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Hi Hermes,

Though it's possible to have self-powered air conditioning, Ken's physics is wrong and he expects to be able to do it by dealing with random gas collisionsn dealt with in bulk. This is simply an extension of his atmospheric engine idea, which he hasn't shown to actually work. See and the comments there for an analysis of his technology. Also note that it's been 4 years since then and it was going through patents at the time, and they were building things to be tested in a few months then. It didn't actually work, because that way of breaking 2LoT doesn't work.

Mark Goldes has claimed success many times over the last few decades, but hasn't managed to get any third-party verifications or produce a commercial product where such verification would be supplied by the customers.

Shame since Ken got pretty close to understanding the limits of 2LoT and is a smart guy. We've had discussions, though, and he pointed out some commercially-available devices that do the job but at a very low power. He didn't however take the extra step of considering the reasons those devices violate 2LoT, and thus see that though the Proell effect was false there does exist a valid way of doing the job.

For Ismael Aviso, he has also claimed OU for quite a few years. I'm not spending the time on watching the videos. He obviously has been lying in the past, and I expect him to continue because it makes money. Not worth worrying about. Just another scam artist.

Best regards, Simon

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