Publication #258, December 2001




All throughout the many years I have been involved in the UFO field, the same disturbing aspects appear again and again. I have mentioned some of them very briefly in previous articles but now I'd like to discuss them more thoroughly and hopefully give a more cogent explanation of their origin.

I don't teach metaphysics, occultism, or mysticism. I do teach about them and why they are not necessary to our advancement or "spiritual" progress up the "ladder of evolvement."

I put certain words in quotes for one very simple reason. They are words or phrases that have no referent. No definite meaning exists. The words "spiritual" or "spirituality" refer to no known object or point of reference. Words such as these, and other words in the same category, are merely symbols with no meaning other than the one attributed to them by each person who chooses to use them. Ten people, if asked, will give you ten different answers to the same question as to the meaning of a word.

Some other words in this category are: "God," "Satan," "high," "low," "up," "down," "good," "evil." These words have no definite meaning except as in relation to some other "fact."

To help in clarifying the examples, let's start with the word "God." To some people, God is an anthropomorphic fatherly type, a white haired, bearded, older gentleman, who has super powers. He is all-powerful, omnipotent, omnipresent, and the creator of "all." At the same time He is powerless to stop the "devil" and his "angels," from frustrating many of His efforts to create the perfect world.

To other people God is a "spirit" who is invisible but has many of the same attributes as the anthropomorphic God. Then again, we have the biblical description that varies from book to book, depending upon who wrote it and the age or year in which it was written. In some of these references, such as the reference in Genesis 1:26, God is plainly stated to be more than one person. As I have shown in many of my previous publications, the Old Testament God was actually many different Nefilim individuals.

To repeat, the words "high," "low," "up," "down," "good," "bad," "God," "Devil," and hundreds of others, have no referent and have many different meanings, all according to the individual using the words.

This long-winded explanation was necessary because most people would not understand what I meant when I said that the word "spiritual" had no meaning in reality. Most people will argue that they know exactly what it means. What it means is they will know what they mean, but no one else will know what they mean or how they define the word. Others will have their own idea as to the meaning.

Now I will get back to metaphysics, occultism, and mysticism. The modern UFO field is rampant with individuals who claim contact with "spirit" beings from "astral" planes of existence. They believe that spacepeople from other planets are communicating with them or with Earth through them.

During my initial investigation of UFO contactees, I encountered individuals who claimed their contact was mental, through trance mediumship, revelation from God, or various other mental means.

In my publication #245, entitled WHO ARE THE PILOTS OF FLYING SAUCERS, I explained how "evil" thoughts attract other "evil" thoughts and create a force field of energy that continues to attract similar thoughts. In the same manner "good" psychic energy attracts other "good" energy.

In our world today are thousands of people who believe in astral and psychic planes of existence. They are continually creating energy fields about such things, and continually trying to receive information from some "ascended master." Each time such an idea is released it joins with "like" ideas and thoughts, creating stronger fields of illusion that make it that much easier for the next person to "tune in."

When exposed to the psychic for the first time, many people are encouraged to open their minds to these astral and psychic channels. Since like attracts like they will usually start to pick up confirmatory information which appears to them as proof they are on the right track. In many cases some "experienced teacher" will encourage them to continue further, as usually the case, has some type of monetary motive in the background.

Astral and psychic realms do exist, but they are strictly illusionary and created by the minds of individuals who usually know very little about what they are trying to investigate. Remember that in the Bible the original word translated "Satan" actually meant "malevolent human mind."

It is very difficult to break down a two-hour lecture into a few paragraphs, but I will try. In psychic energy fields "like" attracts "like." Therefore, if you believe in spirit communication with the dead, you will be able to pickup "messages" supposedly from those who have passed on. No communication with the dead actually exists. These "messages" actually originate from the energy fields created by "like" ideas from "like" minds.

If you believe that spacepeople from "higher" planets are sending messages via mental channels; you will be able to receive such messages. Since spacepeople do not contact individuals in this manner, where do these messages actually originate? They originate by the "receiving person" tuning in on the energy field created by "like" minds of other individuals.

If you believe that spacepeople are fourth dimensional beings that materialize and vanish at will, you will be able to encounter such incidents. Spacepeople are actually just as much flesh and blood as you and I and do not do these things.

One of the undesirable "channels of energy" consists of impressions and thoughts left by those who once lived here on Earth and have died, leaving behind their thoughts and memories.

Another undesirable "channel of energy" is comprised by energy emanating from billions of human minds still alive on the Earth. In this channel we find all the hatreds, vices, divisions, discriminations and false ideas detrimental to our progress and development. If any channel fits the description of "malevolent human mind," or "Satan," this is it.

When trance mediums open up receiving faculties, the messages received will be compatible with their beliefs and preconceived ideas. If they believe in spirits they get messages from spirits." If they believe in "ascended masters" or a spaceman on a higher planet, they will receive such messages. If they believe they are receiving messages from "God," they will receive such messages. All are counterfeit, in that they originate from this vast energy reservoir of illusionary force existing all around this planet.

Many genuine "sensitives" exist. They differ from most "mediums" in that no trance state is involved. I call them "sensitives" because the word "medium" has been misused so often that most people will get the wrong idea just because of the word.

In addition to the negative force fields mentioned previously, force fields that are positive in nature also exist. As a result, many "good" impressions can also be "picked up" by those "sensitives" who are tuned in to that type of energy field.

This means that when you receive impressions (messages) you should judge them by whether or not they are uplifting in nature or profitable to your development.

It is much easier to attract "bad" or undesirable influences than others that might be considered "good." Some church groups, even today, consider such "mediums" to be in league with the "Devil." In years gone by hundreds of people have been murdered by the Church because it was believed they were possessed by the "Devil." Hundreds of others were put into mental institutions as a result of allowing such influences to control them.

Nearly all schools claiming to teach metaphysical or occult sciences will tell their students that it is necessary for them to develop great powers of concentration. Special exercises for doing this are given. For example, one school, teaching what it labels as "mentalphysics," advocates assuming various yogi postures and using imagination during exercises in concentration. The student is taught to imagine that warm oil is being poured down the back of his neck. This exercise is repeated regularly until the student actually feels the oil running down his back.

In 1943, in my naivete, I enrolled in such a course and was literally scared out of my wits, and the course, when I felt the warm oil running down my back. Up until that time I really didn't believe such an incident would really occur. It taught me a valuable lesson although I didn't realize it at the time.

Such practices are very undesirable and detrimental to true development. All the student actually accomplishes is the development of self-hypnosis and the ability to create illusions or hallucinations at will; things that are not real.

It should be easy to understand at this point that if a student gets to the place where he can actually feel warm oil running down his back, he can also imagine astral travel occurring, or a meeting with a spaceman, when nothing of the sort actually happens. For teaching such courses in self-delusion, many so-called teachers are getting rich.

You are free to choose the type of thoughts you wish to dwell upon. Discard thoughts of revenge or ill will against others. Practice tolerance to other people who may differ in color or belief. Consciously try to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The more you practice this, the easier it will become until it is second nature with you, and is part of your natural behavior without conscious effort on your part.

Countless numbers of people still believe in "ghosts," "witches," "demons," "angels," "spirits," the "devil," etc. Many still believe that the living can contact the dead or that the dead can contact the living.

The more enlightened should not look upon these people as ignorant, but rather as just a little lower on the "ladder of educational development."

Where they stand we once stood and where we stand today, they will in time stand themselves. Some people will always be higher on the ladder of development than others, some reaching the higher levels much faster than others, and as each one advances one rung higher on the ladder, someone else from below will step up and take his place.

Don't allow yourself to be fooled by the dozens of UFO clubs that claim to be in contact with "higher realms" or "spirit beings" from higher planets.

Our thoughts can be considered as a type of force field for explanation purposes, a force field that can be directed outward from our body for various purposes.

People who have advanced to a certain level can consciously control this action to a certain degree, becoming more adept as their advancement and learning progresses.

Others sometimes do it subconsciously without ever realizing such action is taking place. If they are angry with a certain person their thoughts are subconsciously directed against that person and various degrees of manifestation may occur. Various types of mental influences are occurring regularly through the use of directed force fields.

It should be understood that desirable or undesirable effects could be directed in this manner, the exact type being dependent upon the character and ethical development of the person using such methods.

Some in aiding others, such as healing for example, use conscious directed force fields. Unfortunately they may also utilize the conscious use of such force fields with unethical or ulterior motives. Even though these people are evolved mentally to a place where then can consciously use such force fields; they failed to progress equally as fast in character development and code of ethics.

Although they surely must be aware of the karma involved in doing such undesirable things, they feel they can "beat the game," and like the modern criminal today they think they are above the law and that it doesn't apply to them.

Earlier in this article I mentioned the huge force field of energy that was produced by the billions of minds here on earth. One aspect of this energy field has not been mentioned. It is the accumulation of additional energy "bundles" from the millions of humans who have died here on Earth. In some instances these "thought forms" are still so strong years after death, that they act almost as entities themselves, fooling many spiritualist mediums who really believe they have contacted the dead.

Another type of force field exists which may be "tuned in" by a "sensitive." Cells, regardless of where they are found, in humans, animals, or inanimate objects, have force fields made of the combined fields of the individual† electrons and atoms within. When any other force field comes close enough, the cell will absorb information from it and alter its own field through a "modulation" process. To the layman, this means it "absorbs" of the characteristics of the new force field into its own makeup.

In this manner the cells in a house will absorb impressions by having their force fields altered by those living in the house. If the occupants are usually in a happy or joyous mood, the house will absorb these impressions. If the occupants are always fighting or quarreling, the house will absorb these, and so on. If a tragedy occurs in the house, it will absorb that.

Now suppose a "sensitive" comes along who is able to detect these cell impressions. As the house is entered, he will feel either perfectly at home, uncomfortable or ill at ease, all depending upon the type of impressions received from the cells comprising the house itself.

Needless to say, cell impressions account for many of the so-called memories of previous lives. A person may receive an impression that he was Plato or Julius Caesar in a previous lifetime. In reality, some of the cells in his body may actually contain atoms that originally were in the body of Plato or Caesar and still carry memories of previous experiences that occurred to Plato or Caesar during their lifetime. Due to interaction with the rest of the body's force field, this "cell memory" is transmitted to the brain of the person involved. Actually, the person in question was never Plato or Caesar in any previous lifetime.

This should not be confused with the "Intelligence Behind the Form" which is the "Higher Mind" that does survive death through reincarnation. Mind (with a capital "M"), sometimes referred to as the "Soulmind," is not the mind (small "m") of our brain.

Because impressions such as these described above are usually selected with the help of wishful thinking and personal ego, most of the memories involving kings, queens, famous people, etc., are "false memories." Very seldom will such memories be of lives as chimney sweeps, ditch diggers, or horse thieves, which should be much more likely considering the millions who have died previous to our time.

What is the answer to explain why people see ghosts or other visual manifestations? It is not the "supernatural." What is it that is being contacted by the "mediums" or "sensitives" in the UFO clubs all around the world? Are they in touch with "spirits" or some type of manifestation, an "ascended master," or some other force from "Satan?" Again the answer is an emphatic no.

Nearly everyone has had a vivid dream at one time or another. If asked to explain exactly how a dream occurs they would be at a complete loss for words. While not being able to explain exactly how a dream occurs, they certainly do not attribute it to spirits or ghosts. They realize that dreams are produced by some natural function of the human body, and not some supernatural means.

In dreams we experience auditory and visual hallucinations. I call these hallucinations because they are not really happening. They are only products of our mind while we sleep. Anyone else in the room at the same time would not see or hear anything of our dream. It would be natural mental phenomena that belonged only to us.

Now suppose you were wide-awake and experienced the same dream both auditory and visual. This is entirely possible and happens frequently to a lot of people. Many times when this occurs it is classed as a "mental disorder" by doctors and the patient is enrolled in a mental health group for therapy.

Let's assume right at the start that we know nothing about the actual causes of dreams or the chemical or electrical nature of what might be involved. Even with this assumption we know that we do dream and something must be the originator or cause of such dreams.

To help you understand further explanations we will arbitrarily name this unknown cause of dreams as "The Dream Mechanism." Whatever the nature of the cause, knowable or unknowable, explainable or unexplainable, it is the "dream mechanism," that produces it and you will be able to understand my explanation.

I will now say this: If you have a normal dream it came about through a "dream mechanism" which generated both visual and auditory responses. No further knowledge is required as to the dream mechanism or how it actually functions. It is merely stimulated into action as we sleep and a dream results. You think nothing of it. If, however, it is triggered or turned on while you are awake, you will see the dream apparently superimposed and semi-transparent, over the normal scene viewed by the eyes, and now it is called a hallucination.

Several things might trigger or turn on the dream mechanism. One might be a very strong directed "thought wave" from a person who wishes you harm. Usually such directed force fields will only trigger the dream mechanism when you are asleep and the control of your conscious mind is relaxed. It all depends upon how much of a "sensitive" you are and whether your "trigger threshold" is high or low. If someone is murdered, his or her last thoughts will be very intense and full of higher than normal emotion. The energy impressed upon the cells around the victim will be very strong and completely saturate the entire area, modulating the energy fields that are around each molecule in the area. Then much later a "sensitive" person comes along. The dream mechanism of the "sensitive" will be triggered by the force field surrounding the molecules of the immediate area, and a "ghost" or visual picture will appear in the "minds eye" of the person involved, who incidentally, may not even be aware that such a thing could happen.

Earlier in this article I wrote that I do not teach "metaphysics," "occultism," or "mysticism," instead I teach about them. They are not needed in the pursuit of advanced learning. It is possible to progress far beyond them and those engaged in their pursuit should get out and start studying something more concrete and reliable.

True philosophy shows you how to circumvent the pitfalls within them and how to control the psychic forces instead of allowing them to gain control of you. Once you are entrapped in psychic forces it is next to impossible to get out and control them, instead of allowing them to control you.

Why can't we call my philosophy a study of occultism, since I teach about many aspects of ESP, psychic phenomena, and other aspects of metaphysical and occult theories?

Earlier I stated that while I didn't teach them, I did teach about them. To many people this seems to be a contradictory statement. Therefore I feel I need to further clarify my meaning.

Occultism or the occult is by definition something hidden or secret. We can pry or search into something that is supposed to be secret and then assign symbols to represent all that are supposed to be hidden. Then what do we do? We immediately study the symbols and think that if we start to understand them we will automatically understand the hidden things they represent. This is a pure waste of time and energy. We cannot read anything into the symbols that is not already stored in our own consciousness. Every person has a different content in his mental storehouse or consciousness. This means that if 100 different people look at the symbols, each one could come up with a different set of meanings for the "hidden knowledge" the symbols are supposed to represent.

Most occultists will not admit it's their own meanings they have uncovered. If you assume a "hidden secret" really exists, they wouldn't know when they uncovered it anyway. How would they differentiate between their own impressions and the one actually representing the secret?

If I draw a bunch of symbols and then assign certain meanings to them, then I hand them to you, can you study them and come up with their own true meaning without penetrating my consciousness? No, of course not! Therefore, the only true occult knowledge will be knowledge that is hidden from understanding. If it's hidden from understanding you are not aware of it and it's of no value to you.

As you progress up the "ladder of evolvement" you may gradually become aware of some of the knowledge that was previously "occult" or hidden from you. Now it becomes valuable to you and you have access to it because you have penetrated a small way into the consciousness of the originator.

I don't believe we need to use symbols to represent hidden or secret things. We can study and observe the structure and function of "Universal Laws" and look into their aspects and meanings without assigning symbology to them.

A lot of confusion can be avoided since no interpretation of symbols is needed and conflicting viewpoints are not involved.

To sum up and repeat the original thought, thinking we understand symbols does not mean we can understand what they were originally intended to represent.

Mysticism, including the religious mysticism in the world today, is based entirely on faith; more properly described as emotional faith. It is something that is represented in the minds of believers as "something tangible." It is absolute certainty about something that has no proof or real basis in fact. It is believing because our teachers or parents told us so. Many people cannot spontaneously generate faith in something that has no real evidence or proof, or in something about which they know absolutely nothing.

A big drawback of mysticism and religious mysticism is the lack of understanding that causes its adherents to be very unstable and emotional. Their enthusiasm runs up and down like a sine wave. One day bright and cheerful, the next day the bottom has dropped out. Rational development, proceeding step by step up the "ladder of development," evades the field of mysticism and builds stable character.

Now let's take a look at metaphysics. This field should be avoided and those in it should gain understanding and get out. I am defining the term "metaphysics," or more rightly "metaphysical," in the sense it is usually understood by the psychic groups and cults around the world today, not as the dictionary says "the science of first principles."

The dictionary definition rightly defines the word accurately as covering the field of psychology and the philosophy of being and knowledge. This is not the meaning given by the psychic groups who have turned it into a combination of both the occult and mystic fields as described above. It is better then to steer clear of the word entirely, since to most people words are "things" and the wrong meaning would be attributed to my use of it.

Psychic groups today use the word to signify a certain "location" or "abode" beyond this physical world of ours. This "abode" is supposed to be the only "reality" while this life and present existence is only "illusion." This is a ludicrous idea and must be prevented if we are to get meaningful knowledge within our grasp.

To say that "metaphysical" has real meaning we must say that something "physical" is real. If we deny the reality of "physical" we have destroyed the foundation for something beyond it, or something "meta (beyond) physical." We cannot have something beyond the physical, or above it, if it has no existence in the first place.

It is the same old idea again of substituting symbols for something that is supposed to be beyond our knowledge, then believing that understanding the symbols will give us understanding to the hidden things behind them.

We are wasting our time and going in circles. Studying metaphysics in this manner is like riding a merry-go-round at a circus. No matter how hard we study or how fast we go, we will still stop at the same place where we started with no real progress or learning accomplished. Let's get off the merry-go-round and start up the "ladder" to something real.

Those who study what we call "Ancient Wisdom" know that all its teachers talked about a vast "veil of illusion" that covered true knowledge from the sight of the casual observer. The Buddhists call this veil "Samsara." Hindu writings call it "Maya." Early teachers of the occult called it "The Veil of Isis." What were they talking about?

These early teachers were talking about the very thing we have been discussing. True knowledge has been hidden from people by virtue of the fact that the "symbol" has been mistaken for the "actual." Words become thought of as "things." The "picture" was thought of as being the object it represented, rather than an image of actual reality.

Everything we have learned by empirical methods was denied as "illusion." If the symbols are built on nothing more than illusion, they are meaningless also. In denying the reality of one, the other is also destroyed.

In the UFO field today we find a psychic camouflage composed of Ashtars, Sanandas, Cosmic Masters, J.W.'s, and Ascended Masters, along with thousands of pages of "messages" from these so-called "spacepeople" the mediums claim to contact in trance. Thus they succeed in spreading a "veil" over the "Truth." Truth is still around us but it is buried so deep that few will find it. It is not a "secret doctrine" or an "occult" or "metaphysical" thing.

Some people have also confused the study of the psychic nature of man with "developing spirituality." They say you have to develop "spirituality" before the spacepeople will work with you or contact you. Some say you cannot develop the required "spirituality" unless you quit eating meat and turn to vegetarianism. The whole idea is total nonsense.

In the first place, I'm putting quotes around the word "spiritual" and "spirituality" to show that they refer to no known object or point of reference. The words are symbols that have no meaning other than that which each person attributes to it. There is no "thing" in existence that is defined by the word "spiritual" or "spirituality." If you asked fifty people to define the words you would get fifty different answers.

In the second place, eating meat, vegetables, or whatever, has no bearing on a person's evolvement or "climb up the ladder of development."

Many people fall into the psychic trap, and one of first indications that they are delving into undesirable "psychic development" is the idea that eaters of meat "cannot raise their frequencies." This idea is one of the symbols referred to previously. It is meaningless.

A person who understands the psychic nature of himself can control his body and it makes no difference what he eats. It isn't the flesh and blood body that climbs the "ladder of evolvement" anyway, and if you want to believe it has a "frequency," who cares?

Eventually you discover that "you" are not your "body" and merely exist in it, as in a house, and that it is "you" and not your "body" which "climbs the ladder" of character development and evolvement. If the "body" eats meat to give it life, this will not affect "you."

A person could step out of a spacecraft and lecture from now to "kingdom come," and if his information did not appear logical and scientific in nature, who would take him seriously?

If a person is truly seeking higher knowledge he will have an outlook demanding proof of all things. This attitude when applied to subjective things, (things that exist only as ideas in the mind and are not physically real), means that the better explanations and logic, that fit all known facts, will be accepted over explanations that do not. ("Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." 1st Thessalonians 5:21)

The reason I give a biblical quote in the above sentence is that many very religious people always say, "You don't need proof, just accept everything I believe or say, on faith."

Let me give a clear example of this: If a psychic says that "spirits" are the force which actually makes a r ocket streak toward the moon, and I say that a "reaction of expelled exhaust gases" is the force, which is the most logical one to believe? Any person who is honest at all in wanting knowledge will have to adopt my explanation over the other one. All available empirical knowledge backs up my answer, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to see which one was most likely to be correct.

In the same manner, and for similar reasons, my explanations of ESP, mysticism, the occult, metaphysics, etc., are just as logical with just as many empirical facts backing them up. The arguments stand upon their own merit. I do not have to resort to claims that I received the knowledge from "higher planes" or "spirit realms," or for that matter "spacepeople."

The psychic world and the psychic experience are very real to many people. They experience some type of phenomenon and feel that because the phenomena occurred they are on the right track. Most do not want to prove whether the phenomena are real or not. This shows they have an inward fear they are wrong. If they were sure of themselves they wouldn't fight attempts to investigate and prove or disprove their teachings.

Those of you who have followed my writings over the last forty years will probably be well aware of my viewpoints on the subject of fraud in the UFO field. While previous articles have detailed some of this, this article will go into more detail and explain how some people have actually met their death by taking seriously messages they thought were coming from spacepeople.

Many of the instances I relate here actually occurred many years ago, but because at the time I was personally involved in straightening out the mess, I felt it would be more meaningful now as coming from someone involved at the time, rather than hearsay from someone else. Since a whole new generation has grown up and are most likely not aware of incidents occurring thirty five or more years ago, some detail will be necessary to explain all that happened.

Many of the same type things are still happening today but little publicity is given to them and as I am not personally involved, as I was 35 years ago, I feel I can better accomplish my purpose in dealing with incidents of the past.

The origin of the "Three Men in Black" is a perfect example. Today it is a subject for science fiction movies but back in the early 1960's the start of the "legend" actually was based on real happenings.

Few people today will remember a man by the name of Albert K. Bender. He wrote and published a book entitled "Flying Saucers and the Three Men." A lot of trouble occurred to many people as a result of reading this book and believing in it as absolute truth.

In February 1962, I published the first of a series of articles on Psychic and Astral Fraud in the UFO field. Since Bender's book was the cause of many of the incidents, I dealt with it first.

In his book Bender tells how he saw manifestations of various kinds and had apparent contact in the physical with imposters claiming to be spacepeople. After the book was published I started getting letters from people who were experiencing similar incidents as those described by Bender. Incidentally, incidents such as those about to be described were responsible for many religious organizations believing that deception by Satan was involved.

In one instance a group of "Flying Saucer Club" enthusiasts were quite impressed by Bender's book. One evening when two or three of them sat together discussing it, they suddenly saw a figure appear in the room. It so scared one gentleman that he didn't dare go home. Another one, when on a hike by himself, kept thinking about the Bender story and when he came to the conclusion that it was all bunk, he suddenly experienced the strong stench of "rotten eggs," although he could find no visible source.

In an earlier article I wrote about certain highly developed individuals who could use directed mental force fields. Bad smells, cold chill, as if a wind was blowing up your back, and various other things occur without a visible cause. All are everyday tools of those individuals using psychic phenomena to dominate and terrify people. It has nothing to do with Satan.

Bender admits in his book that when still a child he was brought up in an atmosphere of superstition and was fed stories of the "supernatural" by his family. These childhood incidents evidently made lasting impressions upon his mind and he was subconsciously preconditioned for the events related in his book.

Some proof of this exists in Benders Case due to the fact that sťances were attempted in efforts to contact the "people" in the UFOs. In addition, he decorated his room with weird and occult objects having "mystical meanings" and designed to induce a certain frame of mind to those entering the room. All of this, plus the other details listed in his book, set up a perfect foundation for the benefit of those who later used him to throw more confusion into the overall UFO picture.

Bender started receiving mysterious phone calls. On lifting the receiver he heard no one but "seemed to receive a message as if telepathically." He heard "strange, throbbing, humming sounds" which stopped abruptly. He noticed a bluish radiating light coming from under his door and upon investigating noticed a "large object of undefined outline" that was "aglow in the center of the room,"

Incidentally, to temporarily change the subject a little, friends of mine have on more than one occasion, awakened suddenly to find a glowing "blob of light" flying around the room, and finally disappearing through a window or wall. Some were so frightened they dropped all further study into the UFO field. That, incidentally, was the purpose of the manifestation in the first place.

Some lecturers on UFOs have had similar balls of light hover around windows or in the auditorium during their talks. They erroneously believed that the balls of light were scanning disks from mother ships out in space.

Getting back to the main subject, Bender reported a "throbbing at the back of his head and the strange sensation that his feet were being lifted off the ground." Bender also reported smelling a strange odor, often described as the odor of "rotten eggs" or of burning sulfur or ozone. Psychics used this odor so often in past ages that it gave rise to the "burning brimstone" smell supposed to be associated with Satan and his demons.

Bender described one incident as follows: "The eyes are usually "strange eyes, like little flashlight bulbs lighted up in a dark face. The eyes seemed to burn into me I felt a spinning in my head and the movie screen blurred. I blinked my eyes several times, and then closed them for a few seconds. When I opened them the man was gone; yet I heard no movement. Then, glancing at the seat to the left of mine, I found him there, still looking at me with those eyes! Could I be mistaken in thinking he had been on the right of me? I couldn't be wrong! Was I losing my mind? The terrible shining eyes deliberately tried to meet mine and hold them in their stare, but I quickly arose and moved to another part of the theater." (From Page 46 of Bender's book.)

All of these experiences were part of a big buildup to put Bender in the right frame of mind, the exact mental state required to enable these men to completely dominate him mentally. When the right time approached, Bender felt cold chills hit his whole body, his head began to ache, the strange odors reappeared, and he lost partial consciousness.

Then blue lights began to swim through his brain and he felt as if he was floating on a cloud. A throbbing pain developed in his temples and the part of his forehead directly over his eyes felt "all puffed up." This describes a typical experience of more than one person who was involved in psychism.

Upon opening his eyes he "imagined" he was floating out of his body and he "imagined" he could see himself still lying on the bed. Then he started hearing voices that warned him to discontinue his "delving into the mysteries of the universe."

This again was typical of many similar incidents that happened to others. Later he observed shadowy figures apparently floating off the floor. They wore black suits and appeared to act very mysteriously. They claimed to "kidnap" earth people so they could take over their bodies for their own use.

Each of these experiences left Bender in a mental fog; each was accompanied by throbbing headaches and "visions" of various types.

These three men in black gave him complete nonsense in answering his questions about space and the other planets but in his mental state he apparently accepted them as true. The story of the "Three Men in Black originated with Bender's book.

The same thing occurred in New Zealand where a (Mr. X) accepted complete nonsense as truth no matter how ridiculous it was. People under these influences are not subject to normal reasoning powers and are apparently blinded to anything resembling logic or truth or common sense.

In March of 1963 I received the following from Europe: "Our telepathic receiver checked a photo showing three UFO's traveling in a straight line formation, so very straight that one could lay a ruler along side. We first thought it was a fake, but (our receiver) suddenly got the telepathic impression, 'how else do you suppose we (the spacepeople) are maintaining such splendid formation if it was not for the leader who trails a magnetic force field behind him, for the rest of us to follow? The followers have nothing else to do (other) than adjusting to his force field and keeping distance. The leader steers the course. His every movement is correctly copied by the followers. The picture is genuine.'"

The next paragraph says: "In asking about asteroids we started to find out things by telepathy. The answer came .."etc., etc. This is the type of impressions that are completely meaningless unless an opportunity for verification occurs. If it is verified it is still NOT a message from space people. If people start taking such "messages" seriously they are heading for trouble.

One woman (Gloria Lee) was deceived and receiving false impressions that she should fast for many days. She died as a result in an Eastern hospital; literally starving herself to death, under the mistaken impression her "space people" had told her telepathically that she would thus be able to convince our government as to the reality of space visitation.

A man here in California was approached by three men in black suits. They informed him very confidentially that they were sent from Mars to protect him from a wicked Martian space man by the name of Monka. (Sound familiar; this name is used a lot in the psychic camp.) They told the man that Monka was trying to kill him and as interplanetary policemen they were here to stop him.

One thing this man noticed about the leader of the three men was that he had a strange look in his eyes. They seemed to almost emit rays of light and he felt they were looking right through him. They were obviously accomplished hypnotists and completely dominated him until he was helpless to oppose their will.

As soon as he was completely dominated mentally through hypnosis they changed their stories and terrified him with threats against both himself and his wife. They said if he didn't do exactly as he was told they would take him and his wife to a lower planet and maroon them without opportunity to come back.

In his confused mental state he believed they were what they claimed and was completely terrified. When he came home and found his wife had been taken away by one of these men he was shaken loose mentally to a point where he came to me for help. He finally realized that the space people were not involved and that the three men in black were fraudulent.

The motive behind this particular deception was money. My friend had two patents covering electrostatic devices that the men tried to acquire through their elaborate swindle. Counter forces were immediately brought to bear against the three and they were stopped in their attacks. I could almost feel sorry for what happened the next time the three men in black tried to exert their mental influence against my friend and his wife. When such influences are stopped, the force involved is deflected back against the perpetrators and affects them many times stronger than if they had reached the supposed victim.

Many people hearing voices are victims of these psychic groups and are not deranged at all. In one case, back in the middle 1960's, a lady kept hearing voices telling her to burn George Adamski's books and all my newsletters. She did so, then when the voices continued she sought my help. When I explained to her what was happening and how to fight it, she improved immediately and the voices stopped tormenting her.

The opposition against my writing and me is very strong. These psychic groups are putting up a terrific battle for the control of the minds of the masses, all in a mighty effort to keep people from finding out the truth. Only by keeping people in ignorance as to their true nature can they control them. The opposition, through fraudulent contacts and fraudulent abductions, are keeping many thinking people away from legitimate investigation as to the real nature of the "visitors" and their purpose here.

People who devoutly believe in the supernatural, in spirits and similar phenomena, are easily set up for fraud to be used against them. To them psychic phenomena is evidence that the supernatural and spirits really do exist. They are ready victims since any manifestation supposedly proves out their ideas.

The supernatural, as believed by most individuals, does not really exist. The term ESP is a misnomer since what occurs is not outside the range of the sensory system of human beings. Its nature is simply misunderstood. I am not trying to tear down the belief in this subject for the fun of it.

If you learn the facts then the knowledge acquired will enable you to fight back successfully if similar circumstances ever come your way. Once the answer is known you will have no reason to fear.

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