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Christmas reminds us about the great world teacher Jesus and we can all read about his teachings in the Gospels. For me, not all of his teachings are true to reality. If a man is immortal, his life has no beginning and no end. This means that he must have pre-existed before he was born as a baby in this world. I believe in a neverending cycles of reincarnations, and we on earth are in the beginning of taking a good step forward in elemenating diseases at old age. If we can live to say +120 years without being sick we have the opportunity of having heaven on earth if we can love, share happiness and have peace in mind.

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. There are problems now that we must solve before we all can live on heaven on earth. The greatest threath to mankind is the destruction of the enviroment. We are in desperate need of clean energy as solar, wind, water, cold fusion and free energy. The last threath is the third world war. If we can overcome these problems, we are on our way to something great.

We all need to be reconnected to our father that lives inside of us through a silent mind. If we can reconnect to life, love, happiness and peace of mind then we are on our way to experience heaven on earth.

Our ego must die and our spiritual self must be born again. This is done by reconnecting ourselves to the great cause of life - God. If we can become one with God, then we have solved all problems in a twinkling of an eye. Naturally this takes longer than that. It takes time as one learns to play music or mathematics. But if we can reconnect our selves to God and serve our fellow man. Then our ego is dead and we can experience love, happiness and peace of mind. We create heaven on earth.

We also need to connect to the great stream of life that are entering our thoughts so that we in silence can become like our source God. We become creator Gods that can create food and clothes or whatever you think of through our connection with God. We must realize as we can be more loving, share more happiness and have more peace in mind, so must we realize that our consciousness can create as freely as God does in the ongoing creation through evolution of our spieces.

New Question: How do you learn about God and how do you express God?

Answer: Since God is inside man in the form of God consciousness so it falls naturally to let the mind be still, so that God is not disturbed when God reveals his good qualities to the world. It demands that you are still in the body and mind and hear no disturbing sound or make any noice, as an example, like a mantra.

Be still, quiet and accept life as it is and let the good thoughts of God enter your mind.

Love your fellow man more than you love God in the holy writings, then you are doing the right thing.

Blessed is the one who bring forward - Love, Happiness and Peace in people who miss it.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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