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A country where two equal and strong wills exist and fight each other in a Civil war can not stand. There are two equally large and strong countries in the world and if Russia and USA go to war against each other, humanity will perish.

Middle East is divided between Shia and Sunni Muslims and if they start to fight against each other, the entire Middle East turns into a battlefield.

There are no evil people . But there are people who commit evil acts when they are not loving. The living God wants all people to be loving and helping his brother instead of oppressing the weaker and strive after as much power and money as possible.

It is impossible to create heaven on earth by arms or dictatorships where the few oppress the many. Heaven on Earth can only occur where people express love with one another and which fills the needs of the unfit. All people have equal value, even those who do not think like the majority. "We against they" is a doctrine that creates dissatisfaction and conflicts between people. According Sweden Democrats are "they"=the immigrants and "we"=the Swedes.

The living God wants all people should live in liberty, equality and brotherhood. Another form of repression is terrorists. They want to use terror to create fear in the society. Since terrorists are humans too. One should also negotiate with them and not exclude them from the negotiate table. It would be interesting to know what they various terrorist groups want in exchange for peace, freedom and prosperity?

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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