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I'm slowly falling down into lonely hollow
but it's not another dream under my pillow.
I was always able to face such stormy rains,
but this time I've no power to make my heart remains..
People are bound to live only by their fates,
and none can change either places or dates.

Yes, a heart shall beat
before time breaks dreams.
Everyone must start up
after the wreck of hearts.

I regret so much I let it all slipped trough
but I didn't know your love was really true.
If I had at the reach of my hands a chance..
all I'd do is asking you once again to dance.
this soft and sweet song they call love,
so I promise I wont ever have to rove.

Pipe who is a talent writer of Poetry, is living with her boyfriend in Argentina.

She has study Socialanthropology and Archaeology.

Her interest are reading books, listen to music (Magnus Uggla).
She also like to travel, but she has never been outside South America.

She speak Spanish, English, Italian and a little Swedish.


Peggy is from Germany, but she also have relatives in a town outside Stockholm.

She's very social, outgoing and likes to travel outside Germany.

She speak and writes Germany, English and a little Swedish.

She's an educated Shipelectrician.

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