God created the beautiful planet earth where God placed His image man to selfless living true to its source, God.

4. God told the man that God was like the sun, and people were like rays of the sun, and so long as man unselfish wanted to live with God, she could live a long and good life.

5. As long as men loved God and his fellow men and did the will of God, as long as people lived a good life as God's co-creators and had the light of life.

6. After a while people started to worship the creation rather than the Creator. It broke sunbeam from God and began to live a selfish life without God and because of the abundant life disappeared when she broke contact with God, she began to compete for the created needs and love of one's neighbor man disappeared and people started living a hard and difficult life, without its source God.

7. The scribes began to receive temple tax, when people forgot the true religion came to the temple for sacrifice and worship imaginary gods. This saw a smart person and he began to promise the gold and green woods to the people if he was appointed as king of the population.

8. The first king did was to make sure he and the scribes drew the same direction. The king would take the tax of the population and provide a certain amount of tax to the scribes if the scribes invented a new religion that was that the king was informed by God himself and scribes, interpreters of the false religion.

9. The king's tax people had to live in poverty and his promises of the gold and green woods was not met. As suggested king with his servants of his subjects that people would gather a military army that would go to war against other nearby countries to plunder the wealth and the scribes, trained up the false prophets who drink and drugs began to have visions of God himself inserted the war king to God's chosen people through looting and ethnic clean-outs take the promised countries.

Chapter 2 - The people unhappy with the king:

1. At this time, God sent one of his sons to the suffering humanity - His name was Hermes.

2. Hermes had been commissioned by God to reveal the king, the false prophets and scribes.

3. Hermes began by presenting the original religion: "From the beginning, the people did not worshiped idols, but people worshiped the source of a long and good life. Unselfish She lived true to its source which is God."

4. Hermes taught, saying: God the Father is like the sun that shines above the vegetation, insects, animals and humans, revealing thus the beauty of the Earth.

5. God , Mother 's biosphere on Earth that produce the right conditions for vegetation, insects, animals and humans.

6. Man to nurture the biosphere, for it is the one she lives by. Mankind should plant trees and shrubs that provide fruit where deserts and desalination plants for seawater and salt production driven by freedom engine or other environmentally friendly energy source.

7. All land that can produce crops should be grown up so that humanity despite floods and droughts have their food production hedged. Any leftover food should be collected in large food supply, so that people are not helpless in the bad years.

8. Children of God is like a lotus flower that no sin stick to, but it is the loving and beautiful life.

9. The road to heaven on earth is to be loving towards his neighbor.

10. The more loving people is the more like heaven becomes earth.

11. The meaning of life is to live individually in heaven and contribute to mankind's heaven on earth.

12. When everyone is loving towards each other regardless of faith. Then we live in heaven on earth.

13. He who loves his neighbor to help fill his neighbor's needs.

14. Love your neighbor as a good mother or good father loves his children.

15 Those who do not love their fellow human beings can be indifferent to human needs or even commit evil acts.

16. The best philosophy or religion is it where you are a dynamo of love, joy and peace that can only be done by you are love, joy and peace.

17. The question is not how long you will live, but what you do with the life you live ...

18. Beware of people who love writing more than they love other people. They can be dangerous.

19. Beware of people who love nothing but the ideology more than they love other people. They can be dangerous.

20. Beware of people who love power more than they love other people. They can be dangerous.

21. Beware of people who love money more than they love other people. They can be dangerous.

22. Be critical when reading assertion of religions, philosophies, ideologies and politics. Ask yourself ... What could be true and what is a lie?

23. With all your mind, get understanding

24. Every man ought to do what she likes to do, as long as it does not harm another person or the whole that she lives by.

Chapter 3 - The people unhappy with the scribes:

1. Hermes taught, saying:

2. Man has invented many offering religions, but only the religion which provides water for the thirsty, food to the hungry, clothing and warmth to the cold, a residence for those who are homeless, money to the poor, care for the sick, help to the one who needs, help, visiting those in prison or ill, freedom for those who have mental health problems and health to the sick is the true religion. When one loves one's neighbor.

3. Man has invented many idols to worship, but only he who worships the source of all goodness within themselves and see the goodness of others follow the true religion.

4. He who loves God and his neighbor, has found the secret of the true religion.

5. Man has invented many written religions, but I tell you, beware lest you believe the scribes lies about hell after death. Because the only hell that exists is war, strife, fighting, poverty, outlying, mental diseases, which are suffering, jealousy, and drug and alcohol addiction.

6. Beware lest you believe the scribes lies about heaven after death. For, to praise and glorify one of the sons of God for all eternity, while there are people on Earth or on another planet that is suffering, is a case selfishness.

7. Beware lest you believe the scribes lies about the attributes of God as he sake of being angry, unforgiving because of any sin against the spirit of God or that he will lead anyone into temptation. Such a God does not exist except in the minds of the scribes.

8. God is everywhere powerful, omnipresent and everywhere conscious. God is the power, substance, and intelligence or spiritual terms, wisdom, love, truth, joy, peace, freedom, health, life, spirit, light and all goodness.

Chapter 3 - The people dissatisfied with the Prophets:

1.Hermes taught, saying: Beware of doomsayers who put an end date, when humanity will perish, for that is known only God and not any man.

2. Beware of war prophets who prophesy that the Third World War will begin on a certain date. For when the Third World War begins is only known by the ruling dictatorships. The best way to avoid the third world war is that the people organize themselves and throw out the despots of the country through free and fair elections.

3. Beware of New Age spiritual smorgasbord. There are many self-declared teachers who teach in self-realization and sells books on his method. There is only one way to self-realization and that is to love and serve God and your neighbor, because it is the only true religion.

4. Beware of banks, instead of lending money to the needy, speculate them on the financial market and then come crawling to the government and ask for more money. Otherwise the bank into bankruptcy. It is each country's responsibility to divide the banks under the Glass-Steagall Act of June 16, 1933 in three parts - commercial banks, investment banks and insurance companies.

European Workers Party - EAP seven step economic program

1. Regain Riksbank - the Swedish people must regain control of the Riksbank to the Swedish banking system is not primarily focused on creating financial bubbles, but to build a future. The first thing that must be done is to remove the people's unlimited guarantee to the banks' bubbles. Neither the Riksbank, the National Debt Office and the state budget will in future have no obligation to keep the banks' casino operations. Banks enormous business, with portfolio assets of 4.5 times GDP and even more in the unregulated derivatives trading, will by 10 percent losses drag on the Swedish people half GDP increased government debt just as happened with the Irish people.

2. Restore Glass-Steagall - Therefore the government unlimited liability for the major banks is limited to only those parts of the banking business is socially necessary to serve the people and the real economy. The traditional way to keep track of this, is to split the banks such as the U.S. did in 1933 with the Banking Act Glass-Steagall. There deposited accounts, payments, business loans and trade for what then was called the commercial banks. These commercial banks were prohibited to own shares or deal in securities. Such was instead handled by investment banks (finance), who was responsible for their own risks. The counterpart of this law was also in Sweden and can therefore quickly reinstated. In this way we prevent the banks' debt mountain from their speculative activities now passed on to the Swedish people.

3. Governor Loans - The next step is that the Riksbank starts to give out loans to large key infrastructure projects to kick-start Sweden. When the Riksbank thus far during the crisis created money out of nothing, it was because the banks would keep the financial bubble. Instead of this adventurous inflationary credit expansion, the Riksbank create money out of nothing to the project, which creates real assets out of nothing. This is not inflationary because the credit expansion is directed to the real economy and create real, physical values at several levels. There will always be a balance of real assets to cash Riksbank issues. This productive credit expansion will continue as long as there are unemployed and another spare capacity to put in full work with such projects.

4. Investment budget - state must separate out investment in a specific budget. Today is held all spending in one budget, which also has a surplus for the state to save. This means that the investment is held back, because something else has to be cut down to such a road to be built, especially since the road's full cost charged to start this year's budget, even though the road is used for many decades to come. The purpose of the current real investment inhibitory system is that banks' financial bubbles and shall have exclusive rights to the Riksbank's credit expansion, and is pumped up with the state's debt payments. With an investment Riksbank can provide state loans to government infrastructure projects. Balance requires the state only to have the annual costs, as reported in an operational budget. As for enterprises allocated cost of investment over the finished project life through depreciation, which become part of the state's annual operating costs.

5. Keep running foreign trade - the Riksbank is also the key to despite the crisis to finance international projects and to bring in foreign currency. The government, in cooperation with the Riksbank create large framework agreements with other countries, which makes credit recreated mutual between countries. In this way, common export and import financing and foreign currency be available. For such long-term loans to long-term projects should not be broken by currency fluctuations, have an international system of fixed exchange rates agreed, exchange rates can be renegotiated just like in the old Bretton Woods system. This will also settled currency speculation, which is an unfair tax on all of us.

6. Projects stabilize currency - the Riksbank is the key to people can be put in full work through projects. Meanwhile, projects that stabilizes the Riksbank. There currently inflated financial system can be devalued by rotten securities go in the rubbish bin, when speculators are allowed to go bankrupt. Meanwhile, the remaining securities are still overvalued because the real economy, industry, agriculture and transport, is so run down that the entire Western world populations can no longer produce ourselves what we need to survive, not even on a low standard. Therefore, a very rapid expansion of the real production capacity with high technology and energy density. When we can no longer live on the poor world are working for free on our credit bubble, we have short, no time to collect chips and trams go with 1800's of technology.

With energy-dense nuclear, soon in the form of fusion power, and with fast maglev PRT and other efficient technologies, productivity can be increased in the entire economy, so that more value is created throughout the production. All infrastructure projects must use technology engines to both achieve the highest productivity, while creating new jobs to export the new technology. Space Exploration is part of the necessary infrastructure, but is just such a technology engine by lifting productivity can create new real values and fill in the values of the old financial system left behind.

7. Crush monetary dictatorship - The Riksbank in service of the people, we can protect the people and the real economy, amidst the inevitable banking crash that will destroy the financial values for hundreds of thousands of billions of dollars internationally. System Important parts of the banking business can still continue to function. The crash is the greatest possible degree of isolation to the financial system called "securities". With this also crushed the power of these securities brought. Control over the economy are transmitted in this way from the one percent of the world population, which currently controls the global financial system, the majority of the people through their elected representatives in Government and parliament, which controls the main focus on lending and the economy with the help of the Riksbank.

Chapter 4 - Hermes of the future:

1. The brain is a receiver of ideas and receive ideas best when there are no other sensations that interfere with such music. By being in stillness and silence and just listen to the inner voice that is God, man can become one with God. By asking a question to God, one can get the answer as a vision or a dream. A popular question is: "God, show me the future." Other questions are: "God, show me the way, so I can walk on it." and "God, show me your love, so that I can give it to my fellow man."

2. When you spend time with God. Know then that you can become one with God through faith. God is like a large satellite that transmits thoughts and we are as a satellite dish, which, when it is set up to receive these thoughts and so do the will of God through love and faith.

3. I recommend that you read the four gospels in the part of the Bible called the New Testament. Read a chapter in the morning and one in the evening of this great man who is bigger than me. Jesus Christ came to free humanity from material bondage by showing God's power over matter. I have come to learn the original religion and free the people from slavery in writing. I have also come to make political revolution, so that the people organize themselves and throw the oppressors through free and fair elections.

4. Man's task in life is to love and serve God and one's neighbor, and through free and fair elections to establish a golden age in the history of mankind. It is a fool who solve their problems through violence.

5. The Golden Age initiated after Nostradamus revolutions, means that man lives true to its source God and love and serve their neighbors which in practice means that people will live in heaven on earth. When the spirit finally master the matter, man will cease to work for the bread of life and instead become a co-creator with God. People will have a desire to spread out in the universe and, therefore, man will invent and build the flying saucer and flying the mothership.

6. Man comes after his desire to spread the simple doctrine of the sun and the biosphere as well as the one about God and Humans venturing into space. She settles below ground on planets lacking vegetation and on the ground where vegetation exists. She contacting alien civilizations where they exist and live in fellowship with them. According to Nostradamus, man will live in Aquarius and Cancer solar system for a long time.

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