The Sacred Symbols of MU


In this book Churchward tries to prove that the religion/science of survivors of of the flood, had the same origin - MU and the same language - Symbols and Numbers.

After the flood the holy writings were once again written down on clays and stone. The communties developed to City States and to Kingdoms. Each step added to the confusion when the fellowman didn't had the same opinion when reading the Symbols and Numbers.

In Egypt the confusion became total when the Upper and Lower Egypt merged into one Kingdom. They continue to use both the language of Upper and Lower side by side.
This means that for every conception, there was at least two symbols in the United Egypt.

Under the reign of Ptolemys the Greek traveled to Egypt and also to India to learn their respective knowledge. They found the same legends and the same meaning of the numbers, but not the same myths, symbols and Gods. The priests had individualized the commands of the creator and the forces that were governing the universe into Gods and build myths around them.

The Greek took the gods and the myths back to Greece and Grecianized them around 600 B.C.
When the Romans came, the Greek gods changed into Romans gods with new personalities.

When Jesus Christ appeared he thought the original religion and tried to convey the truth that all Gods were false and becuse the Gods didn't exist, hasn't exist and will never exist. The power that made the 'Miracles' for each follower to his different God came from the followers belief, not from the Gods themselves.

- "It will according to your belief" and "The living God" was the teaching of the Master, pointing out that the real God is living inside your body and in every living human.

The Number Four (The Four Sacred Forces that governs the Universe):
"From the beginning various symbols for the Sacred Four began to creep in. Also a plurality of names were given them at different times by various people. I have a collection of over fifty names given to them. Among them are :

the Four Great Ones, the Four Powerful Ones, the Four Great Kings, the Four Great Maharajas, the Four Great Builders, the Four Great Architects, the Four Great Geometricians, the Four Great Pillars; and today we call them the Four Archangels."

Clement of Alexandria wrote: "These Four Powerful Ones, these Four Canobs, these Heavenly Architects, emanate from the Great Supreme Infinite One, and evolved the material Universe from chaos."

James Churchward has done a good work with his limited knowledge. I give the book
Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle
Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle of 10 candles.

If you are interested in Astrophysics or Science buy "The Cosmic Forces of Mu - One"

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