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Inside the Spaceships

Inside the Spaceships

The great master once again

At this point the master entered and all turned toward him.

As his eyes met mine, he smiled and walked on to where a table was surrounded by low chairs with arms, lovered with attractively upholstered material of an ap­pearance something like dull silk. Ramu led me over and the master indicated that I take the place on his right. One of the Saturnian ladies sat on my other side and while the people were settling into their seats, I seized the opportunity to ask if she could explain the meaning of the insignia. She obligingly twisted around so that I could examine the one on her right shoulder and said, "It denotes that Saturn is the Tribunal of this system." Although I did not know ex­actly what she meant by "tribunal", she did not explain further. The design consisted of a sphere encircled by a ring (much as the ringed planet appears through our tele­scopes), and inside the sphere was a balanced pair of scales.

Thanking her, I settled back into my chair and found it difficult to believe that anything could be so comfort­able. Not even our air cushions yield to and yet support the body as did that chair. The master began to speak. "My son, if some of what you will hear tonight seems repetitious, it is because the things of which I shall speak are important to your un­derstanding, and perhaps a fuller explanation will help you to retain them."

I was glad to hear him say this, since, even with the telepathic help which had been promised me, I still wor­ried for fear I might not remember it all. "A great fallacy which has grown on the people of Earth," the master said, "is the custom of dividing into many parts that which should never be divided. You have multiple divisions in forms and teachings, many firm likes and dislikes, all of which serve only to add to the state of confusion on your planet."

"We of other worlds have no such divisions but realize the relationship and the interdependence of all things. I know that you have felt deeply the power and radiance of our conception of Deity there on the wall before you. By keeping always this image visual before our eyes, and remembered in our hearts, we never forget that within Him all forms have their being.

"He is the giver of what you call life’ unto men. He is also the giver of life through us to our creations in which He is the instructor of what is to be created. He it is who knows how the minerals and the elements are to be com­bined not only to serve us, but the Universe as well, ever better as they are brought up through the experi­ences of one form, to be fitted for a higher form. We on Venus, and on other planets in varying degrees of evolve­ment, recognize the minerals and elements as the essence of ever-active Divine expression, with a steady newness. And therefore monotony, as you know it on Earth, can never be."

"So, as the creation of a Divine Creator of the total Universe is respected by us, so also is the creation of man who guides the elements in different channels of service likewise respected and honored. In turn, the elements become desirous to serve better each day that they, too, may rise to a higher standard of service . . . a service which shall never cease, for it is eternal."

"As an example, that you may understand this more clearly, the bit of iron which you find among the minerals of your Earth serves you in one particular channel. Yet by impregnating this iron with a force which you call ‘electricity’ the iron changes from a previous service to another type of service called ‘magnetic.’ Therefore it has been endowed with a power of attraction which it did not have before. This is what we mean by elements or minerals evolving for a better service. For first it was merely the mineral iron; then it reached a higher state of service where it was able to attract, which in the original state it could not do. And so, on and on, this iron can evolve toward higher and higher service rendered unto its Creator."

"So you see what is meant when I speak of the min­erals and the other elements serving man. By doing this, they themselves are endowed with certain powers of comprehension through serving the All-inclusive Intel­ligence. This law, I believe, is known to you on Earth as the Law of Transmutation, or the Law of Evolution."

"A human body like yours and mine is composed of elements as well as minerals. And you can prove that these elements and minerals which compose your body do obey the impressions placed upon them. For if the im­pressions are of a joyous nature, the being called ‘man’ is joyful. But if of an angry state, then the body expresses that, proving that the minerals and the elements within it are constantly serving the Intelligence. Without it they cannot rise to a higher state of expression."

"You men of Earth continually invite disaster by creat­ing combinations which are opposing each other rather than working together. You have made of yourselves something other than your Divine origin. You have added many false concepts to your being instead of re­maining natural; like a beautiful woman who is exalted in beauty, yet adds many trinkets that finally exalt them­selves above her beauty. “You have done the same by adding that which had no true life or intelligence. Let me point out to you some­thing inherent in the being of man by which we live on the planet Venus, while you do not, though these princi­ples apply to yours as well as other worlds."

"You claim that you are a being made up of five senses, and list others to be added the sixth, seventh, and so on. You seek to develop these arbitrarily conceived senses instead of understanding and developing those which do exist. In professing that there are powers of clairvoy­ance, clairaudience, mental telepathy, or extra-sensory perceptions, you thereby divide one total phase of ex­pression into at least four separate classifications. And, as a result, your true identities have become muddled and lost."

"Let me elucidate this a little. In the first place, you are a product by mineral and elements of what you call nature. In the second place, as an intelligent expression of that form, you are a product of your Divine Creator. The mineral and elemental part of your being has been endowed with four avenues, or senses, through which it expresses in what you call a physical manifestation. In­telligence or divinity expresses through every cell of the entire form which you have labeled physical."

"The four senses to which I have just referred are sight, hearing, taste and smell. Observe that I did not mention the sense you on Earth speak of as ‘touch.’ Be­cause touch is the intelligence that precedes all others.

"Let me explain it this way. No one in any world can build a form like yours, or cause it to live as do you. This can be done only by the Creator of the Universe. There­fore, you must admit that when conception of a form takes place within a form, that mother-to-be knows not what is to be done for the perfect construction of an­other body. Yet the conception grows toward a complete manifestation, until finally it is born into what you call the physical world."

"When it is born, this form complete has eyes, ears, mouth and nose. The eyes see, and the ears hear sounds for the first time; the nose smells and the palate tastes for the first time. These were all created as parts of the body. As the body witnesses the physical world for the first time, so do these four avenues of expression, for they are of the body. Yet the mother of this form knew not how it was built."

"But the sense of touch, which I omitted from the group of senses, did know. For remember, while the little one was still in the building process within the mother’s body, if a pressure was put onto the mother’s body, the body within was also alerted to that pressure. And notice the separation between the two, for when the body to be born was ready to make a change within the mother, the mother neither controlled nor instructed this action, which does separate, in this case, the sensa­tion into two distinct reactions—the mother’s and the child’s. This proves that each operates in the field of sen­sation or feeling independent of the other. Yet they arc a body within a body. Also proving that this thing called ‘touch’ or ‘feeling’ is acting in the field of intelligence, knowing what to do and when to do it. It seems to be the ‘knower.’

"When we take this into consideration for the purpose of analyzing, the sense of touch is recognized as a cardi­nal one, or in reality the soul of the body—part of the all-inclusive intelligence. For it is a feeling and feeling, as you know it, is a state of alertness, or conscious conscious­ness as we know it."

"Now, when this consciousness leaves the body of minerals and earth known as man, the eyes, the ears, the taste and the smell no longer function. For when the body becomes unconscious it does not recognize any­thing like a touch. In other words, you could beat that body and it would not have the sensation which is called feeling or of being touched."

"On the other hand, if one loses the eyes, loses the hearing, the taste and the smell, but retains the sense of touch, which is consciousness, one is more or less alive and intelligently operating. And when the body is then struck with something, it feels that touch or hurt, where it did not in the previous state."

"Thus it is easy to see that the real intelligence of the body called ‘man’ is that which has been so misused and mislabeled, the sense known to you as touch, which is the soul or the life of that body. The human body - and the same is true of all other forms - is actually constructed for services that its minerals and elements will render through the four major physical avenues of expression. While the fifth, touch, is a universal one which gives sensation to the other four. Once this touch sense leaves he other four have no power of sensation or operation."

"When man realizes this fact, he then finds himself as the real behind the mask. And when this is done, the limited prison in which he has lived for so long dissolves, and he becomes a dweller of the Universe. As such, he sees the law in operation in every form, regardless of what that form may be, and including the planet itself upon which he is living. Then does man know himself! And by so doing, he knows all things. Also he knows his. Creator as he has never known Him before, which is the Universal or Divine Intelligence."

"It is through this recognition or understanding that mineral man rises to a condition of unity with the Father, wherein the Father and the Son become one. Once the man of Earth learns this and realizes it, not knowing it with his mind alone, but by living it as we have done, he shall have the same joy in life as we have on other planets."

"As your Bible says, the prodigal son has thus returned home by giving up his physical mineral vanities and mak­ing these serve him for the service of his Father, rather than he serving them."

"Of course, my son, you know this law and have been trying to live as well as teach it for years. It is neither new to you nor is it any original teaching of yours. It is a universal law which all men must know and live if they hope to enjoy their Divine birthright as sons of the Father. "You must impress, as best you can, understanding in the minds of your brothers on Earth that knowledge of themselves is the first requisite. And the first questions:"

"Who am I? Through what avenues can I express in order to return to the oneness from which I have fallen?"

"Remind them that Man has nothing to add. He has only to express that which already is his. But he must learn to understand what it is he has, and live this un­derstanding. For it is the living that is important. Once this is accomplished, the Earthly man’s woes will soon vanish. For then these elements which are used in mak­ing up the four senses of sight, hearing, taste and smell will begin to evolve to where they will become more .sensitive instruments, not only to serve in what you call the physical world, but also in service of the universal."

"Another fact which Earth men must realize is that ‘universal’ includes the physical within itself, not out­side it. For everything which takes place within the Uni­verse is also within the Divine or Supreme Intelligence - not outside it."

"That is why we are as much concerned with your world and your life as we are with our own, for we are all in the same kingdom of the Supreme Intelli­gence. “We have learned and lived this for all these hundreds and thousands of years. Because of this understanding, we cannot injure with a motive of injuring as you do on Earth. For we know that we would have to live with whatever we distorted, since all is within the household."

"Once the mind of physical man rises to this degree of understanding, it does not see anything as ugly or unpleasant, but sees all in the process of going toward the holiness of beauty and exaltation." As Earth men consider this law, they will see and understand how all is working from the low to the high, which is the universal purpose; and not from the high to the low. Yet the power expresses from the high even unto the low that the low may have the strength to rise unto the high. There is eternal blending, but never di­vision. Knowing this law, the inhabitants of our planets have used it for their development and through its use have grown to a recognition of everlasting life and the role of all therein."

The thought of overpopulation flashed through my mind as this is so often a topic of concern for nations on Earth. Without the slightest interruption, this man of great wisdom answered my thought.

"No, my son. We are not overpopulated and such a condition never threatens us, as it does your people of Earth. For we do not replenish without thought or plan­ning as do you. There is a natural law of balance by which we abide. Besides, those who have attained much knowledge on one planet may, if they choose, seek re­birth on another. Toward this end they have two choices. They may make this change through the channel of birth, or be taken direct by a ship, still in the same body. This has happened many times, even on Earth. The vast majority have advanced from the Earth toward another planet through rebirth. Others, though few, have been taken direct as your Bible tells you."

"Death takes place upon other planets the same as on Earth. But we do not call it death, and we do not mourn for those who have left, as you on Earth do. We know this leaving means only a change from one condition or place to another. We realize that it is no more than a moving out of one house and into another."

"We cannot take our houses with us when we go from one place to another. Neither can we take a body, which is the house, from one world to another in death. The material of your Earthly bodies belongs to Earth, and must remain there to maintain your world. But when you move from Earth to another planet, that world will lend you of its materials to build a house according to the needs and conditions that exist there."

"Earth man’s concept of the Universe is very small. He cannot conceive of a Universe without limits. Yet he uses the word eternity. Eternity, according to man’s own definition, denotes no beginning and no ending. Then how vast is the Universe? As vast as eternity."

"So man is not a temporary manifestation. He is an eternal manifestation. And those of us who have learned this truth are living in a constant present, for it is always the present."

"We of Venus dress much as you do, and we do many things in a similar way. There is no great difference be­tween our form and yours, or in the garments for that form. The great difference lies in our understanding of who we are."

"Since we have learned that life is all-inclusive and that we are that life, we know that we can hurt nothing without hurting ourselves. And life, to be life eternally, must remain in a prime state of its being, and to express this, must be ever new."

"Therefore, as I have said, monotony is never experi­enced by us. Each moment that passes is a joyous one."

"And it matters not what work we have to do. If what you call labor needs to be done, we do it with full joy and love in our being. And on our planet, each day brings its quota of things to be done, exactly as on yours. Every man and every form is respected alike for the services they render. None are judged as to shortcomings. It makes no difference as to the kind of service undertaken, be it what you call menial or not. All services are equally acknowledged."

"People on Earth have been given this law, for it was brought there by those who knew of it and who at one time practiced it on other planets. It was expressed in the building of Solomon’s temple. The hiring of labor in the vineyard where all alike were paid a penny at the end of the day, as recounted by Jesus, your Messiah, was an acknowledgment of the equal honor in serving."As the great master paused and passed his hand lightly over his brow, I realized that I had been listening with such intentness that I had not stirred. Moving my body to a different position, I waited for him to resume speaking."

"Although the air on all planets differs slightly, con­trary to the present beliefs of your scientists, Earth man could go anywhere in the Universe without discomfort. Indeed, this will be his natural heritage once he attains an understanding of himself and realizes the great adapt­ability of his form."

"Again he paused and bowed his head slightly as though in meditation before he continued. We have de­veloped to a degree of conscious perception which does not permit us to sit amongst any group of people without the thought of blessing. For their very presence be­fore us is a blessing because we do not see them merely as people, but as the Divine Intelligence in a living state through a form known as human. Our awareness is the same toward every form outside the human."

"We see the Divine Consciousness expressing itself through the growth of any and all forms, from the small­est to the largest. We have learned that nothing, no form whatever, can be what it is without life passing through it, or supporting it. And the life we recognize is the Di­vine Supreme Intelligence."

"Never a moment passes, even in sleep, that we are not aware of this Divine Presence."

"This is the true purpose of the form ‘man’ that for which he was created. For, while all other forms give expression in their particular field of service, his is the evolved form of mineral and elements capable of ex­pressing the highest state of Divine Intelligence."

"We are not on guard against one another, nor do we covet anything belonging to others. For we are all equal participants of the goods of our planets."

I understood clearly all that this great teacher of other worlds was saying, but a question entered my mind. I wondered how they viewed killing for food, if they did kill, or even consuming fruit and vegetables, since these too were living in their own form of expression. And as always, the answer came without my speaking.

"There is nothing illogical in this, my son. When you eat a lettuce leaf, it becomes a part of you, does it not? As a result, from then on it begins to experience things with you. So what you have actually done is to transmute one form into your own form. Had this not been the case, the lettuce leaf would have matured, then gone to seed in order to replenish its own kind again, and that would have been its total experience. But by serving you, it has been elevated to a higher service through you."

"Motive also enters into this principle. If your motive is to destroy or injure or exploit, then it is wrong. But if your motive embraces the service you can render another form by bringing it up to your standard, through you, then it is right. For you are really transmuting a mineral from one state to another that it may be of still greater service. In doing this, you are acting according to the law of growth or development, ofttimes called ‘evolu­tion’ in your world. This is the law of your Creator."

"The people of your world make much of form dis­integration not realizing the law of elevation, because they have begun to think that the form is all there is. But the form is only a channel through which life, or intelli­gence, expresses. All-Inclusive Intelligence cannot ex­press through a lettuce leaf. So the lettuce leaf must be transmuted by gradual stages into a higher form through which to express greater service. That is the way it is re­warded."

"When this law is fully accepted and lived by your Earth men as it has been accepted and lived by inhabit­ants of other planets and systems, the atmospheric con­ditions of Earth will be sweetened. For every form will then give off joyous radiations from itself that will per­meate the air within which mankind lives."

"You have wanted to know by what method we have evolved to the state in which we are now living. These are the fundamental laws by which we live, and by which Earth men can also evolve, if they choose to accept and live them."

"When men of Earth have learned that they are not the body or the house, but merely the occupant of the body or the house, they can build homes anywhere they will, for they too will become masters of elements instead of being mastered by them."

"While you of Earth have come into a knowledge of governing certain elements to certain points, misuse of your knowledge is widespread, and the elements are turning to destroy you, as many other civilizations on your Earth have been destroyed in the past."

"This is the stage in which we find Earth men today. We can but continue trying to help wherever oppor­tunity presents itself, but it is difficult to reach in suf­ficient numbers minds so little developed as those of Earthly men."

The master was silent for a moment. Then he said, "This is not the first time you have been brought into our ships, nor will it be the last. You may rest assured that we of other worlds from time to time will bring you truth that you may pass it on to your fellow men of Earth. We will tell you of the physical life of other worlds, as well as what you call spiritual or religious truths, although we do not make that kind of division. There is but one life. That life is all-inclusive, and until men of Earth realize that they cannot serve or live two lives, but only one, they will be constantly opposing one another. That is one major truth that must be learned by all Earth men before life on your world can match life on other planets."

­ "And now, my son, it is time for your return to Earth. What you have learned can be of great value to the peo­ple of your planet. Speak to them by word of mouth and by written word. Do not fear lest you forget any of what you have been told. For as you speak or write, with the first thought a continuous flow of memory will come to you."

"In this beautiful ship of another world there was peace. The lesson of the night had been deep in under­standing and meaning. Somehow, I knew that all had heard this same lesson, perhaps many times throughout their lives. But it seemed to be one that they loved, as if in the telling a new something opened within each listener and he grew larger in his own understanding."

Again I wished I need not return to Earth, but that I might remain with these gracious friends and journey with them to other worlds. But the wise one said, "Son, there is much yet to be done on your Earth. The people are hungry and must be fed. You will return and share with them this food of the spirit that they may not perish in the darkness of ignorance that has prevailed upon your Earth throughout so many generations."

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