Free Breathing Liberates


Yusbely Muņoz Guzman

Today, I have learned that too much thinking or too much deep feelings can block free breathing. Man is close to divine when his mind and his feelings are silence and when he breath freely.

Once again I was depressed when my mind did too much thinking and I block my feelings. Then I did not breath freely. Sometimes is it difficult to live as a Schizophrenic! But on the other hand I learn quickly!

I have learned to concentrate on my breathings when I am unhappy, because of too much thinking and blockings of my feelings. Free Breathing liberates your feelings! So you will be happy again.

One more thing I have learned is to keep a diary and write down bad and good feelings. This is an idea from the Extraterrerestrial Valiant Thor. Keeping writing off bad and good for no more than 15 minutes, usually it takes 5 minutes for me.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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