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unique love

Unique Love

"Good is God"

"Be happy, make others happy and reach Me happily"

"When I give you a sweet, I am working with your heart to make it sweet, too!"

"I love you. With My divine love your life becomes easy. Be happy!"

"My goal is to establish love and humanity in this world. Whoever wants to participate in this programme, may come!"

"I am here to give My love and happiness to everybody."

"The world is thirsty for love!"

"Be yourself! Be human beings! Be free!"

"My love is unlimited. No rules can govern My love. That is the sweetest!"

"I am the Supreme Light... Shapeless light has taken form in order to lead man back home, back to light, back to God."

"Be happy" means: be satisfied, and if you are satisfied, you are enlightened!

"Make others happy" means: serve all and if you do so, you have attained wisdom.

"Reach Me happily" means: when you are happy together with all others, God will happily welcome you and this will end in merging.

"If we have patience in our life and don't expect anything, we will be really free."

"Oh Baba, how can You love such an imperfect person like me?!" "Perfect I am Myself. That's why..."

"Love all - serve all!"

How many difficulties ever are faced, how many pains may be felt,
when the devotee reaches Me, all the difficulties will be driven away, and the way to happiness is paved."

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