Cosmic Philosophy

Cosmic Philosophy by George Adamski


George Adamski



Definition of Cosmic Philosophy iii
Introduction - The Truth about Truth 1
Magnificent Perception 5
Perception and Conception 15
What Is Consciousness? 19
Body, Mimd and Consciousness 23
Conscious and Sub-conscious Mimd 28
Man Is a Four Sense Being 31
The Highway of Progress 36
Faith 40
To Be Bom Again 45
Emotional Balance 48
Free Will or Self-Hypnotism? 52
Relaxation 56
The Language of the Cosmos 61
The Chemical Universe 66
Ancient Wisdom or Modern Progress? 69
Past Civilizations 75
The Parable of the Apple Tree 82
Conclusions 85
Practice 87

The Triterians had no religion as it is accepted today - they were a race of scientists, for they worked not on supposition or myth but on facts. They had no gods but recognized the all-intelligent force and themselves as expressers of it. They did not make the mistake of allowing their mortal mind to judge the creator for they understood cause and effect. They gave no thought to any division between themselves and the cosmic consciousness; they acted with a freedom and assurance of results. Therefore life was peaceful and harmonious. They were not bound by gods or devils for their only state of awareness was that of interblended action. They recognized the necessity of duality in creation but they did not separate the force into good and evil.

Due to the lack of friction or resistance to the life force their bodies remained always youthful and death as we know it did not exist.

Cosmic Philosophy by George Adamski page 80.

This book describe the way back home to the impersonal life united with the cosmic cause. A life with a receptive mind that can think Gods ideas and express the God life and living with love to the whole Creation.

I give this book

Brown Candle Brown Candle Brown Candle Brown Candle
Brown Candle Brown Candle Brown Candle Brown Candle

of ten candles, because the lack of biography of George Adamski and lack of photos of the space ships and the extraterristials. The teaching of Cosmic Philosophy by George Adamski is so important and interesting, that it should be on the bookshelves in everyone's home.

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