Godlife - The Life Eternal

"God is Life" no man said it better than Jesus, our dear friend and brother - Jesus.

There is something in man that wants to live - It is God and when we respond to that and express the highest thought, we express the beauty of the world.

It is obvious, just as our mind can turn to our inner source - God, so can our attention be scattered to outer conditions or our mind akin to other peoples thinking and talking. This is exactly was happened in the first chapters of Genesis.

Adam and Eve lived a Godlife until one group of mankind, became more interested in the creation (the snake) and technology (the tree of knowledge). Later that group had so influenced most people of mankind so they fell away from the true way living - The Godlife. Their body failed after a long time and death was the result.

(According to Spalding, not all mankind fell away from the Godlife - They became the Siddhas. The first known spiritual teachers upon earth. They teached later generations. Spalding claimed that his research pointed out that mankind had fallen away from "Civilazation" (read cities, mansonry, mining) six times in the past.) The Holy Bibel mentions two civilazations - The flood and The tower of Babel.
The Hindus has record five civilazations - The four yugas, we are now in the fifth yuga - The Dwarpa Yuga. (Year 300)

Both the Bible and the Hindus are wrong about the future of mankind. The bible claims that there will be a period of 1000 years of peace then wars will start all over again. The Hindu claims that the four yugas turns in an everlasting wheel, like the four seasons: Summer(Sathya) - Autumn - Winter(Kali) - Spring - Summer....

None of them are telling the truth. The future of mankind has nothing to do with prophecy or "ages-eons". It has only to do with the way the Godforms lives. Terrestial and Extraterrestial.

If each man re-establish the living contact with God and begins to live a Godlife. Then mankind will be living in Paradise as long the connection is living. In fact the Godman and Godwoman will improve the life on earth in a neverending scale.

The secret of regeneration is this: God is showering the planet with energy every second and all life use this energy to live, directly or indirect. They also use the building blocks of nature to recycle their bodies. If we give the control of our lives to God then God must answer with giving us a life greater than we have expected ourself as long we continue to serve all life.

There is only two things that man must learn in life: To know and to serve. God and all life. Love seems to be universal and beyond words.

In Godlife there will never be any selfpunishment, because the tree is good and a good tree can only give good fruits. The Godman and the Godwoman doesn't believe in punishment in an eternal hell by the devil, because the devil and his hell is outside their vision and they don't believe in the power of the devil or his existence.

There is no existence outside God and no power outside God. Everything is God. Everything is Life. Everything is hold together in Love. If man would exercise the Love of God. Wars and unhappiness would be a thing of the past. Each man would live good days in all his life.

Hermes said to God: "I want to keep chapter one to three in 'the book of relevation' and rename it to 'the warnings of John the disciple' the rest of the book I want to throw in the burning hell and replace it with the 'book of enoch'. The similarities between them are so striking so we don't need two books of relevations."

And God said to Hermes: "That's a good idea, go out and measure the fields."

When Hermes visited the fields he found the snake there. Hermes said to the snake: "What are you doing in the fields? This is God's property."

The snake said: "I was sent here by Satan to remember you what is written in 'the book of relevation' - 22:19 "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy. God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

Hermes replied to the snake: "I hear that your aren't enlighted. But who can expect anything else with your master. The servent displays the qualities of the Master."

The Snake said: "My master is very worried, because you bring enlightment, even to those who claim themselves to be God's Children. As an example you bring enlightment to christians and makes them disbelive in the verses my master has put into the New Testament under the disguise of 'the holy ghost'."

Hermes replied: "Your master doesn't need to worry, because soon the Children of God will not be seen anymore. And therefor he will have nothing to worry about."

The snake said: "My master enjoy very much when even Gods Children stains the earth with blood. If you succed, in one or two generation - Wars will be no more."

Hermes replied: "My mission will continue and I am not alone in this universe."

The snake begged: "Please Hermes, go back to christianity and be again a christian teacher as long as you claim that you believe in everything that is written in the holy book. Because then people will continue to be afraid of things they don't have to be afraid of and that will extend my masters rule forever."

Hermes said: "It is written 'you shall love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and all your strenght and you shall look upon your neighbour with eyes of love, because your neighbour is God in another form and you shall serve him because God has served you first'."

The snake said: "Is 1000 dollar enough to make you leave your mission?"

Hermes said. "Money is for the people who lives for this world. I live for God. That's why I continue to write and teach."

The snake said: "How about 6.666.666 dollar? You can put it on a bank and live from rate for the rest of your life." Hermes replied: "You cannot serve both God and Mammon".

The snake said: "this is my last bid, my master can give you all worldly knowledge and even psychic powers so you will amaze everyone and be worldfamous! How about that?"

Hermes said: "No worldly power or any psychic powers can ever satisfy mankind, only Godlife will bring the ultimate satisfaction in a neverending scale." Sorrows will be a thing of the past. Joy will have no limit. Infact Joy has already no limit, because the kingdom of God is already here and has always existed and will never cease to exist. There is only one life - The Godlife, the rest is an only a dream."

Then the snake wriggled away from the fields, very disappointed.

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