The Beautiful Spiritual Life

Iswarya Menon

Iswarya Menon

If there was no resistance to spiritual life in other humans consciousness (because of low mindfulness) and no worldly attachment (because of your own low mindfulness), it would be an easy task to live a totally inspired life. But now it isn't so, therefore each one of us have to find his own middle way.

Take care of your body:

Eat to live and feel well, not to swell and feel heavy. Learn from Mother Nature - Have you ever seen a wild animal who is fat? Work as an ox, be calm as a cow, be happy like a dog and rest like a cat. Don't be lazy and work to little - that's not good for your mind! Don't sleep to little or to much - that's not good for the mind! Don't overload or wear out your body, then you will experience pain.

Take care of your mind:

Live your life without preset thoughts, then you are prepared to learn. Don't judge other peoples way of living, let them find life in there own way and you yourself will find life in your own way. The best discoveries are those you make yourself. Work to abolish stress and noise from your life and the society, because it turns you into something else than a human. Co-create with God, search for the empty mind, but don't withhold ideas or thoughts. Live the impersonal life, instead of the personal. Do the things you do good and let other do what they do good.

The one who loves and allows to be loved, finds the beautiful life - Hermes Atar Trismegistus 2001-05-27

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