Children - The Secret of Life

There is an universal life to see and to be
from the mother of life it comes
Spreading itself like the banyan tree
all over the earth, on land and sea
It repeat the same story over and over:

Come to me and learn, she said
Sorry I have no time, I said
You will come sooner or later, she said and smiled :-)

Years passed by and I became old and grey
Then one day, she knocked on my door
Can I come in, she asked..
Yes, you may enter now, was my kind answer

Therese Grankvist

With her was a child, full of energy and kindness
The child visited all corners in my house, always playing.
Suddenly I realized what I have done wrong in my life:
I didn't had to embrace the thought of my generation,
nor the thought of the blind.
I could have embrace the thought of the child or God,
Then I would have been it.

She turned her face to me, smiled and said: It is never too late to learn...

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus