The Teaching of Babaji Nagaraj 203 A.D - End of the Age.

Babaji Nagaraj

Babaji: "Make a note of this. Wisdom shines from the temple of pure heart. Wisdom is the crown for the structure of life. Hence my child, you must express in redoubtable terms the Infinite Light of Divine Wisdom in all your writing, your books and more particularly in your daily round of life"
- The Voice of Babaji - Dialogue page 33.

Babaji:...."Before long, the call for renunciation came to Gautama, and Prince Siddharta obeyed the call. After a long and arduous quest, he saw Thruth by Intuition. The Blessed one was staying at Banaras. And there, he addressed the company of five bhikkus, and said: "There are two extremes, O bhikkus, from which he who leadeth the religious life must abdtain. What are those two extremes?

One is life of pleasure, devoted to desire and enjoyment; that is base, ignoble, unspiritual, unworthy, unreal. The other is a life of mortification. It is gloomy, unworthy, unreal. The perfect one, O bhikkus, avoiding these extremes, hath discovered the middle path, a path which openeth the eyes, and bestoweth understanding, which leadeth to rest, knowledge, to enlightenment and nirvana.

And what, O bhikkus, is that middle path discovered by the Perfect One. Verily, it is the Noble Eightfold Path. Right Belief, Right Resolve, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Occupation, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Rapture. This O bhikkus is that middle path, which openeth the eyes and bestoweth understanding. which leadeth to rest, to knowledge, to enlightenment and to nirvana."
- The Voice of Babaji - Dialogue page 35.

Babaji's Autograph

Babaji: "By integrating your individuality and disintegrating your personality. That which goes by the name of 'I' or 'you' is not simply a physical body with life and mind. They say 'I' or 'you' consist of five sheaths, but ordinarily we grow up not noticing two out the five. We must bring the other two out to shine equally with the first three by and by, more and more. Intuition and instinct have more to do with shaping of character and behavior than intelligence or imitation, or impulse. Let the heart, guide you, rather than emotion and intellect.

Try to get nearer and abade by the'I', in the'I' at home, in the tram, in the bus, alone, in company, by the seashore or near a flower or a plant, abide by and in the 'I', in the 'I'. Build up your individuality slowly and surely. Self-dependence is needed. Independence will not do. Freedom alone is not enough. Don't grow up a sorted out personality by sex, as a man or woman, by profession or vocation, as rural or urban, as a day-worker or night-worker, or as a worker part-time or whole-time.

Remember and realize that you are master of yourself and your own servant. Grow up full, whole and not in sections (cross or vertical or horizontal) and then join others who have grown up and become whole and full by themselves (purnosmi)...Are you awake?" - The Voice of Babaji - Dialogue page 27

Babaji's Yantra

Babaji:..."Your meditation can be on ideas, ideals or any type of good thought.".... - Babaji's Masterkey to all ills- Dialogue page 128

Cave of Babaji

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