The discoveries of Hermes

Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar

The main input of the human species are ideas and thoughts. The main output are ideas, thoughts, words and acts.

The individual becomes what he thinks and feels about himself and others.

If he sees the world as God sees it, he became enlighted.

If he feels down, his worldview will be dark. If he feels up, his worldview will be light.

If a person gives what is good, without a thought of reward. He will do the will of God.

If a person gives what is bad, he will bound himself to darkness.

If a person lives an egoistic life, he will be immersed in darkness.

If a person decide to live for others, he is on the way toward the light.

The Sun Cross

Sun Cross

The Earth Cross

The Earth Cross is a symbol for life on earth and life in living cells. It reads the output from ideas, thoughts, words and acts creates the life we see on earth. Life is spiritual and animates matter and love is the foundation of life. The meaning of life is to love our next and be happy without reason.

The Masters

Iswarya Menon

Iswarya Menon

#blank mind #still soul #makes all the difference #peaceful hooligan #happiness in stillness #iswarya menon

Lars Frieske

Lars Frieske

For me, being happy without a reason means being connected to who I really am, as the source of happiness is within me, I am the source of my happiness and nothing outside of me. This has been an important step for me on my spiritual path to discover unconditional love and happiness: when you love yourself fully, the world around you reflects it back, and you are happy without a reason. Love and blessings! - Lars Frieske

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