Good from God

Aishwarya Devan

Aishwarya Devan

God is Good and from him emenates all Goodness. We must realize that God lives inside of all people, and that our bodies are the holy temple of God. God is like the sun and we are like sunrays. If mankind can accept that living a God life is better than living the ego life. Then mankind is on the way to something big.

The ego life is a mistake. It is not better to live the ego life than to be a sunray of Gods mercy. It should be known that God want us to be sons and daughters of God and have all Goodness from God. We must strive to have our minds flooded by God's ideas and thoughts and this can only be from within where God lives. We must turn to the silence within, so God can manifest outwardly from our own life center.

God wants us to love and forgive each other. God want us to live everyday, serving our fellowman and be a light in a dark world like the stars in the night.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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